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{Free} How to Get Xender for PC – Windows 10/8.1/7 🔥 - Notionink

{Free} How to Get Xender for PC – Windows 10/8.1/7 🔥

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Looking for a free data-sharing application for your PC? Xender is the answer to all your data sharing related tasks. Xender is one of the well-known apps. We are calling it the most popular due to the coolest features it has to offer for its users. Using Xender, you can transfer not only media files but any file to any other device. The most important part of it is that you can transfer data to one or more devices that too without using the data cable. Sounds interesting? Then read on and get all the information about Xender for PC.

What is Xender Web?

xender web

Xender web is the utility that allows you to send files between two devices across the platform. You can transfer data between any devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc. The simple to use feature and high speed of transfer makes it the best data transferring app in the market. With Xender, you can transfer any kind of file including images, music files, videos, word documents, PDF files, .apk files, and much more to and from your PC or any device that is supported.

Moreover, to transfer the data, you do not need any data cable, and data can be transferred using the internet or hotspot. The support of Xender for PC makes it unique and popular as people face issues while transferring the data with PC. So, download Xender for PC now, and start using it to share data with your friends.

Features of Xender Web:

Below features of Xender web will make you friendly with this app and its usage.

  • Multi-platform: The Xender app works on various platforms such as PC, Androids, tablets, and iOS. Therefore, it allows the data transfer between these devices. This implies that you can transfer videos, audios, documents, and images from a PC to any of these devices and vice versa.
  • Easy to install: It is very easy to install and use the Xender app, that even a newbie can use it like a pro. You simply need to get the xender download for pc, and after installation, start using it from the Start menu.
  • Sharing process: The sharing process on Xender is very easy and fast. It will search all the nearby devices having Xender activated. Just select the device to initiate the file transfer.
  • High-speed transfer: The speed of transfer using Xender is much high than the traditional methods of data transfer, such as Bluetooth or using an Ethernet cable. For data transfer to occur, the only requirement is to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Free to use: Xender is freely available on the play store. So, you can download it for free.

System Requirements to Download Xender for PC:

Xender for PC download and usage is allowed only when the PC meets the minimum required conditions. So, before you get the Xender app for PC, check these minimum requirements of PC and make sure that your PC meets these:

  • Required Operating System: Windows 10/8/7.
  • RAM: at least 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: minimum of 700 MB
  • Processor: At least Intel Core Dual processor
  • Free storage
  • Graphics card

Note: Xender for PC Windows 10 gives the best performance and high speed of data transfer.

How to Download Xender for PC:

It is very easy to get the Xender download for PC. There are three methods that are available to get the Xender app for PC. Read all the methods carefully and choose the one that suits you to download Xender for PC.

Method1: Xender Web Method:

Xender web is a browser-dependent technique to download Xender for PC. It is the best method for those who want to use the Xender app for PC without installing any third-party software. Xender web offers the most convenient way to transfer data, which uses Wi-Fi and shares files between devices very fast.

Follow the steps below to download Xender web:

Step1: Open the official page of Xender on your PC browser. Here is the link:

Step2: Scan the QR code on the webpage. QR code is given below also for your convenience. Wait for the scanning to complete.

Step3: As soon as the scanning finishes, you are ready to share the files with other devices.

Note: You can use the hotspot on your PC, while using the Xender web.

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Method2: Using Windows Emulator

You can use the apk file of Xender to download it to your PC. To download Xender for PC using apk, you need to install the Windows emulator. Bluestacks is one such emulator that allows you to use the Xender app for PC. Follow the steps below to use Xender with this method:

Step1: Download Bluestacks emulator on your PC and then install the downloaded .exe file.

Step2: Once the installation of the Bluestacks emulator is complete, sign up on Bluestacks with the Google account you have. If you already have the account on Bluestacks, then log in to Bluestacks with your existing account.

xender for pc download

Step3: Open Bluestacks on your PC and search Xender in the search bar.

Step4: Click on the Xender application displayed in the search result and click to install it.

Step5: Xender will start to install. Follow the instruction that comes in between and click on Finish.

Xender for PC is installed, and you can use it to transfer data in the android environment.

Method3: Using YouWave:

YouWave is one of the emulators, just like Bluestacks. With YouWave, you can not only install Bluestacks but any android app on PC. Download Xender for PC by following the below steps:

Step1: Click the link to get the downloading link for YouWave on your PC.

Step2: Install the .exe file downloaded in Step1 to install YouWave on your PC.

Step3: Open the YouWave software on your PC and search Xender in the Google play store.

Step4: Xender will appear in the search result. Click on the Xender app to install it on your PC.

Step5: Follow the installations instruction to install Xender for PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No, Xender is a free application. So, you do not need to pay anything for using the Xender app. Get Xender for PC free download using the steps mentioned in this article and install it.

Xender app is very simple to use. Open the Xender app and click on Connect. Xender app will start scanning the nearby devices having Xender enabled. Click on the name you want to send or receive data from, and data sharing will initiate.

If you are using the Xender web, then open the website Scan the QR code displayed on the page and search the device to connect. Once connected, start sharing your data with the connected device.

No, to share data using the Xender app for PC, you do not need Bluetooth or data cable. It is a wireless form of data transfer. It needs a Wi-Fi hotspot on your PC to connect to other devices.

The best part of the Xender app that there is no restriction on the number of files you are transferring using Xender for PC. You can share as much data and to as many people you want at the same time.


Now, you know one of the best data transferring apps for PC. I have explained everything about it in this article. I hope you will find this information helpful. Now, you are all set to receive your favorite files from your friend without much effort and can share your images with your group of friends. So, download Xender for PC now and start data sharing.



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