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🔥 [Latest] Download Picsart for PC - Windows 10/7/8 - Notionink

🔥 [Latest] Download Picsart for PC – Windows 10/7/8

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There is no denying the fact that Picsart is one of the best photo editing tools available on every platform. If you have been looking to get Picsart for PC, you can check out the guide we have mentioned here with everything you need to know about this brilliant tool.

Picsart has millions of users all around the world that use both the premium version and the standard version of the tool. It is mainly designed for mobile users but you can easily download it on your Windows PC that does require a few simple steps. No matter whichever version of the Windows operating system you are currently working on, it works with each of them and makes your struggle of editing photos as well as videos a lot easier.

There are tons of features that make this tool one of the best in the market. From editing photos, cropping, etc, you can do it all with few simple clicks. Let us look at the steps we need to follow to download picsart for pc.

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Features of PicsArt for PC:

picsart for pc

Picsart has a massive line of features that sets it apart from all the other tools. It serves as a complete package for editing your images and videos in a much simpler manner. Here are some of the features that might seem useful to you and worth mentioning.

Well, to start off with, PicsArt is one of the best photo editors on the web available for your Windows PC. There are billions of people using the software to edit their photos and add effects to them for multiple purposes. Some of the features that you will come across in this photo editor are the amazing filter for your products or even special effects that make the images look brighter and better.

Other than that you can use the tool to remove background or erase any part of it that might seem too accurate. You can easily find millions of stock-free images that you can use or simply edit your own images as you need. Other aspects you can choose to do are cropping, blurring the background, adding texts, retouch, stickers, and a lot more.

PicsArt isn’t just your regular photo editing tool but rather gives you all the features needed to edit videos the way you need for your social media or even work. From editing TikTok videos to making reels for Instagram, you can do it all on this single application. 

Apart from this, there are multiple options to add the desired music to your videos, trim or merge two videos together, make slideshows, video collages, and much more using the picsart online editing pc.

If you haven’t used PicsArt yet, well, it has millions of free stickers available for you to add to your images or videos while you edit them for your purpose. Another brilliant feature regarding stickers this software provides is where you can make your own set of stickers and use them as to where you wish to. 

PicsArt has a clipart tool that allows you to create great designs and then cut them to add them to your image to make memes or anything for fun. As of now, this tool has over 60M+ stickers that any user can make use of.

This isn’t like the regular drawing tool that you have used in other software like MS Paint or something similar. Here Picsart has a lot more to offer where you can use paintbrushes, layers, and other drawing tools to draw on images directly. You can simply create art or doodles for fun or even for work especially for designers who are working on creating work-related masterpieces.

If you have downloaded any software on your PC for making a collage, you can get rid of it immediately. Once you download picsart for pc, there is no turning back. There are not only the basic grid frames to put in your pictures and make a collage, but multiple options such as scrapbooks, frames, etc. In fact, once you have created your work, you can directly share it with your friends on social media.

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How to Download and install PicsArt for PC:

There are basically two ways in which you can download and install PicsArt for PC on your Windows system. If you have the latest version of this operating system i.e. Windows 10, the software is directly available for download from the Microsoft Store.

However, if you are still using the earlier versions of Windows such as 7/8/8.1, you might have to get a third-party emulator such as BlueStacks or EMU and install PicsArt through that to be able to use it smoothly and edit images. Below are the two mentioned steps you can follow based on the versions of the Windows OS you are currently running on.

picsart download for pc

As we mentioned, to get PicsArt photo editor free download for pc, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Windows 10 operating system.
  • Open the Microsoft Store and type PicsArt.
  • You can also tap on the link here to directly install the software on your system.
  • Click on Get.
  • Now, install Picsart for PC and start editing photos and videos.

To download PicsArt PC on an older version of the Windows operating system, you need to get the Bluestacks emulator and then follow the process given here.

  • Open your Internet browser and download Bluestacks.
  • Run the installer and install the software in your system.
  • Launch Bluestack and run it on PC.
  • Now, download the PicsArt app on your emulator.

These are some of the major steps that you need to follow that might involve some other smaller steps in between where you can make the settings to run the emulator. Once you have installed Bluestacks, you can follow the instructions on the screen on how to use it.

System Requirements for PicsArt

To run PicsArt for a PC on your system you basically need certain minimum system requirements for smooth functioning. For Windows 10 users as well as for those who wish to run the emulators, you can check out the list below.

  • OS: Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher
  • Architecture: ARM, x64, x86
  • OS- Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: Intel or AMD Processor
  • RAM: 2GB (Minimum) and 8GB or Above (Recommended)
  • Storage: 4GB or above (Minimum)
  • Graphics: Updated

PicsArt: One of the Best Photo Studio, How?

Since we have now covered every aspect of PicsArt Photo studio, there are massive advantages of the app that make it better than so many similar apps on the web. Here are some of the advantages listed below.

  • It is faster and very easy to use
  • Exceptional Interface and brilliant UI
  • Features a massive gallery with free stock images and artwork
  • Free to use for both photo and video editing tools
  • Easy to make customized stickers and collages
  • Highly stable for both professional and personal usage


1. Is PicsArt free on PC?

Yes, PicsArt is free to use on your PC. For Windows 10 users, you can directly download it from your Microsoft store, while for all the other users with a lower version of the Windows operating system you can get it through an Emulator. PicsArt is free for all users whether it be for PC or smartphone users, you can also subscribe for its paid membership to avail more offers and features.

2. Can I use PicsArt without an account?

You can use PicsArt for PC without creating an account on it for simply editing your photos and adding effects to it. However, making a personal account has its own benefits where you can save all your work on the cloud and also follow other artists and learn from them. 

There are tons of other advantages that you can get hold of once you have an account on it. Even if you chose not to sign up on it, you can use all its benefits as it is.

3. How can I download PicsArt for Windows 7?

To download PicsArt for Windows 7, you need to install an emulator in your system. It could be anyone that you feel safe in using such as BlueStacks, MEMU, etc. Simply download it from the web and install it in your system. Now, download the PicsArt from the play store and run it smoothly with zero lags.

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If you haven’t downloaded PicsArt on your PC yet, you can follow the steps mentioned in this guide. Make sure to check out the system requirements before downloading it into your system. Also, you need to update your system software such that everything is up to date.

Picsart is perfect for everyone whether you are a professional or simply for personal usage to edit your images for social media. Moving on, if you encounter any errors while installing or downloading the software, let us know in the comment section so that we can help you get through it.



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