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Are you a crazy fan of Google? Well, who isn’t! Google is one of the latest and most updated search engines that people use all over the world. According to the researchers of the 21st century, the surveys say that over 90% of the people in India use Google and its various aspects in today’s generation. One of the most amazing creations of Google is the Google Indic keyboard for pc. Yes, the Google keyboard is not only available to android or smartphone users. Its door remains open even to pc users now!

What is Google Indic Keyboard?

As the name suggests, the Google Indic Keyboard is a keyboard specializing in the Indian languages. India is a country of rich culture and history. It has got people from different cultures sharing unique languages. Recent research concludes that India is one of the rarest and yet most unique countries with a wide array of languages, styles, tribes, and colors worldwide. India or even other countries can’t take an interest in the Indian language to learn or know all the languages. Now you can imagine that using a keyboard with one particular language support is impractical and pretty challenging. 

Google Indic Keyboard for pc free download facilities has brought people from worldwide to use and communicate in various Indian languages for convenience. Google is a worldwide famous search engine that also happens to be the creator of prominent keyboards for pc users like the Google Indic keyboard. Google Indic Keyboard for pc brings in the chance to communicate, text, and learn about India’s unique languages. The latest upgrades in the Google Indic keyboard system have also brought in the facility of messaging in languages like Bengali, Assamese, etc.

Benefits of using Google Indic Keyboard

You must be considering the Google Indic keyboard as any other standard keyboard available on the internet in the 21st century. But to your surprise, Indic keyboard for pc has got a few unique benefits which make it better than the others: 

The first and the best advantage of the Google Indic keyboard is that it supports multiple languages at a time. Google understands and respects various Indian cultures. Thus, it has brought in changes in its keyboard system for the people’s convenience to communicate with each other in their favorable languages. There are eleven language variations available in Google Indic keyboard for pc, to be precise!

People do not prefer complicated software, which is only for the highly knowledgeable ones. Google Indic keyboard has got easy understand the system that can reach most people of India and other countries all over the world. The straightforward user interface is something that makes it the best among Indian pc users at present. 

The most significant advantage of using the Google Indic keyboard is that it comes free of cost. 

Last but not least, all the benefits of using Google Indic keyboard are that the users can opt for handwritten texts in favorable languages, voice command initiated texts, etc. 

Steps to download and install Google Indic Keyboard

If you want to use Google Indic Keyboard for Windows, it is possible now to enjoy the various aspects of the Google keyboard. The following points will provide you the downloading and installation details of the Google Indic keyboard for pc:

  • In the first step of your Google Indic download for pc, you will have to open your chrome or any other search engine. 
  • Now, go to the search bar and search for the Nox player website online. 
google indic for pc
  • Once you find the website, you will have to look for suitable ways to install your PC application on your pc. 
  • Nox player is a website that will make the installation of Google Indic keyboard for pc easier. Setup the application to support your Google Playstore installation on pc. 
  • From Nox player, you can search for Google Playstore from the search bar. You will get several ways of installing Google Playstore. 
  • Once you succeed in installing Playstore, you can assume that half of your work is done and you are not far from using the Google Indic keyboard on pc. 
  • You must have access to an emulator on your pc for supporting the Google Indic keyboard in the first place. An emulator is software that supports the download and installation of all the other software on your pc, which runs smoothly on the androids. The applications are designed mainly for cell phone users, and yet if you want to get it on your pc, you would require an emulator first. 
  • After the installation and sign-up procedure of Google Playstore, you can select the search bar and type Google Indic keyboard. 
indic keyboard for pc
  • At once, you would be able to mark the application on Playstore. 
  • Click on the download button to initiate the download of the Google Indic keyboard on pc.
google indic keyboard for pc

    • Once the Google Indic keyboard is downloaded, you will have to start on the setup or installation procedure. 
    • Go to your emulator settings first.
    • Select the language and input option from the system area of the emulator. 
    • You will have to set up the default settings from the keyboard and input methods option under the language and input sector.
    • Once you click on the keyboards, you will find a Google Indic keyboard flashing through the screen pop-up.
    • If you want to use the Google Indic keyboard on your pc for language convenience, then click on the Google Indic keyboard option with the default settings on. 
    • The very next moment, if you check on your Keyboard on pc, you would find the Google Indic keyboard installed securely on your desktop.

 The above steps will help you use the Google Indic keyboard on pc at ease. 

Alternatives for Google Indic Keyboard

There are times when you are unable to use Google Indic keyboard download for pc. In those times, you can opt for other alternative options even. Check the below alternatives:


The best alternative to Google Indic keyboard for pc is Gboard. It is also a creation of Google. It has got slide typing facilities which make typing speedier and convenient. Gboard is also available for pc, android, and iOS users. People using Gboard can also get access to GIFs and emojis, which are not available on other keyboards of Google to express their words in a better way.


Another applicable alternative keyboard of Google Indic keyboard for pc is none other than the Any Soft Keyboard. The KeyboardKeyboard is famous for its multi-language support on pc and androids. It is also one of the best keyboards for the users for the customizable options and easy user interface. 

Microsoft SwiftKey:

Yet another unique keyboard available online is the Microsoft SwiftKey. It is an excellent alternative option for pc. The Swift Key keyboard uses artificial intelligence to predict the texts of the users. Each person has got his or her writing style and selective use of words. Swift Key successfully stores those frequently used words in the system and supplies them in the text prediction section for speedier typing and more minor spelling errors.

Hacker’s Keyboard:

Hacker’s Keyboard makes a unique alternative to Google Indic keyboard for pc due to a layout formation facility’s availability.

Multiling O Keyboard:

The last alternative of Google Indic keyboard for pc is none other than the Multiling O keyboard. It is small in size and particular in multi-language settings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can set up Google Indic keyboard download for windows 10, 8, 7, or even Mac.  

Google Indic keyboard supports 11 different Indian languages for PC users and Android users.

You can opt for free download Google Indic keyboard for windows 7, 8, and 10 at ease by following a few steps, which will lead you to your free download targets. The use of an emulator is necessary for the above procedure. 


The above article discusses the various language setups, installation, and downloads procedures of the Google Indic keyboard on pc. It is time to explore the various sides and positive aspects of the Google Indic keyboard for all the pc users out there. The exploration will make you knowledgeable. It will also increase your typing speed and work efficiency at the same time. What keeps you waiting further? If you want to use the Google Indic keyboard on your desktop, go through the above article!



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