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In this modern world, People love taking pictures wherever they go, whether it is candid photos or selfies. Photography plays a crucial role in everyone’s life because photos mean memory these days. The demand for taking pictures has risen suddenly since the new Smartphone technology with HD megapixel cameras came into existence. And it doesn’t let you feel lonely anymore. But not every photo you have taken comes out the way you want and need some editing to make it look better. 

Earlier, the images were edited by professionals only but today due to the availability of many photo editing apps anyone can edit photos and add photo effects to them like a pro. Though there are numerous options for photo editing, Snapseed is one of the most reliable and best photos editing software that comes with many advanced features. If you are looking for more information about Snapseed for PC, about its installation and usage then read through the complete article and you will get every detail about it.

What is Snapseed?

Snapseed is one of the best photo editing software which is available free to use and install. Snapseed is very efficient in editing photos and was created by Nik Software, but Google acquired it later. Snapseed was empowered with numerous editing capabilities, some advanced tools, photo filters, and plug-ins making it the best photo editing software. 

After acquiring it, Google keeps it updated regularly with numerous tools and HDR filters to make the application more versatile. Snapseed is compatible with both iOS and Android devices too. It also can be downloaded on PC with the help of emulators. Snapseed helps you improve the editing capacity to the next level and it is quite easy to use.

Snapseed is recommended by the photographers themselves owing to its unique and advanced features. Snapseed apk for PC has various tools from basic to advance to be used by naives as well as the experts. The interface is user-friendly so that everyone can use it without difficulty. Snapseed consists of a lot of filter selections, which makes it the best app for social media such as Instagram. The photos can be resized and borders can be added to them using the Snapseed app for PC. Its Lens Blur tool allows you to go off the background subject. It is well-designed to help you edit the pictures quite easily and comfortably. You can easily learn editing pictures in this app in a short while. In addition to that, its Healing Brush helps you make the pictures spotless and clean. In general, it is a highly recommended application for both new and well as expert users. Overall, it is like a boon to the artists who want to edit and retouch the photos.

Snapseed Features:

It is important that you should get familiar with the Snapseed before downloading it. Now as you have got an idea about Snapseed and its features, below are the other important and helpful features that can be availed when we download Snapseed for PC:

  • Support files of formats such as JPG, RAW: Snapseed supports both the JPF files as well as camera RAW files. With Snapseed, you can open the RAW DNG files, edit them and then export into JPG format by keeping intact the same image quality.
  • Save Personal/Favorite Presets: With Snapseed for PC, you can save the settings and editing done for an image as your favorite and use the same on any other image later with just a click.
  • Auto-Tune the Pictures: This is another amazing feature offered by Snapseed that makes auto adjustments in the color, contrast, and brightness depending upon the photograph.
  • Healing Brush: The healing brush tool is the most used feature of Snapseed used by almost every user. With Healing Brush, you can remove the unwanted scenes from the image. It even allows you to remove a person from a group photograph.
  • Frames: Frames allows you to add colorful and attractive frames to your images. These photo frame templates can be added to the Instagram images too.
  • Vignette: With these pretests, you can include soft darkness around the borders of the pictures making it more attractive and eye-pleasing.
  • Lens Blur: With the help of the Lens Blur feature of the Snapseed, you can give a bokeh effect to the images. It smears your background and makes the portraits catchy.
  • Double Exposure: It is another cool feature of Snapseed, which allows you to combine two pictures and create altogether a new picture.

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  • HDR Scape: The Landscape can be made more stunning by adding details to the shadows and highlights with the help of the High Dynamic Range tool on Snapseed.
  • Tonal Contrast: Tonal Contrast lets you enhance details in shadows, mid-tones, and highlights.
    Glamour Glow: With the Glamour Glow feature, you can add glow to your images and improves the color, which makes your picture more beautiful.
  • Export Images: With Snapseed, you can share your edited images to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, email, and Flickr in the formats supported by the application.
  • Ease of Use: Snapseed for PC has a user-friendly interface that allows any new user to edit the images with ease. Thus those who want to do quick fixes to the images and make it more presentable can use it without much effort.

These are the most important features of Snapseed for PC that users can manipulate with ease. Besides these features, there are some other common features such as Rotate, Vintage, Brush, Crop, Curve, Perspective, Text, Face Enhance, Selection tools, and many more to enhance the quality of the image and make it more presentable or simply improve the highlighted parts of the image.

Why should you use Snapseed for PC?

Many people wonder why they should download Snapseed for PC when it is available on tablets or mobile devices. But there are many benefits of Snapseed for PC. Firstly, it is completely free of cost to download unlike other apps for PC that charge a big amount of money for the same. Secondly, it can be a bit hard to fine-tune your photos on a small screen, while it is easy to use the tools more precisely on a large screen. Editing the photos taken in the DSLR or digital camera on your phone or tablet would be of no use. It would be easier to do the same on a large screen of the PC. I will discuss the steps to download Snapseed on PC further in this article. If you need a set up of Snapseed for PC windows 10 download then keep reading the article.

How can you download and install Snapseed for PC?

It is not a big deal if you want to download Snapseed on PC as the setup of the Snapseed for PC download is easily available on the internet. As you all are aware that if you want to use an android app on PC, you must download emulators for this. Snapseed download for PC is allowed if you install Bluestacks or Nox player on your PC on Windows 10/8.1/7 computer.

Step by Step procedure to install using Bluestacks:

Step1: Download Bluestacks player on PC from its official website.

Step2: Install the Bluestacks on PC and allow the permissions as asked by windows.

Step3: Launch the application and log in with your credentials.

Step4: Click on the Play Store icon on the home screen of Bluestacks and search Snapseed in the search bar.

Step5: Tap on the Snapseed on the search result to download and install it on PC.

Step6: Launch the application to open it. Enter the details asked by the app during the first time the application is launched.

Step7: Once the set up is complete, you can start editing the images.

Step by Step procedure to install using Nox:

When you face any issues or problems with Bluestacks, you can go for an alternate option and use Nox Player. It is also a great Android emulator. Below is the step by step guide for Snapseed apk download for PC with Nox Player.

Step1: Download and Install Nox player on your Desktop or Laptop.

Step2: Register yourself on the Nox player.

Step3: Search Snapseed on Nox player. Then download and install Snapseed on the Nox player simulator.


All in all, Google Snapseed for PC is an excellent photo editing software and is used by millions of people because of its various advanced features. The user-friendly interface makes even an amateur to use this Google app. The app consists of around 29 unique filters and tools, which make it the best app. It allows the editing and shaping of the pictures to make it more presentable. With these filters, you can fine-tune the images and enhance their quality to make them perfect.

In addition to the basic editing tools, it also has various excellent features to be used by professionals such as RAW editing, Curves, White Balance, etc. Snapseed is compatible with most of the operating system and works best with Windows 10/8.1/7. Snapseed app download for PC is more preferred than mobiles because editing on large screens makes easy to control the tools and filters and use it with more precision.



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