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The way of educating a mass has been changed over centuries from one form to another. Earlier people used to learn through verbal communication and practice different professions since writing wasn’t easy at that time. Though the invention of writing dates back to the Egyptians, writing wasn’t popular until the invention of suitable forms such as leaves in India and stones in Mesopotamia. Since then, writing has evolved in so many different ways. Moreover, with it evolved the way of education. Then the technological era changed everything. The user of computers and smart devices to learn made a great significance in our education system. The Internet brought millions of ways in which a student can learn from a tutor who may be sitting anywhere in the world.

Now, there are thousands of applications as well as websites that facilitate online learning. Online education has been popular over the last decade because of the availability of smartphones and PCs as well as the easy learning experience. Now a student can learn about different subjects from video lectures and prepare for different exams simultaneously solving question papers daily. These educational platforms have made a great impact in our life thus serving a purpose of tuition and a tutor. The instantaneous result publishing makes it easier for the student as well as the parents for evaluating the performance of the student. One of such popular apps is the Gradeup app for PC, which provides online education.

What is Gradeup App?

Gradeup for PC is exam preparation and study platform which provides efficient means of studies to the student as well as facilitates an opportunity for online tutors to use their expertise and earn some money out of it. The app is loaded with the most recent practice questions that are available to the students as well as the user all the time. There are also plenty of mock tests available in the app along with tutorial videos from different teachers about different subjects. The app also facilitates daily current affairs as well as daily GK tests. The daily quizzes and video classes make it easier for the student to get acquainted with the subject thoroughly.

Features of Gradeup App

All the classes in the app are free which the best feature available only on this platform is probably. The student only has to pay for different tests as well as other premium features available in the app. Almost all of the video lectures are available for free and the student just has to register for a specific course to join the class. Below are some of the important features of this app you must know before opting for Gradeup download for PC:

Instant Doubt Clearing From Experts

The Gradeup app provides live classes which are available for the students according to a mutually appointed time. This not only provides the student to learn in a session but also allows them to enquire about things that trouble them during the lecture. The instant feedback, as well as doubt clearing sessions, makes it very popular among the students.

Material For All Topics

This app is available for people who want to prepare for various exams. Along with a classroom application, it also provides preparation guides for exams such as railway, SSC exams, bank and insurance exams, UPSC and other state-level jobs, defence exams, teaching exams, and many more.

Previous Year Questions

This app has all the previous year’s questions available which the user can practice at any time they want. They just have to go through the previous year’s section and find the question of that particular subject they want to practice from the desired year.

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Job Notifications

Apart from all these features, the app also alerts the user about future job opportunities available in the field of their study thus giving them a little push in their careers.

Study Material Available In English And Hindi

The study material for the subjects is available in both English as well as Hindi which ensures a great and thorough learning experience for the student.

Daily Tests

The app lets the student take assessments each day so that there would be a touch of the subject matter discussed on that particular day with the student. This not only provides continuity in the student’s mindset but also provides a boost in the confidence for future exams.

Detailed Performance Analysis

At the end of the course and any test, the app provides a detailed summary report which depicts the strong points as well as weakness of the student.

Steps For Downloading And Installation

The user must note the point that the Gradeup app is designed to be used in smartphones such as iPhone and Android devices. To use the app on a PC, the user must install an emulator of suitable choice so that the app can run smoothly. An emulator is an application that works as an interface between the PC and the app designed for smartphones. Below is a detailed and step by step download Gradeup app for PC and installation procedure and how to use the Gradeup app:

  • The first step in the whole “Gradeup for Windows 10 download” process involves downloading an emulator for the PC, which is suitable for handling the task. There are hundreds of emulators which are available in the market facilitating the interface function between the PC and the app.
  • One must choose carefully between the different kinds of emulators. Some of the emulators come free of cost while for others the user has to pay some amount. Depending on the requirements the user can go for downloading that specific emulator.
  • For downloading the emulator, the user has to first visit the apple store or Windows store where they can search and find the Gradeup app. Or else the user can also visit the official website of the emulator.
  • Some of the popular apps such as Bluestacks and Nox player comes with smart installation from the store or website. But for any generic emulator app, the user has to manually install them.

gradeup app for windows 7 download

  • To do that, the user simply has to click on the file of the app, and then an installation wizard will appear. It will let the user go through a couple of steps to complete the installation process. Then the user has to click on the finish button. This will let the emulator get installed.

gradeup app

  • For downloading and installing the Gradeup app, the user has to open the emulator app and then allow it for the permissions it asks for.

gradeup for pc

  • Then the user has to search the Gradeup app in the search bar of the play store. There will be one download button in the store where the user needs to click. Then the user has to wait for the downloading and installation process to get completed.

gradeup app download for pc

  • After that, the user can easily use the app by signing up and go through different features of the app.

download gradeup app for pc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

All the live classes in the app are free when one wants to go through the lectures. But to search or read any materials of previous year questions as well as accessing different tests, the user needs to pay some membership fee.

It is completely safe to use the app on a PC. However, the user must use such an emulator which provides a safe and secure interface. The app itself doesn’t harm anything on the PC. But using an emulator suitable for the PC is very important.

No, there isn’t any difference between the PC version and the mobile version of the app. The only difference is that one has to use an emulator for PC which will be an interface between the app and the PC regardless of it being a Mac or windows.

The user first needs to install an emulator and then they can download the Gradeup app directly from the play store. A detailed step-wise process has been discussed above.


Though there are several alternatives available for the Gradeup app in the current market, the free live classes and other features of this app steal the show. This app not only provides a platform for the learners to study a topic with ease but also allows everyone to gain more knowledge regardless of their age or gender. Features such as instant doubt clearing and a feedback system make sure that the student makes the most out of the app. Along with all that, the student also benefits from the notification system of the app making them aware of the future opportunities opened in their targeted area of expertise and thus makes the user experience much better than others. It can be seen that this platform not only aims at uplifting the scores of students in different exams but also provides a moral value to education.



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