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Are you tired of browsing the same videos on YouTube? Looking for software to download YouTube videos? Well, Videoder lets you download the videos online. With Videoder for PC, you can download audios as well as videos from different websites on your PC.

Videoder is one of the best applications known for downloading YouTube videos. It came into the market as a YouTube downloader, but now it can allow you to download videos from more than 50 websites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and much more. It is a great app with excellent features and a pleasing user interface that makes it popular among internet users. Know more about this app and all the information about its downloading and usage.

What is Videoder?

videoder for pc

Videoder app is a well-known video downloading App. It is commonly known as the YouTube downloader, but it supports an ample number of apps and allows you to download the videos and audios from those apps.

However, you can stream the videos anytime and as many times due to the availability of high-speed internet but, it will let you watch the videos even when you are offline or let you save the videos in your phone memory for a lifetime. The best part is that you can use Videoder online for both PC as well as the phone. Let us explore more about this Videoder app and save your favorite videos to watch them as and when you feel like.

Features of Videoder:

ā€¢ Simple and fast: Videoder app is easy to use. You simply need to copy and paste the link of the video in the search bar and simply download the video. Moreover, the app works very fast as it downloads the app within seconds. It also shows the recommendations for you to show more videos similar to what you have downloaded earlier.

ā¦ Supports many websites: It supports a large number of websites. You can download both videos as well as mp3 audios. It supports different websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Voot, Rutube, SonyLiv, Viu, and many more.

ā¦ Video Preview: It is one of the best features of the Videoder app. It lets users see the preview of the video as in the case of YouTube. So, you can watch the video preview and decide whether you should download it or not.

ā¦ Multiple Selection: It is another cool feature of the Videoder app. It lets you display multiple videos or music in the user interface. You can easily explore these videos present in the multiple selections, and you can download them with just a click.

ā¦ Built-in Browser: This is also an interesting feature of Videoder that makes it different from other video downloading apps. Videoder provides a built-in browser, which means that you can search the video files as well as music downloading app, whenever you look for any information to download. However, the browser features a page that shows songs and videos, which consumers can download.

System Requirements To Download Videoder For PC:

There are not any special requirements to download Videoder for PC. It supports Windows 10/7/8/8.1. So, you can simply download videoder online, if you have any of the mentioned operating systems on your PC. Moreover, the app is just 39 MB heavy, so it will not need much space on your PC for Videoder download.

Videoder works best in the case of Windows 10. In case you are using the operating system that Videoder does not support, and then you can download Videoder for PC using the emulator app. Bluestacks can be installed to use as emulator.

How to Download Videoder For PC:

It is very easy to use this app with Videoder download for PC. I will discuss two methods to download the app.

Method1: Videoder app install manually:

Step1: Search on Google ā€˜Videoder app download for PCā€™. As an alternate, you can simply click on thisĀ linkĀ to download Videoder.

videoder app download

Step2: Click on the ā€œDownloadā€ button as shown in the above image and the .exe file will start downloading on your PC.
Step3: Open the location of the file and right-click on it.

videoder download

Step4: Select the option ā€˜Run as administratorā€™ to download the app on your PC.
Step5: Follow the instructions while the installation is in progress. Once the installation is complete, the Videoder icon will appear on the Desktop.
Step6: Double click on the Videoder icon to open the app, and you are ready to use it.

Method 2: Videoder app install from Windows Store:

Step1: Click the icon for the Windows Store on your PC or laptop.
Step2: Search by keyword Videoder in the Search bar option and click on Enter.
Step3: Click on the Videoder app logo that appears in the search results to download.
Step4: Once downloading is complete, right-click on the .exe file and click on install.
Step5: Videoder app install will start. Follow the different instructions and steps while the app is getting installed.
Step6: Finally, click on Finish to complete the installation, and you are ready to download the videos.

Benefits & Performance Of Videoder For PC

The Vidoeder was created initially to download YouTube videos only and was created to be used as a Mobile app only. But today, because of the increased popularity, it is made available to be used in a variety of operating systems such as Windows for PC.

There are many benefits of using Videoder on PC in reference to its performance. Check some of the benefits of Videoder for PC:

ā¦ Download 4K Videos: Videoder helps you in downloading videos from 144p to 4k as it supports downloads for a big range of resolutions. If there is a low space left on the PC, then you can convert the video into a lower resolution. The video quality on Videoderā€™ windows version is as excellent as on the Android device. The image quality is as good as an original one.

ā¦ Fast Downloading Speed: Users can easily find any video to download with the help of this tool. Downloads are quick, once the video is found. When you use Videoder for PC, download speed gets faster. It helps in downloading multiple videos at one time, and Videoder App puts videos in the queue.

ā¦ In-App Web Browsing Feature of Videoder: Videoder allows users to browse from the Videoder App directly. Users do not need to copy any kind of link from the browser into videoder for PC. The browser runs well on PC, but not as smooth as on mobile phones. It makes the search fast, so do not worry about searching for the videos you are finding.

ā¦ Convert Videos Into Mp3 Format: Videoder helps you in downloading any kind of video. After the video is downloaded, Videoder allows you to convert the video to an Mp3 file. This is one of the best features that works well on the Windows version. It does not affect the audio quality and provides you as good sound as the videos have. The Videoderā€™ Windows version also organizes Mp3 files in a way, so it can easily be found. The users do not need to spend their time finding out the files that have been lost.

ā¦ Customize The Interface With Themes: Videoder lets you customize the Appā€™s interface with various themes as well as color schemes. These features are quite simple but add a personal touch to the Videoder app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Yes, the Videoder app can be downloaded on Windows 10/8/8.1 with 32 bit as well as 64 bit. However, Videoder works best for Windows 10.

Yes. You can download the Videoder from any trusted website for free and use it. You can read the downloading steps mentioned in this article.

It is quite simple to access the Videoder for free. Click on the download button and it will start the installer for downloading Videoder App absolutely free for Windows PC.

Just enter the link of the video into the search bar, and click on the Download. After that, select Mp3 in the format and your audio file will start downloading.


All in all, Videoder is the best video downloading app for windows as well as android users. Though there are many video downloading apps available in the market, due to the amazing and cool features of Videoder, it is the most liked app among video lovers. Not only videos, but it also allows downloading the audio-only from the video in the mp3 format.

It is very simple to use an app with a user-friendly interface that downloads high-quality videos in 4K quality. So, download Videoder online now and start downloading the videos.



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