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With the rapidly growing technological world, everything seems to have been changed with the addition of each layer of technology. We, humans, live in a society where social life comprises family, work, and responsibilities. And in this busy schedule, the culture of entertaining ourselves with something which amuses us has been present for centuries. Although the form and means of entertainment have been rapidly changing and evolving with time, the purpose remains the same i.e., to make us happy, amazed, and stress-free.

In the current scenario, movies and Tv shows are a big form of entertainment for us. And with the help of the internet, one can find millions of these things with the ease of a click. People prefer it to be very sophisticated since no one wants to wait for a long time just to watch or download these. This is where platforms and applications which list out movies and TV shows, as well as various such videos, come into play. Showbox for PC is such a popular application providing such facilities.

What is Showbox?

showbox pc

Showbox PC is a very popular application that can be used to watch as well as download the latest movies as well as tv shows. The vast number of movies and tv shows in its database is one of the key factors which makes it famous all over the internet. The user is also enabled with a search button to search any TV shows or movies from the database. Some of the key features of this application are:

  • Intuitive UI: The user interface of this app is very easy to use and is very fast. The movies and Tv shows lists are always updated continuously. It has a very sophisticated smart recommendation UI that provides similar movies and TV shows that the user has watched or liked previously. The user can watch it instantly or can move it to the watch later section.

  • Night Mode: The night mode is automatically activated so that you don’t have to worry about that while watching a movie or your favorite TV show.

  • Fast and Easy: the search feature is very fast and almost instantly it provides the result one will be looking for.

  • Safe and CompatibleShowbox apk for PC is 100% safe and is virus-free. Plus, it is compatible with most of the Windows Devices regardless of the windows version.

How to Download Showbox?

The user should understand that the Showbox for windows was initially designed for android devices. The app has the maximum number of users on Android devices. And the user can’t just install the android application on a PC. So, to download and use the Showbox app, the user first has to download and install an emulator on their PC. Then the app will be available for installation as well as use.

The windows can’t run android based Showbox for laptop. This is why the PC needs an emulator to run it. Emulators are like an interface through which the Showbox app can work. The entire process may seem difficult but it’s a very simple process. Below is a stepwise procedure on how to download Showbox for pc by downloading the emulator:

  • Like it was mentioned earlier, the user has to go through the installation process of any emulator on their PC. To do that, the user has to go to the Microsoft store and install any emulator they prefer suitable for their PC. Nox or Bluestacks are two of the very popular emulators that people use on their Windows devices. Another way of downloading the emulator is through any website which provides apps such as the official website of any emulator.

  • After selecting an emulator from the app store, the user then has to click on the download button. Then the PC will start downloading the file from the store to make it ready for installation. When the file will be downloaded, the PC will automatically install the file.
  • The user doesn’t have to go through any process to install it. It is one of the benefits when downloaded from the app store. But when the user chooses to download it from any website, they have to download the file first. Then when the file will be saved on the PC, they have to run it as an administrator to install it. The installation wizard will automatically guide the user to install the emulator app successfully.
  • Then after finishing the installation of the emulator, the next step involves downloading the Showbox app. It must be noted that the Showbox app should be downloaded from the official website of the application. To do that, the user has to go to the designated website, where the user will be available with one download button. The user has to click on that to download the app. Once the download link is generated, the PC will automatically save it to the designated destination folder after a successful download.
  • After the download is finished for the app, the user can change its location for easier access. The Showbox application can only be used with an emulator. So, to work that out, the user must have a pre-installed emulator on their PC. The emulator works as an interface between the Windows OS and the android application for Showbox.

How to Install Showbox?

So, after one has downloaded the emulator and installed it and also has downloaded the Showbox app successfully, one needs to install Showbox for windows 10. The installation process is also very easy for the app. The user doesn’t have to go through complex procedures or lengthy installation time to run the app. Below is a step-by-step process of how to install the Showbox app once done with the Showbox download for pc process:

  • First, the user has to locate the downloaded file from the website. After knowing the location of the application, they have to right-click on the app icon. After this, there will be a dropdown menu available and it will consist of one option namely “Open with”. The user has to click on that option, and then an extra option window will appear with a different application. There the user has to select the preinstalled emulator application name.

