Best Site To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free HD (2022)

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In recent years, movies have eventually become the best source of entertainment which is used to eradicate boredom from the daily life routine. Out of which, online streaming has a separate fan base among the youth. Movies are much more popular as they allow the spectators to experience and visualize things in other way round which they probably won’t think of.  Every other movie has something to offer to the viewers and as a result of it, people have diverted themselves across various genres, languages and much more. Sometimes, they are quite intense, other times being so dramatic and funny.

The film makers produce movies in various languages keeping in mind the different regions and states. Apart from Hindi and English, there are movies such as Kannada movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, etc. people search out for various platforms where they can enjoy hassle- free streaming for free. Tamil movies have recently gained popularity based on its story lines, actions, drama, suspense and much more. There are more than 1000+ websites that allow free streaming but have certain terms and conditions applied. Are you the biggest fan of Tamil movies? So this is gonna be interesting for you. Out of all these websites, we have listed the top 10 sites to watch Tamil movies online. So, are you ready to dive into some thriller and suspense? Go ahead and read the below article and start streaming your favorite Tamil movies using the websites below.

10 Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online For Free:

Listed below are the 10 best websites to watch tamil movies online for free. You can use any of these as all are safe and secured and are well-tested.

  • Bolly2Tolly
  • Hungama
  • Sunnxt
  • YouTube
  • Yupptv
  • Zee 5
  • Hotstar
  • Jio Cinema
  • Today PK Movies
  • Big flix

Here is the review of all the websites for free online tamil movies to watch now mentioned above.

Bolly2Tolly is a popular and the best website to watch Tamil movies online. It allows you to stream Tamil, Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam all at one site. Not only this, the Bolly2Tolly website even has a small collection of TV shows and IPL matches too. It provides the online streaming of the movies in Ultra HD quality henceforth attracts the users. Due to this, thousands of users happen to visit the website regularly. The Bolly2Tolly website has a user-friendly interface that allows the user to search for the movies alplabetically. 

Moreover, you can even request for the movies that are not available on the website’s database. To know more about the movie, such as genre plot, cast etc. all you need to do is just to hover at the movie’s image. Also, you can shortlist the movies based on filters such as language, year of release, director, cast etc. it even provides the best site server and high torrent speed which is the most needed service by the users.

Hungama is a part of the Disney channel that offers a wide collection of Tamil movies, shows etc. It is considered to be the best website to watch Tamil movies online for free. It offers you to stream online or even download the movies. Hungama is a paid platform website where the users are required to subscribe to their plans to watch all the latest movies. It is not only limited to Tamil movies, but apart from this, you can even enjoy watching all kinds of Indian languages movies and TV shows. 

It allows an easy search of the movies by using various filters that help to sort movies based on different languages, genres etc. This website is designed personally to provide the best user experience and to cater huge crowd. Unlike other websites, Hungama does not display many ads keeping in mind your valuable time and hence provides hassle-free enjoyment to its users. So, if you are ready to pay a small amount then you can own the best non-stop entertaining destination and will have no better choice to be made.

Sunnxt is one of the most popular and amazing websites for all the south Indian movie fans that allows online streaming in full HD resolution. It contains movies of different genres such as comedy movies, horror movies, action movies, romantic movies and many more. Using sunnxt you will be able to stream movies of various other languages too. It includes a feature of popular lists such as kid’s movies, classic movies, action movies, 90’s movies etc. that allows the users to have easy access to the movies. 

Its user-friendly and simple interface has to be the reason for its huge popularity. The only disadvantage is that this website contains multiple ads which are not preferred and even not tolerated by the users. Also, you need to register to the website to stream and enjoy watching your favorite Tail movies online for free. You can search for your movies using the filters available. This is also one of the perfect places for the people asking where to watch Tamil movies online.

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If you wish to have the best source of entertainment, Youtube is where your search ends. You can find everything such as Music, different genre and languages of movies, funny videos, motivational videos, educational stuff and what not. It has gained enormous popularity in the past few years and is now known to be the most preferred platform of all times. Watching your favourite Tamil movies on youtube is just a quick and small process, where you need to search for your favourite movie in the search box and then play it.

Moreover, it has numerous kinds of video quality such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p etc. out of which the user can choose any according to their wish. If not, the videos play according to the network connectivity. The Sign-up feature is optional. The only drawback of Youtube is that it does not provide the latest Tamil movies released, but has all the old Tamil movies ready to binge watch. So, if you are a fan of old Tamil movies, youtube is the best ever choice to receive the best performance. And the most exciting thing is that it charges zero amount from the users to stream or download any sort of content.

The other most interesting website in the list of best site to watch Tamil movies online for free is Yupptv. This allows the users to enjoy streaming Tamil movies online for free and has millions of users from all across the world. It is loved by Tamil movie fans. Along with Tamil movies, users can enjoy watching various categories of shows and movies on Yupptv. They can stream telugu movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies and many others. It is popular not only for movies, but it also includes TV shows, web series, live news, live sports too. Also, the content is available in full HD resolution which enhances the user’s experience. It inhibits both the features of downloading as well as streaming the content online. All you need to do is just click on the movie you want to watch and enjoy streaming it. It allows the users to view the content on a maximum of 6 connected screens such as TV, PC, smartphones, tablets and any other device.

