Kissanime Alternatives – Top 9 Alternatives You Can Use [2022]

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Kissanime is one of the most popular leading anime websites that offers a wide collection of animated movies and shows for free. The Kissanime official site covers up all the trending genres such as action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery etc. and has now emerged as an admired destination for all the anime fans globally. Today, let us discuss about Kissanime and sites like kissanime in detail.

Animation movies or we can say animes have a separate fan base in the field of entertainment as it has attracted an audience from every age group. Be it a youngster or an individual of around 40-50 age, everyone is fond of exploring latest animes as it includes fictitious characters with special visual effects thus creating a sense of fascination in the minds of the viewers. And the industry has eventually grown up more promptly by the expansion and advancement in technology such as software, computers and high-quality soundtracks. Henceforth, allows the audience to experience the sense of the virtual world.

For this, there exist infinite websites that allow the user to watch or stream their favorite anime. But every website cannot meet the demands of the viewers and lacks the attention of the audience. And there comes the most popular website known as Kissanime which is the most preferred website by the audience. Its feature has helped it to gain enormous popularity.

Why is Kissanime Popular?

Kissanime is no doubt considered as the world’s largest platform to provide anime, shows or movies and other entertaining content available for free. 

Now there is a question for you. What is the most important thing the user looks out for when it comes to choosing the most appropriate website to enjoy watching their favorite videos or shows? The answer is so steady. The user judges them by comparing the facilities offered. Likewise, the Kissanime website has also gained popularity through its exceptional features which are as follows-

  • Its service is absolutely free of cost. The website is free from in-app purchases and allows the users to stream without paying a single penny. 
  • Kissanime websites include 100+ categories and genres of animated movies, shows etc to choose from.
  • It allows the user to download videos in various formats and resolutions to enhance the quality of watching movies.
  • The website includes the anime videos in both English-dubbed as well as subbed-versions to allow people to stream in the language they are comfortable in.
  • The Kissnanime official site has a clear interface thus allows the users to have easy and quick navigation. 
  • The website contains full-length episodes of all the latest anime series for the users to get access to the entire series in one go.

Do I Need To Create An Account Or Register On The Kissanime Website?

There is no compulsion to create an account or register to get access to the content available on the Kissanime official site. But, you can log in or register on the Kissanime website to avail certain facilities. Having an account helps the user to keep a record of their favorite content and videos. You can enjoy creating your own list containing various types or categories of your favorite anime shows which you would like to watch later. This provides you the feature to separate multiple lists by creating folders to get quick access to the content. Signing into Kissanime ought to be beneficial as you can easily share something with your friends through email, and it also keeps you notified by sending emails whenever your favorite anime, series or shows get updated. After all this, one thing to be noted is that it is completely optional and can be done as per the preference of the user.

Is Kissanime Still Online?

The kissanime website is no longer available for use as it was shut down whilst the copyright owners filed the complaint against the website. But somehow it managed to come into action. For that reason, the Kissanime official site was banned permanently on 14th August 2020. It was done to eradicate the use of such pirated websites as it managed to have an increased audience indulging themselves in these illegal tasks. Since the Kissanime website was banned, the owners however managed to develop the mirror website of Kissanime to provide the same service. We will mention some of those mirror websites but cannot assure you whether they are provided from the original source or not. So use them at your own risk as there is no fixed period for how long they can survive. Some of the mirror websites are as follows-


List of Kissanime Categories:

Kissanime is known to be one of the best sources of anime movies, shows, cartoons, etc. where you can find a wide variety of categories that should never be missed. From comedy to action, the Kissanime website includes them all. Some of the categories of content available on Kissanime official website are as follows-

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Cartoon
  • Fantasy
  • Music
  • Thriller
  • Romance
  • Supernatural
  • Magic
  • Demons
  • Kids
  • Mystery
  • Sports
  • Drama
  • Vampire
  • Sci-fi and many more.

KissAnime Alternatives Reviews:

As mentioned earlier, Kisaanime is now restricted and does not provide its service anymore. So, to watch your favorite anime or show, several Kissanime alternatives have been available that offer the same facilities in other ways. Have a look at some of the Kissanime alternatives that are best to use.


