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[Latest 2021] Best TamilRockers Proxy Sites - Unblock Mirror Sites

[Latest 2022] Best TamilRockers Proxy – TamilRockers Proxy

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Isn’t watching your favorite stars’ movies for free always a good deal? Well, nobody is going to deny the fact that we all love to do that and we always look forward to saving a few extra bucks wherever we possibly can. So, when it comes to downloading and watching your desired movies for free, there is always a mention of online websites. Tamilrockers, the torrent website, is one of these websites that is surely, nowadays, the best to download and stream movies. You can enjoy movies with Tamilrockers proxy sites by paying no cost at all. This is basically done with the help of either magnet links or with the use of torrent files.

However, whatever content you get to download comes under copyrighted content’s illegal deal out. These not only involve movies but also involve music, TV shows, movies, videos, and more. No matter how the deal out is, in India, this is still one of the best p2p torrent sites and it is included in highly growing and popular sites to provide you content collection for free. Once a Tamil movie is out in theatres that are local, this website named Tamilrockers shares a print of it for free. Tamilrockers proxy sites are for people who don’t wish to pay to watch it in the theatre.

Important Things To Know About Proxy Site Tamilrockers

  • Originated in 2011, Tamil rockers proxy sites have now become a mainstream proxy site to download and then stream your favorite media as mentioned above in only few years.
  • You are able to find content on these proxy Tamilrockers sites in various languages such as Telugu, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, etc.
  • This basically deals with clearly printed Hollywood (including dubbed) and Bollywood movies and has established a strong base now in India.
  • On this site, one is able to locate huge chunks of content to watch or stream for free.
  • Tamilrockers proxy site originally created got blocked by ISP long ago as it basically provided illegal content and hence, copyright infringement had been happening. However, even after that it’s been in use by the means of newer web addresses of some other proxy site Tamilrockers. Moreover, people keep on using it for downloading and then streaming media continuously, especially in India. 
  • You are able to opt for peer-peer sharing of files all around the globe.
  • You are able to easily access these various Tamilrockers proxy sites online.

Let’s have a look at some most-preferred links to Tamilrockers proxy sites in 2021 as well as Tamilrockers Mirror Sites in 2021, which you can use to download and then stream as much media as you want.

List of Best Tamilrockers Proxy Site in 2021

List of Tamilrockers Mirror Sites in 2021

Tamilrockers Mirror Sites  Status

Now, that you got to understand what Tamilrockers proxy sites do, it’s time that you know how to open Tamilrockers or how to opt for Tamilrockers unblock. So, below-listed are the 4 best ways that you may opt for to get Tamilrockers unblocked:

4 Ways to Unblock TamilRockers

1. Opt for the DNS Servers change 

Have you tried making some changes in the  DNS servers? Well, if you have not done it or thought of it yet, it’s time that you should look forward to trying it. It will help you access TamilRockers site’s servers. Here’s how you can opt for doing it:

  • On your Windows PC, opt for a Right-clicking the “Start Menu” and then once you do it, opt for “Network Connections”.
  • Now, on the left panel, search “Ethernet”, and then opt for clicking “Change adapter options”

  • At this point, opt for Right-clicking “internet connection” that you have been connected to.

  • Opt for “Properties”
  • Now, opt for searching “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then choose Properties

  • Opt for “Use the following DNS server addresses” so you can put in the DNS server address manually
  • Put in the given address and then opt for clicking OK. 

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

2. Use Free VPN for Tamilrockers unblock 

A huge crowd across the entire globe is making use of Virtual private networks, which basically allows them with several countries’ various IP addresses. But let us first tell you that it’s not, in any manner, illegal to use a VPN. Moreover, it helps in keeping your IP address secure and unknown and also keeps your location hidden. Thousands of people across various countries put VPN to use, especially for torrent sites.

Now, the question is which VPN to use and which should be avoided to be used. Since the internet is completely flooded with a ton of options in about everything you can imagine, free VPNs come under this list too. You can find various options online; however, it’s crucial that you use the one that helps your purpose of downloading media from these proxy sites. For this purpose, Avast Secure line VPN is most-recommended among a list of options.

