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Welcome to Notion Ink, Your Perfect Tech Partner? We are a community of tech enthusiasts who love to learn something about technology every day and we intend to share our knowledge with the online community in the best possible way.  At Notion Ink, the focus isn’t the pageviews, but the user experience. Our mission is to inform and help everyone that visits our website.

Notion Ink brings you everything you need to know about windows, be it a popular error (a bug) or any software you need to know about for your pc, product reviews and buying guides, we gather information and share it on our blog.

We make sure on every visit to our blog, you learn something new. 🙂

About Me

My name is Sean and I started this project in 2019. It has been growing ever since. I am a serial tech entrepreneur and a tech geek.

My experience in blogging and technology helps me understand what type of content people are looking for and I intend to provide the information in the best possible way.

I want to grow our online community in such a way that whenever someone thinks of technology, the first thing that comes to their mind, is Notion Ink.

I am also working on other projects and the one which I love the most is Narrowstep. On this blog, I cover all tech-related news tech gadgets reviews.

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If you want any help, please feel free to contact me anytime at roy55.sean@gmail.com or notionink567@gmail.com.

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Do you have something to say? A question or just want to share a piece of what’s on your mind? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us.


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