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Kik for PC Download – For Windows 10/8/7 & Mac - Notionink

Kik for PC Download – The Ultimate Guide For Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

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In this online world, we need a trusted and reliable app to connect with our friends and family. There are multiple users who are concerned about their safety and don’t want to disclose their sensitive information like a mobile number. The users will be able to sign up using their e-mail address and the features that you will get here will be in no way inferior to the more popular ones like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

There are also quite many users who don’t want to go through the hassle of keep switching to mobile phones to reply to a text. It will be much easier if the app can be accessed on a PC/laptop. Kik for PC is one of the apps that users will find quite helpful and we are going to discuss the process to install kik messenger for PC

What is Kik Messenger?

kik for windows

This messenger app will not need any special top up and all you need to use it is an active internet connection. The messenger is not just limited to texting and the extensive list of features will allow you to connect with your friends and family just like any other social media platform. The app is a bit different from its competition where it focuses on teenage users and offers to keep yourself anonymous while interacting. 

The app makers disclosed some figures in 2016 where it reported 300 million active users and the statistics also said that the userbase consists of 40% US teenagers. The trick that Kik has up to its sleeve is that it doesn’t require you to register using your mobile number, and you will need to create a username after registering using your e-mail ID.

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Important Features of Kik Messenger:

In this section, we are going to discuss the features that are offered by the Kik for PC messenger to easily connect with anyone you want. The app has a very intuitive interface and all the features are made easily accessible with easy navigation. 

Codes: You may have seen on other messengers that users are able to create a unique code that they can send to anyone to allow the other party to connect with them on that particular app. Kik also allows its users to create the code through the Kik PC or the mobile app. The scanner will be built right into the Kik for PC app in case you want to add someone. 

Bots: Apart from interacting with your friends and family, the messenger will also allow you to interact with the autonomous conversations. It will also help the brands and/or public organizations to interact with their user base. 

Public/private groups: This is the concept you can also witness on Telegram where anyone can search for a particular group and join if it suits their interests. Kik also offers you to create such kinds of groups so that you are able to connect in a better way. 

Videos/photos and live calls: The messenger will allow its users to send videos and pictures to anyone they like. However, as the user base is mostly teens, they should be aware of everyone’s privacy and should ask for permission. The users can go ahead and opt for making video calls. 

PC support: Kik can also be used on PC, however, the process is a bit tricky. All the features and options that are available on the app can also be accessed on the PC version. Users will be able to add new connections and also create new groups, easily. 

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How to download and install Kik for PC?

Yes, we understand that you are eagerly waiting for the process to download Kik for PC and install it. We are going to jot down all the methods that you can use and you will be able to use the messenger on your Windows computer in no time. These tricks will be applicable to Windows 7/8/10. 

The messenger will be downloaded using an Android emulator and we are going to discuss two here, BlueStacks and Android. The process is quite similar to both the emulators.

If you are wondering what an emulator is, it’s the software that you will need to download to run the Android apps on your PC. The software application is quite easy to install and it will run a virtual Android OS on your computer.

Method 1: Bluestacks

For starters, the very first thing you will need to do is download Blustacks. Among a range of Android emulators out there, Bluestacks is considered the best one out there. The process is also quite simple and you will not need to go through any hassle. Follow the steps below to run Kik Messenger on your computer. 

1. Make sure that the computer is connected to the internet, launch the browser. The browser you are using should be updated to its latest version. 

2. In the search bar, enter Bluestacks and you will need to go to the first link that appears. 

3. It will ask you to select the OS you are on and the download will start automatically. 

4. Once downloaded, run the file and give it the necessary permissions. The dialog box will ask for your permissions to access the app store and enable notifications. 

download kik for pc

5. Hit Install. It will start the installation process and you will see a slideshow of a few popular Android apps. 

6. After the installation is complete, it will run the app itself and you will need to select the first option, My Apps. 

chrome extension for kik

7. Below that, you will get a tab for App Search. Search Kik for Windows and hit Install. 

8. It will ask you for the necessary permissions and will then prompt you to add your Google account. 

download kik for pc

9. You will also need to enable Sync for the messages to get updated on your PC. 

10. You will need to come back again to the App Search and hit Install again on the Kik Messenger. 

11. It will take around 2-5 minutes based on your internet connection. The messenger will now run smoothly.

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Method 2: Andyroid

The process and the interface of this Android emulator are quite similar to the previous one that we have listed. Andyroid is also a free application and you will need to follow the steps mentioned below to download and run Kik messenger in no time. 

1. In the browser, enter Andyroid or you can also go to to download directly for its official website. 

chrome extension for kik

2. It will give you the Download button right on the homepage. Click on it and the download will start on its own.

3. Once downloaded, open the Andyroid app. Give the interface all the permissions that it needs. 

kik on computer

4. The next thing user will need to do is spot the Google Play icon and click on it. Andyroid will ask you to log in to the Google account. 

5. Once logged in, you will be able to search for Kik for PC. In case you have already downloaded, it will automatically sync the Kik data. 

kik for windows

How to Deactivate or Delete Kik Account Temporarily and Permanently?

With all the features onboard, Kik also allows its users to delete their accounts, temporarily or permanently. There will be many times when users will need to distance themselves from all the social life and this is when deactivation will be helpful.

Deactivate Kik temporarily: Follow the steps mentioned below to deactivate the account in no time. 

  1. In the browser go to the official Kik website from where you will also be able to download the app. 

  2. You will find a tab saying Temporary Deactivation. 

  3. Click on it and you will be given a new dialog box. 

  4. Enter the associated account’s e-mail address and the portal will send you a link to deactivate your Kik PC or mobile account.

Deactivate Kik permanently: These steps will be followed in case you want to deactivate/delete your Kik account. 

  1. On the Kik homepage, you will get the Permanent Deactivation button. 

  2. The portal will prompt you to enter the username and e-mail address associated with the Kik account. 

  3. Like the previous one, Kik Messenger will send you a deactivation link, click on it and the account will be deleted permanently. 

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How To Download & Install KIK for Mac?

In this section, we are going to discuss the steps you need to follow to successfully install Kik or download the Chrome extension for Kik. Let’s dive in.

  1. Just like Windows, you will need to download the Android emulator, Bluestacks.
  2. Follow the steps to add a Google account and once done, open the app again. 
  3. Click on the Play Store icon to search for Kik Messenger.
  4. Hit Install and it will take around 3-5 minutes to install. 
  5. You will also need to allow the app to sync the app data. Once done, you can access the app without any hassle. 


Q1) Is Bluestacks a safe platform?

Ans. Yes, the application is basically an Android emulator and it is in no way malware or a virus. Users can run it without any worry. 

Q2) Can anyone see my phone number/e-mail address?

Ans. No, all your connections will see is just your username. It is quite helpful in maintaining anonymity. 

Q3) Can I save the Kik for PC chats?

Ans. No, there is no option related to backing up the messages arrived yet on the app. However, you can always save screenshots of important chats. 

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Everyone is in need of a reliable instant messaging app, Kik Messenger for PC has turned out to be quite a better option. As the app is officially only available for Android and iOS, users will need to use some tricks to make it work on the computer. We hope that this article must have been helpful in installing the app on your computer successfully. The features that you will get here are quite fun and practical to you. 



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