Moreover, you must ensure the compatibility of it with your system’s configuration. You can opt for, as per your need, a free or paid VPN option. The only difference between these is that paid ones, as you may have already guessed, come with advanced features and security. So, opt for the one or more VPN option that you need wisely, download it, and then you can start using it.

3. Use a Proxy Server

Another way to access a proxy site is to use a proxy server, which basically tends to form a bond between the site you wish to download your content from and you. For that, all you got to perform is to put the URL of the below-listed Tamilrockers mirror websites into your browser. Now, you just have to press enter, and voila. 

At this point, what the proxy site will do is that it will keep your server secure and unknown and it will help you in accessing the web pages you wish to. You will be able to unblock Tamilrockers and access these sites this way. Once done with this procedure, all you got to do is opt for “torrent file download” and then, using the BitTorrent applications get to download it. 

4. Use Tor Browser

Well, no matter if you have tried all of the above-given methods or not, you must give a chance to using Tor Browser to access or unblock Tamilrockers sites. And yes, it’s not illegal to use the Tor browser so don’t you worry about that and use it as many times as you wish to use it. Just make sure to not use it for other means such as hacking and similar illegal activity that may put you in danger for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to download Movies using the proxy site Tamilrockers?

Ans. At first, all you got to do is to switch to a VPN in order to download any media that you wish to. After you have done this, opt to look for desired media by going for a mirror website from the above-given “Tamilrockers Mirror Sites in 2021” list. Now, opt for the right link and then opt for downloading that torrent file or clicking that magnet link.

Q2. Do you think Tamilrockers site should be banned or continued illegally?

Ans. Since there are a ton of similar sites available on the internet and are constantly processing such kinds of content on daily basis, banning one won’t help much. If safety in terms of piracy has to be considered on a legal basis, there has to be a single rule for all the other sites too, and not just Tamilrockers site.

Also, there are many times when people wish to watch a movie for good quality content and they end up wasting their money on cinema tickets if they feel the content wasn’t even average. It is these times when we think of these websites as a great option to have a choice if we have to spend money or not and vice versa of course.

Q3. What exactly had happened to the original website of TamilRockers?

Ans. Some years back, what exactly took place was that Kerala police arrested the owners of TamilRockers proxy websites. This was done, as you may have guessed, because of the pirated content that they were providing on their official website.

And hence, around 19 domains were found to be blocked by them and the TamilRockers founders were taken into an arrest for doing the same. This was clearly copyright infringement and an illegal move and hence, they had to go through the whole thing by Kerala’s anti-piracy cell.

Q4. Is Tamilrockers proxy site illegal?

Yes, there is no doubt that TamilRockers proxy site is an illegal pirated media/content website. This is because as soon as any new movie is out, what they tend to do is post it in a very good print online on their website for free for people. This doesn’t just drive so much traffic to their sites but they also tend to interfere in the overall movie revenue generation that had to go to the people who were involved in the making of the movie and so on and so forth.

So, all in all, it’s not really a good idea to watch content by downloading it from this kind of pirated or proxy sites. However, people who don’t wish to put their money into watching these movies can definitely choose to download and then watch these websites’ content for no cost at all. All they got to do is use a trustable VPN (we have already mentioned every step for the same above).

Q5. Is using the TamilRockers proxy site secure enough?

Yes, if you think in terms of virus intrusion or other means of safety, the TamilRockers proxy site is completely safe from malware and/or any kind of viruses. Furthermore, there is no need for you to go through any sign-up process or registration of any sort to access the material or media put onto the website. However, all that is required on your end is to be sure of using a VPN for accessing this website and media as the site contains pirated content only.



TamilRockers proxy sites, as discussed in detail above, are a great option to download and then stream media. However, they are definitely illegal to be used, and hence, it’s completely your choice of using them for whatever content purpose that you desire. Moreover, with the above 4 best-mentioned ways, you are able to easily access these sites and their servers. Since now you are with the list of Tamilrockers Proxy sites as well as Tamilrockers mirror sites, stop waiting and start downloading your movies or other content now.



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