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10 Best Free Blogging Sites in 2022 (Be a Blogger Today) - Notionink

10 Best Free Blogging Sites in 2022 (Be a Blogger Today)

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As a blogger, everyone wants to share their blogs with people, and for this, initially, they need a free blog website to get going. If you are one of them and want to start a career with a blogging platform, you have a number of free blogging sites on the internet, from which you can choose. It is a brilliant platform to build a career as blogging has become much easier in the past few years. You only need to pick the website that offers multiple advanced features. These features also help the bloggers to write unique content and increase the audience. So choose a website as per your requirements.

Some people are so passionate about blogging. They are fond of sharing their write-ups as per the niche of their interest. Blogging also works as a side income because many people have a hobby of writing blogs. But due to peer pressure, they select some other career options. In such cases, blogging acts as a passion that they pursue along with their job. Some of the college students earn extra pocket money from blogging. They prefer using the free blogging sites.

As there are many free blog sites, most people have started writing blogs, expressing their opinions, and showing their online presence. These websites also have the features to customize the website to make it look attractive. If you are interested in building a website rather than a journal, then read out the entire article to know the top free blogging sites.

List of Blog Sites

Below are the top ten free blog posting sites list for blogging. These are the websites where you can start blogging without spending a single penny. Let’s get started by having a look at the list of blog sites:


free blogging sites

Wix helps in building websites, which gets operated from the front end. Containing the drag and drop option is the primary characteristic of this website builder. There is no need for the back end to manage anything. It is designed in a way so that anyone can use this, whether professionals or beginners. Wix offers a lovely collection of premium as well as free templates and themes for blogging. You only need to sign-up and build a blog as you want. There are different elements that you can add to your page to make it look attractive. You can edit the content even after publishing.


free blog sites

WordPress is a powerful platform for well-experienced bloggers and blogs of any type. It is so simple and easy to create the first blog using a simple wizard. It teaches the users the way of selecting the perfect theme and name. You can start writing blogs instantly.

WordPress is not like other blogging websites. The users need to be familiar with its menu system as it allows the users to make something personal. As the blog expands, WordPress allows the users to track the statistics that include likes, visitors, comments, and pageviews from time to time. The users also can check how the visitors approach your website, the content they viewed, and the location of the visitors. There are very crucial things to modify the content, accordingly.


While considering the free blog sites to pick, LinkedIn is not the first choice of the users. As LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for blogging, it requires proper attention. Its pre-existing audience and the easily accessible tools are beneficial for the users. The user-base of LinkedIn makes it an excellent platform as most of the users are business owners, professionals, and well-focused. Over 30 million active businesses and more than 93% of B2B marketers operate LinkedIn as a usual lead source. It is not complicated to use this free blogging website. The users can publish the post by just going to the LinkedIn feed.


free blog posting sites list

Weebly is an easy-to-use and strong website builder with an option to set up a blog for free. The editor has the drag and drop option for blogging. It offers a vast range of beautiful things that you can choose for your blog. Its hosting provider makes sure the loading time is short for the website. The tools provided by Weebly act united with its powerful features for building a blog in a while. This platform is not only for writing blogs, but you can also display your portfolio and sell products using this platform.


list of blog sites

Medium is a blogging site that costs nothing and acts as the social media platform for the writer’s community. It is a free site where bloggers can get their content published. It is the best platform for beginners aspiring to publish their blogs using a free blogging website. It helps bloggers find out their worth as a blogger and also acts well for a blog as a hobby. Medium is the latest platform on the internet that allows people to share their stories and blog post ideas not only for friends. Here, one of the main reasons to use Medium is its built-in audience.


Ghost is another platform providing free blogging. You can download the Ghost software for free of cost but needs a paid hosting as well as a domain name. Once the website is ready in Ghost, then creating a post becomes simple and easy. On the right side of the screen, the editor gives you a live preview of your content. You can also select your preferences on a sidebar with settings displayed near the editor screen. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful blogging site, then Ghost is worth trying that focuses on the writing experience.


blog sites list

Blogger, as everyone knows, is an old and popular free blogging website. But, the demand for this website has turned down in the past few years. Blogging on the Blogger is just a basic resource for personal use, not for professional blogs. You must sign-up to operate this website and choose a default theme and go ahead with writing your blogs. These themes provide different gadgets, the latest and advanced color filtering, and various skins. Blogger gives simple appearance options so the users can concentrate only on the writing. The best part is that it allows you to place ads in your content section.


