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How To Earn Money Online? [13 Working Methods 2022] - Notionink

How To Earn Money Online? [13 Working Methods 2022]

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There is no soul in the world who isn’t waking up every morning and thinking of the ways they can earn money or simply about how they can earn more. We do know what led you to this blog today. I had been there searching tirelessly about the different methods that can help me earn money in whatever manner possible.

Everything works online these days, and people are learning millions of dollars every year through multiple online sources. I surely am not a millionaire yet, but who does not want to reach that goal with so many options available to earn money online. Well, all you need to get started is a good internet connection, a decent laptop to work on, and patience.

If you are just starting up, you may need to understand a few things before you get on with the list on how to earn money online.

  • Patience is the key to earning a few hundred to a few thousand.
  • Research and learning are the basis for earning money online (This article is an example of extensive research and my experience over the years).
  • Do not fall for shortcuts, or you will fall into the trap of scammers (I, too, had when I had started my journey, so this is out of sheer experience too.)

These instructions or, better say, the advice might sound way too blunt and brutally honest, but you need to keep these particular aspects in mind for the long game if you are new to the internet world.

Without wasting any more seconds, let me take you to the list of how to earn money online in India.

how to earn money online

13 Ways To Earn Money Online:

There are tons of ways you can make money online in India, but not each of them is as effective as you can think of. As I said, you might come across multiple scam sites that you surely do not wish to get into, or you might simply lose money.

So, you can simply follow the tried and tested ways to earn money online as listed below.

Print on Demand:

One of the most popular ways currently to earn money online in India is Print on Demand. If you are unaware of this particular method, here is everything you need to know. Print on Demand is basically when graphic designers or artists sell their designs on clothing, clocks, mats, bottles, and many other products.

Some of the most famous sites you might have heard of or came across are Redbubble, Printful, TeePublic, etc. In addition, there are hundreds of designers and artists selling their designs directly to customers by simply creating an account and adding their work to the site. Once done, the products ordered are then sent to a particular company, where these items are printed and then shipped.

The main reason I have listed this particular method to be one of my favorites is that it works more or less as a dropshipping business. You do not need to take part in the shipping and printing of these products, which makes them incredibly easy to manage. Everything is done by the platform itself and also shipped at a nominal rate.

In fact, you can take all the images from the store you have created on these sites and add them to your social media sites for promotion. I would recommend creating separate profiles for your products and adding specific hashtags to reach more people. 

Now, I will not call myself an artist or a designer but still managed to create some passive income through this. So, this might be a golden opportunity to showcase your work and use it for a unique purpose that will earn you money. You also need to be consistent with adding more unique designs rather than attracting more customers.

Freelance Writing:

The greatest opportunity that you can ever think of with living in India is the enormous number of languages spoken here. There is no better way to earn money than building your profile as a freelance writer. Our country has a huge demand for writers in so many different languages. You will be astonished to know that we have 121 languages spoken and hundreds of blogs on the internet looking for people to write in these languages.

People mostly are looking for writers in English and Hindi but have many projects for other languages. I, too, started my journey by becoming a freelance writer years back and still continue to do so in multiple niches.

To start with, I would recommend creating a profile on different freelancing sites such as Freelancer, Upwork, People Per Hour, Fiverr, etc. These sites have hundreds of projects listed on them, and you can put your proposal with the best pitch. Apart from these, I have worked on LinkedIn. Cold emailing and other social media sites as well to pitch my services. It works pretty well and helps you gain more exposure.

Even if you are unsure of your skills, you can simply try your hands on free sites such as Blogger, WordPress, Medium, etc., and create your site for free and start putting your content.

You can easily earn around 2000INR- 20000INR for your piece and within months might be able to earn a lot more than any other job. It did take me months to master a niche by writing loads of articles on it and the same advice I would give to everyone looking forward to starting their journey in freelance writing. It is essential to choose a niche on which you feel you are good at and then start exploring more as you move forward.

how to make money online

Start A Blog:

Well, a lot of you might feel that starting a blog or getting into the blogging world is way too easy or too difficult. Unfortunately, both the options are not true. If you have enough patience, you can earn thousands within no time. In the current scenario, starting a blog is not as complicated as it looks. Simply buy a domain, get hosting, and sign up on WordPress. 