  • After selecting the preinstalled emulator from the dropdown menu, the emulator will open up first. The emulator will take certain permissions if it is being opened for the first time. The user has to allow them after reading the terms and conditions of the emulator. Then the emulator will load the Showbox application from the source file. The emulator will show a menu of the start page from the Showbox app.

  • After the previous step is completed, the Showbox app will be installed on the PC through the emulator. Then after the emulator successfully loads the app, the start menu from the Showbox app will appear. There the user will be asked for agreeing to the terms and conditions for using the app. The user is advised to read all of them since there will be changes in the PC after the app is installed. The app is very safe to use and is completely virus-free, but some users don’t want to provide certain permissions. So, it is best if the user reads all of the terms and conditions. After that, the user has to agree on it to complete the installation process.
  • When this process has been completed, the app will ask for certain permissions in the interface. These permissions include permissions such as the use of storage, download settings, etc. After allowing these, the user will be then directed to the main interface of the app. The app will show a tutorial about how to use the different options in the app. The user may choose to skip those or can watch it to get a complete idea about the different settings and functions.
  • Additionally, after installation, the user also can go for the three bars at the left-hand side of the app where there will be the menu option along with the option for settings. This section of the app will allow the user to modify and configure different settings for the app. These configurations include the quality of streaming for the videos or downloading location as well as their quality. The user can also set the preferences about the type of content they want to see in the app in this menu.

3 Common Errors & Their Fixes

After installing the application, the user interface is almost perfect for every streaming or downloading task. The user generally should not face any problems while using the application. But sometimes some errors disturb the usage of the same. The following is a list of different errors that happen while using the Showbox app and a complete process to fix them:

1. Video Not Available Or Connection ErrorThe most common error users face while using the Showbox app is the screen saying Video not available or there is a connection error. The app will ask the user to try any other server. This problem generally arrives when the

Solution: The user can try installing any VPN application on the PC. Then connecting to the app after selecting a preferred country can help tackle the issue. This generally solves the problem of letting the user watch videos without any loading time.

2. ShowBox Not Working: Another error which many people find while using the app is when the screen says “Showbox not working”. This problem is because of improper settings or configuration in the app or the emulator.

Solution: To tackle this issue, the user has to close the app and disconnect the WIFI and after that, they can go to the settings menu from the emulator. The user has to remove the Showbox app and then try to restart the app with the help of the emulator again.

3. ShowBox Server Error: This is least of the error which people face while using the app. It generally arises due to the failure in updating the app through connection loss.

Solution: In this kind of scenario, the user has to reinstall the Showbox application. The app updates which are stopped due to the connection loss should be downloaded again and then the user has to install them properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Yes, Showbox is a completely free application and one can use it on any device they want. There is no payment required to stream or download the videos from Showbox.

Anyone can install and use the Showbox application on their PC without any fear. The app is very safe to use and doesn’t contain any viruses. So, they won’t harm the computers.

No, the Showbox app isn’t available on any of the app stores. You have to install it from the download link available on the official website of the app.

It generally happens when most users are watching a particular video at the same time. The servers get issues while handling so many streaming services. This also can appear when there is an internet connection loss.

Yes, you can download and save the tv shows or movies you prefer and watch them online. You can watch it anytime by going through the offline section.


Showbox is a great application that can meet the demand of any user for watching the latest movies as well as TV shows. Since the app is free to use and provides an easy and convenient way to watch different videos, people love to use the app for their various entertainment needs. The popularity of the app is so much that the movies and TV shows lists get updated each day. For people who are looking for a great platform where they can watch their favorite shows and movies, this application is the ultimate destination.



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