Presently, hosting over 475 million different blogs, Tumblr is a website that offers free blogging. It is a blend of both social media platforms and blogging. Tumblr is more renowned among youngsters between 18 to 29 years of age. For the people creating short content and who do not like to get stuck by the additional work required with their own websites, Tumblr is the best option.

Tumblr is majorly for personal use, not for the users having business-oriented plans. However, it allows bloggers to put ads within their blogs or on the page and link their blogs with Google Analytics.


list of blogging sites

Joomla is a free website like but requires users to buy their hostname. The interface offered by Joomla is flexible that is usable both for blogging and for complex websites. There are many templates for the users to pick. The interface looks like Microsoft Word, which makes it easy to use. Users can select the font size, color, add tables, emoticons, and change the background as per their choice. The tools are as easy to use as a word document. Also, the editor has tabs. The first tab is the text window, and you can use the other tabs to switch tags, keywords, Meta descriptions, etc.


Jimdo is one of the free blogging sites where blogs get provided with a few features of Jimdo in its free version. It is so easy to build a website with Jimdo using a variety of items. Once you look over these options given, your website gets built automatically as per your selection. Page building is one of the crucial aspects of the Jimdo. Without moving to the next page, you can edit the content by just going to each content box displaying on a live page. When it is about the content elements, you have several options, such as text with images, columns, simple text, photo gallery, and more. On the other hand, you can edit the logo and the footer in the same way.

How to Create a Blog

You can use any of the sites from the above list of blogging sites to start creating a blog. Below are the steps to create a blog:

First of all, pick a perfect domain name for the blog. Managing multiple domains at once is a hectic task. So, you can go ahead with the topic in which you are interested.

Select a domain on the basis of the topic you pick that introduces what your blog is about to the readers.

As per your taste, select a theme of your blog using It lets you customize the blog with its advanced features, including creating a custom menu, specify a color scheme, upload a custom header image, and choose fonts.

free blog creation sites list

Get your blog some add-ons and plug-ins using as it offers several valuable features such as social-sharing and image optimization.

free blog sites

If you want many people to get attracted to your blog, and then the content you create must be unique. Also, ensure that the content is knowledgeable, entertaining, funny, etc.

free blogging sites

Now you can start writing and sharing blogs to engage the audience in your favorite genre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

The following are some of the basic features of the blogging platform:

  • Increases followers
  • Easy website set up
  • Help you establish your business
  • Provides performance tracking
  • Options for RSS feed and comment
  • Web presence at low cost

In self-hosted blog websites, such as Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, and more, you don’t require any hosting provider. Such blogging platforms offer their services for free but with a few limitations.

Below are some of the tips that help in blogging:

  • Firstly, write for yourself
  • Pay attention to your audience
  • Ask for new ideas from your readers
  • Headlines must be attractive
  • Try to know what your followers want

The blogging websites allow the users to publish posts, product reviews, personal opinions, or articles. The users can also share the posts using self-contained sites, social networks, and email.

There is no need to learn coding, databases, or any programming languages for operating a blogging platform. The blogging platforms, these days, allow their users to build websites using their drag-and-drop builders. Hence, you only need to concentrate on the design.

Yes, anyone can earn a good amount of money using the free blog sites. First of all, invest your time into it. Now you can monetize in multiple ways that include accepting sponsored content, showing ads, attending affiliate programs, and more.


In this article, I have collated the free blog creation sites list. If you want to start your journey as a blogger, then there are a number of websites on which you can have a go. To find the best blogging website, firstly, you need to understand how a free blogging website works and how a self-hosting website works. The selection of a suitable website depends upon some points. These include your budget, how easy software you require, and the ability to make customizations. In this article, the list of blogging sites shared above is free to use. But if you want to get the more advanced features, you can use them by paying some money.

Now you have got the general idea of the blog sites list shared in this article. It would be easy for you now to decide the website you want to use for blogging. I have shared information on how to start blogging. I hope the article proves to be helpful to you. All the best for your blogging journey! Happy blogging!



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