How To Run Grow Castle On Windows 10? [Step Guide 2022]

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Are you a fan of defense games? You’ll absolutely love Grow Castle. As a defense mobile game, it offers quite a lot of fun that keeps you captivated.

It’s a first-person game where your job is to protect the castle. The players in the game are called heroes. But not all heroes are true heroes, as some can be arch-nemesis, hell-bent on destroying your castle. 


So Grow Castle basically is about building your castle and, of course, protecting it from attacks. Along the way you earn gold. The more gold that you earn, the stronger your defense will be and, consequently, the stronger your castle would be. 

You can earn gold by hiring workers and building colonies. This takes time but is definitely worth the effort. 

To make things interesting, the game introduces enemies later on who try to destroy the castle. It’s up to you to battle them and stop them from harming the castle. You can do that with weapons and perhaps a little bit of strategy, although it’s not purely a strategy game. 

As for the heroes, there are 100 heroes you can choose from. The hero becomes your avatar in the game. Some heroes are more defensive in nature, while others are more offensive. In other words, they’re either great at defending the castle or destroying the enemies, but either way, your castle stays safe (which is the ultimate goal anyway). 

As your castle grows and you leverage more power, you can become the archer of the town your castle is located in. That gives you more power to promote other heroes (players) in the town you head. 

Speaking of other players, this is a multiplayer game essentially, as you can play with your friends to form an alliance. The online guild system allows you to pick friends or enemies. So you can also invite your friends to join and build their castles. 


The game also has a ranking system that ranks the player depending on their experience and wealth. The more gold you have, the higher it can help you rank. Similarly, the more time you spend, and the higher the castle you built, the better your rank gets. 

You can see your ranking amongst all the players of the game. 


The graphics of the game are high-quality. You’ll enjoy playing it on any smartphone that supports HD graphics, which is basically most of the latest smartphones. 

How to Install Grow Castle on PC?

While Grow Castle is a mobile game, you can install and play it on a PC. To do that, you’ll need a reliable Android emulator like LD Player, which is designed for gamers to enjoy Android games on PC. 

You can download the LD Player emulator from the official website. It’s one of the fastest emulators, so great for playing games like Grow Castle. The installation process is just a few steps. 

Here’s how you can play Grow Castle for PC:

Step 1: Grow Castle download for PC.

Step 2: Drag and drop the downloaded file (APK file) onto the emulator home page (that will copy the app into the emulator)

Step 3: Double click on the game icon in the emulator to launch. 

Thanks to the emulator, it’s pretty easy to enjoy Android games like Grow Castle on your PC. 

Why play on PC? For starters, it offers a bigger screen, which, let’s be honest, is a much better experience.

Wrap Up:

Grow Castle is a great game that will have you engrossed in building a castle and defending it. You can even play it with friends. Whether you form an alliance or go after their castles, that’s up to you!



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