If you are a passionate lover of anime, then you might be aware of the most popular Kissanime alternative known as Crunchyroll. This website holds a vast collection of anime shows, movies or cartoons that have huge demand among the audience. Crunchyroll is not only limited to English or Japanese shows but also includes shows of various other languages to provide more choices to the users. Besides this, the only drawback this website has is that not all the content available on the website is free, only some of them are provided for free edition. However, to watch the entire content available, the website holds a premium version that needs to be bought to get access to other content as well. It is the most reliable website and has a user-friendly interface.

Anime Lab:

Anime lab is the best known site that allows the user to enjoy watching anime or other related content for free. Moreover, there exist multiple resolutions that can be opted by the users as per their preference. Adding more to it, the website offers the content with subtitles or subbed versions thus making it easier for the users. The anime lab website mainly aims at the audience from New Zealand and Australia but can also be accessed from other areas using a VPN. Using an anime lab to watch your favorite content is so quick as it does not require any registration to get access to the website.

9 Anime:

On comparing the Kissanime alternatives with the Kissanime official site, 9 Anime is just the same as the Kissanime website and has everything which makes it suitable to be the best Kissanime alternative. The content availability of this website makes it more captivating to the users and helps them to browse their favorite anime online. There lies an option to set the quality of the video to be downloaded to watch it later offline. All the content is available in both dubbed and subbed versions. Also, the in-built video player of the website is compatible with all kinds of browsers hence, can be used on any of your devices such as PC, smartphones, etc.

Anime Planet:

So now, the next Kissanime alternative to know about is Anime-Planet. It maintains a broad category and list of all the anime series which are legally obtained by the owners. Since the content is legal, the users can access them anytime, anywhere without even having to concern about their privacy. The Anime planet has become the perfect spot for anime as well as the manga lovers since the time it was developed. The best part about the Anime Planet website is that its home page is neatly designed and divided into various sections such as the new anime recommendations, popular shows coming this week, etc. Also, the content can be viewed in various quality resolutions for free.

Gogo Anime:

The other most interesting yet useful website to watch your favorite cartoon, anime or shows is the Gogo Anime website with exclusive features. It includes an organized list of all the popular shows which are in trend. The website is 100% safe and secured to use along with easy navigation all across it. All the recently released shows or series are even displayed along with the title to let you explore the new content. Moreover, it contains the duplicate as well as the dubbed versions of the shows. The Gogo Anime website is constantly updated by the developers to let the users enjoy watching anime all in one go. Hence, it can be treated as the best substitute for the Kissanime website.

Anime Freak:

The Anime freak website is also one of the best Kissanime alternatives that provide the service for free. The Anime Freak website has a vast collection of all the anime series which can be downloaded or streamed online in high quality with various resolutions thus acts as a cherry on the cake. Also, it includes all the episodes of an anime so that the users can watch them from beginning to end without even missing a single episode. The website is designed accordingly to fulfill the demands of the users with having a neat and clean interface thus making it much more convenient to use. You can easily switch between the different pages of the website to explore the content. Moreover, the content available on this website is differentiated on the basis of genres such as Romance, Comedy, Action, Thriller, etc.


Netflix is well known to be the most trending streaming website these days that allows the user to watch their favorite content of all time. It is not at all surprising to say that Netflix has gathered all the popular yet top-rated anime. Moreover, not only anime, the website includes shows, web series and movies and even the Netflix originals of all categories and genres. It offers to stream in high quality to let you enjoy the content with more clarity that is eye-appealing. This website is not available for free and has a subscription to be bought. The Netflix subscription is available in various categories according to the time period and the number of screens. But still, if you haven’t yet decided to use Netflix as a Kissanime alternative, you can try its free trial that is accessible for a month or 30 days only. You can use Netflix’s official app rather than the website.

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon prime video is another best yet legal Kiaasnime alternative that includes all popular categories of content such as the Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies of all times as of the 90s, or the latest ones of 2021. The Hollywood movies are available in Hindi dubbed in high quality. Amazon prime video is also a paid platform with a membership available for INR 199 ($9). Before buying the membership you can even try the free trial offer for 30 days. All you need to do is just sign-up with your account and click on a 30 days free trial to avail it.