It is a part of ZEE entertainment and is in great demand among the users. It includes a gigantic collection of shows, movies, TV series, and many more. Along with it, the movies are available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc. which gives ease to the users from different areas. There is a section named Tamil movies, where you can find all your favourite Tamil movies and shows. It allows the users to watch their favourite content in ultra HD resolution and that too without doing any sign-up. Yes, you do not need to complete any registration process or payment process. You can simply download and stream your favourite Tamil movies without any interruption. Also, apart from Tamil movies there are numerous other sections that include films of Bollywood and Hollywood too.  For die-hard fans of Tamil movies, Zee 5 is considered as an A1 platform to enjoy streaming their favourite movies.

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Hotstar is an online video streaming platform that offers multiple services to the users. It is now called as Disney+ Hotstar which offers all the movies and shows of Disney as well as all the TV shows. It is the best application to watch Tamil movies online. There are 3 modes by which the user can enjoy streaming Hotstar. They are VIP, premium and in the third one, the user needs to sign-up using their E-mail id. But in the third category the users will be restricted to certain shows and movies. VIP and premium are paid subscriptions that allow the user to watch VIP content and the premium content respectively. It even includes live TV shows, sports, movies and news. It has a simple and neat interface where the user can simply search for the content they would like to watch. The user can have access to the application by installing it on mobile devices or can even browse on the web version. All the content is available in high quality to increase your enjoyment.

The other best platform in the list of best websites to watch Tamil movies online for free is Jio cinema. It is developed and owned by the Jio platform which is even the subsidiary of Reliance Industries Private Limited. It is indeed the best platform that offers great service to the users. It includes 10000+ categories of movies, Tv shows, web series, documentaries and music video and serves as a perfect application to have all in one facility. It features all the Tamil movies along with movies of other languages such as Bollywood, Telugu, etc. the best part of using Jio cinema is that it does not charge anything to the users and allows free streaming. There is nothing to talk about the crowd available on Jio cinema as we all know about 50-60% of the population is using Jio services. Sadly, Jio cinema is only available for Jio users. So, if you are a Jio user you can easily download the application on your device and start streaming and enjoying your favorite Tamil movies anytime.

Today PK is also one of the best website for free online Tamil movies to watch now. It has a wide list of categories of movies, Tv shows, web series etc. and its database is quite large and never-ending. It is the biggest website out of all the ones listed in this article. It has no filter option which makes the sorting more difficult for the users. To search for a movie, all you need to do is to search for the movie in the search box and press enter. You will get the entire list of all the relevant searches displayed on the screen. 

You can now select the one of your choice and start streaming your favorite Tamil movies online. On clicking the movie, you will get to see all the related details of a movie, such as country, the language of the movie, director, and IMDB link. It does not display the IMDB rating directly but redirects you to another page that shows the IMDB rating. You have 2 options, either stream online or download it to watch later. Talking about the video player, you won’t get anything better than this. Today PK offers 4 video players to its users, so if in case you find trouble using any 1 you have 3 more options ready to use.

BigFlix is an online streaming website that allows the users to watch various categories of movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi etc. It provides all the content in high video quality and all the movies in full-length. It includes all the recently released movies to provide non-stop entertainment to the users. Although it does not contain the entire list of Tamil movies, but you get to see the latest bollywood as well as Hollywood movies too. 

But on the other hand, Bigflix is a paid website, you need to pay a fixed amount and get a subscription to watch the content on Bigflix. Apart from this, the best thing is that it offers a 1-month free subscription to a new user after signing in with your account. Once signed up, you will find this website worth using. This website is under regular updates and uploads all the latest movies and shows for you to have a better time enjoying by binge watch using BigFlix.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are several questions asked by the users. We have mentioned some of the most frequently asked questions. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Q. What makes Tamil movies so popular?

A. These days, people love to binge watch the movies, and among them Tamil movies have attracted a massive crowd because of their stories, actions, suspense and thriller. People love to watch their favorite actors and actresses performing on the screen.

Q. Are these websites safe to use?

A. That’s an absolute yes. All the websites are completely reliable and are 100% safe to use. You can trust them. These are the perfect solution for your question about where to watch Tamil movies online.

Q. How to download Tamil movies from these websites?

A. The websites have an easy-to-use and simple interface developed according to the needs of the users. You have to visit the website and then follow the on-screen options to download and free online Tamil movies to watch now.

Q. Which are the latest Tamil movies released on the websites?

A. The latest movies released on the websites are listed below-

  • Karnan
  • Chasing
  • Papillon
  • Nayae peaye
  • Thimmarusu
  • Mandela
  • Sulthan and many more.

Q. Where to watch Tamil movies online for free?

A. You can search out for various websites on the internet to find the best sites to watch tamil movies online for free, but we cannot guarantee that those are the trusted websites. So to ease your work we have already created a list of the best website to watch tamil movies online. You can refer to it and can use them.


The best way to entertain yourself is to binge watch all the movies and shows, especially Tamil movies. Although, there are several websites available on the internet, but for your ease and also to make your search quicker, here we have listed the best sites to watch tamil movies online free. You can visit any of these to watch and stream your favorite Tamil movies. The websites to watch tamil movies online are updated on the daily basis and all the latest movies are added to it. Also, if you face any difficulty having access to any of the websites, do let us know in the comment section below. We will reach out to you for help.



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