How to Choose the Best Headphones for Cycling?

Headphones during cycling are a savior, which creates the difference between a good ride and a bad one. One can enjoy their ride even during a traffic jam avoiding the noises of the traffic around. Even when it’s not an important part of the gear, it is still an essential requirement for many cyclists who love to listen to their favorite music, which gives them a little push for meeting the new goals set for achievement.

One important thing that needs to be kept sure is that one can hear the road noises around them, even when using the headphones while riding bikes. The traffic approaching, the sound of the siren, the children playing or any other similar situation, one must be able to hear all of it, and it is quite obvious, the typical headphones are probably not the right one for one to use during the cycling. We suggest purchasing Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT because of their amazing features and also it is the best headphones for peloton bike or cycling headphones’ choice.

So, if you wish to wear the headphones while you are out on a ride, but you are also concerned about riding safely, without hurting anyone around, some important biking safety tips will be helpful to do it all together. There are some amazing options available for the riders, making them aware of the environment they are riding the bikes in. Some available headphones in the market even help forget about the wires which might come in their way while out on a ride.

Based on the above requirements, some important points to be looked forward to having been discussed below.

Types Of Headphones :


Open-ear headphones

These headphones help the cyclist to be aware of the sounds in the environment they are riding. They fit in better and allows the comfort of riding better without and discomfort. Even though, as per some riders, they do not offer sound quality, which is superior, the design is easy for getting used to these safe models.

These headphones allow one to keep their ears open and transmit the sound waves through the cheekbones. The bone conduction headphones, they are loved by some riders for their long rides.

Loose-ear fit headphones

With a little awareness about the sound around and the safety of not falling out, these headphones are designed, in-ear based, which makes the hearing a little impaired and, therefore, makes it necessary for being attentive while wearing it.

These earphones are not wireless, and the fear of it getting yanked from the ears, makes the riders face discomfort. So, choose wisely.

In-ear noise reduction headphones

They provide better sound quality, but they have been designed for excluding the ambient sound, making hearing impaired. Choosing these headphones ensures that they would not fall out of the ears, and one can enjoy the music just as they want, but safety in mind should be the first concern and priority.

It is, however, helpful if one gets their bike outfitted with the wireless speaker instead of choosing out the type of headphones that might be comfortable or safest and ideal for music.

Top 3 Headphones for Cycling-


AfterShokz Trekz

The product comes with the technology of bone construction and is one best headphone for the peloton. Using it, one can enjoy the music, through their cheekbones, with its comfortable feel and the experience of ambient sounds.

The headphones have a wraparound design making it lighter than the other models (20%). It has a snug fit to ensure comfort and stability during all-day use for 20 days continuously. The model is Bluetooth technology’s latest version compatible and can easily pair with the smartphone. It comes in two colors, black & midnight blue.

Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT

It is a wireless in-ear headphone that provides immersive sound experience. The model comes with the traditional design and better fitting with all-day comfort use. One also gets intuitive control with its light-weighted frame and the long battery life for longer usage.

The headphones have advanced wireless technology and offer dual functionality, allowing them to connect two devices. One can enjoy high-quality audio with this headphone. The product has also been featured to provide notification of low battery or about any incoming calls, during the ride. By all means, it conceals noise, even when it’s a busy environment. 

Aukey- Wireless headphones

It is a wireless headphone rated 4.5 by its users. From providing better sound quality, ensuring an excellent isolation performance, these earbuds are not just convenient but also provide a proper wireless range.

For any of the users, this headphone is a comfortable choice.

Final Verdict-

No matter what your choice is, for the headphones, you must always ensure one important selection criteria that involve our ability to hear the noise around, of the peoples and vehicles. Remember, a serious crash can occur if one is unaware of when the rider fails to hear a dog or a pedestrian or even the oncoming cars or vehicles around. Fortunately, in the market, there is the availability of some specific cycling headphones that allows one to experience better sound quality and doesn’t interfere with the sound, which is needed to be heard right on time, to maintain the safety.



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