Disney + Hotstar:

Disney + Hotstar has now emerged as the best streaming OTT platform to watch cartoons, anime, movies, TV shows etc. The website contains all the content in multiple qualities. You can download or can even stream online as per your preference. There is no guarantee that you can get all the anime series on this website but still, it has enough of what you need to watch. The Disney + Hotstar website is absolutely legal as it has the copyright to provide various types of content to the users. Just like Netflix, Disney + Hotstar is also a paid website with 2 choices. VIP and Premium are the two subscription plans with different charges accordingly. The best thing is that this website has an official mobile application that can be downloaded from the Play store easily so that you do not have to search for its website and can easily access it.

Do you Need VPN for KissAnime Alternatives Sites?

Sites like kissanime contain privacy issues as they do not provide the content legally and are therefore banned by the government. So it is under the surveillance of the government through which they can identify the real culprits. This is done using the IP address and location of the user. So it is important to keep your IP address and the location safe and hidden. For that purpose, you need to use VPN as it changes your real location so that neither the government nor the hackers can get access to you and your device. Using VPN is a mandatory task as it covers up all your activities to prevent them from being exposed. 

Is Streaming from Kissanime safe?

When it comes to safety, there are several questions in the minds of the users such as whether the Kissanime website contains a virus, or harms the device or windows. So there is no reason to get disappointed, as this website passes them all. Kissanime is a website that is free from viruses and also prevents your device from being damaged. Hence, it is safe for the users to use it. But watching copyrighted content is something to worry about. The use of copyrighted content is considered illegal in our country and for which you may indulge yourself in trouble.

Kissanime Clones:

Clones are the exact or we can say the identical copies of a particular thing. And so do the websites have clones of themselves which are often used when the original websites do not work. After Kissanime was shut down, several Kissanime clones emerged and were named as the Kissanime alternatives to let the users enjoy the same service and the facilities as provided by the Kissanime official site. Although, you may not get to experience the exact same things that you had using the Kissanime website, you can still enjoy watching your favorite shows using the Kissanime clones as they contain the exact same content as available on the Kissanime official site.


After knowing all this, now it’s high time to read some of the frequently asked questions about the Kissanime website to clear all your doubts. Let us discuss them.

  • How to download movies from Kissanime?

Downloading anime from the kissanime website is a quicker process with just 2-3 clicks. Follow the steps given below-

  • Visit the Kissanime official site on the browser.
  • Browse the categories from the home page and select the anime or movie you need to download.
  • You can even search for it using the search bar available.
  • After selecting, click on the content to be downloaded and click on the download button.
  • Now, wait for it to get completed and enjoy watching your favorite anime.
  • What is the reason for the Kissanime website to shut down?

Kissanime website was known to be one of the biggest leading anime pirated websites with huge traffic. But, it always had a threat from the copyright content owners and their officials as it is a known fact that piracy is illegal. So, when the Kissanime official site reached heights in violating the copyright laws, it was shut down by taking up all the content from the website.

  • Are the Kissanime website and its alternatives legal to use?

If we talk about security, then an additional VPN keeps you safe from being exposed. But, in the case of legality, the Kissanime website is not legal for which it was being shut down. To make up for the losses incurred by this, several Kissanime alternatives were introduced which themselves are not legal to use as they are known to be pirated websites.

  • Does the Kissanime official site have an official app for it?

Unfortunately, there is no such official mobile app for Kissanime, but still there are some other apps available on the Google play store by the names of kiss anime app, anyme app etc. that can serve you the facilities of the kissanime website. However, it is not necessary to download these apps if you are streaming or browsing through your PC. You can add their extensions on chrome as it is a lightweight program to help you experience the joy of using kissanime.

  • How to detect the mirror or duplicate website of Kissanime?

To make sure about whether the website is original or a mirror website consider the following tips-

  • If you find any strange pop-up ads or notifications on your browser, then back out from the website as it is not a legitimate one.
  • If the website encourages you to run or download any software before proceeding further, you are definitely in the wrong hands.
  • Before browsing the anime, if you are asked to open any file in formats like zip, pdf or rar, make sure to close it immediately.


So, this is it. We have shared all the necessary information that you should probably know. We have discussed multiple Kissanime alternatives out of which you can choose the best for yourself. So if in any case, you do not find the Kissanime website running, you can try out these alternatives which will give you the exact same feeling as the Kissanime official site. After all this, if you still feel something is left you can drop them in the comment section below. We will try to incorporate them to help you out.



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