If you love writing or simply have worked as a freelance writer before, this might be the most significant opportunity to grow and make more money than before. I worked for over 2-3 years in freelance writing and could not gather the courage to start my own blog. It seems too overwhelming with the process involved, but I finally started with a small investment. From my personal experience, any blog you might begin to take will take at least six months to get that momentum. Until then, the only aspect you need to keep your focus on is good content. Then, with a certain number of content pieces on the site, you can start your earnings with various methods.

Also, I would recommend any beginner to start things off by adding Google Adsense, Affiliate links to the products, run other significant ads, and much more. Some of the significant aspects you need to know apart from Blogging are that research plays a key role in selecting a particular niche and the keywords. 

Always make sure your blog is niche-specific so that you can write as much content you want on a single niche that will help you gain more audience rather than cluttering the site. With the right strategy in place and a little effort, your blog might have the capacity to earn in lakhs within a year or so.

Data Entry Jobs:

Another very interesting method on how to make money online in India involves Data Entry Jobs. It might look or sound like a petty job at first but worth trying and earning a little extra money for greater benefits. There are multiple companies that need someone to organize their chunks of data. This is where data entry experts come into play, where you need excellent typing skills and work much faster than any other writer.

Well, I have tried my hands here as well while I had been in college, and it worked out pretty well for me to an entry-level. The best part of this job is you hardly need to work around 2-3 hours a day or even less. You can apply for work on multiple freelancing sites, Facebook groups, and other sites such as You simply need a laptop or system, good typing skills, and above all, a great internet connection.

It is perfect for all the college students or newbies currently struggling with money, similar to what I had started as well. As per the job status now required around the country, this might work like a charm. You can easily earn 1000-2000 every day, which is more than enough to get started with. Moreover, once you get the hang of it, your speed might improve and grow likewise.

online earning

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing:

The basic concept behind Affiliate Marketing is when you bring in customers for a particular product, and with each successful selling, you get a small part of the commission. We are here specifically talking about how you can simply start an Affiliate site, pick up a niche for promotion, and use different means to promote it. Well, a lot of bloggers use the Amazon Affiliate Program, where you can create links to products and add them to your site.

Since I have a great experience with writing content, I hopped on to a particular affiliate program and added it to my blog.  You can start with this too and write review-based content to generate more traffic. However, it is not just about creating content or starting blogs. Affiliate marketing involves simply any company you can think of and start their promotion by your own means.

I have come across multiple marketers who have been running small ads on Facebook by promoting these products and generating leads likewise. In addition, several brands have an active Affiliate program you can learn more about and get started with it.

All you need to look into is:

  • Proper research on a niche and then keywords.
  • Select a brandable and niche-specific domain.
  • Write the best quality and value-based review content on these products.
  • Get associated with good Affiliate products or start with the essential Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

Start a YouTube Channel:

You might have come across a lot of YouTube channels that you love and watch videos every day. Some of them post videos of animal compilation, best of, technology, courses, reviews, life, and much more. So there is an endless opportunity here when it comes to starting your channels on YouTube. As of now, it is one of the best ways to create online earning in India.

It might seem difficult at first when you think of creating and editing videos to put up. However, if you have skills such as animations, painting, playing an instrument, cooking, and multiple other things, you can record yourself without having to show your face and put it on YouTube.

An example that might blow your mind is that a 9-year-old YouTuber earned over 30 Million Dollars that equals around 200 crores only through YouTube, by simply unboxing and reviewing toys and games. If a kid can, then you too can.

Similarly, a few years back, I tried my hands at starting a YouTube channel based on Guides and tutorials of a particular niche. Unfortunately, it did not blow up instantly, but then immediately, but gives a decent amount of views.

However, it requires effort and massive patience. Since getting views on YouTube is not an easy task, if you are unique and consistent, then there is no stopping you from earning more than ever.

Simply pick anything that interests you and go for it. You can start with recording videos on your smartphone and edit them on it directly too. It’s now or never.

how to earn money online in India

Become a Virtual Assistant:

Do you have the skills to handle the clients and assist them in an organized manner? Well, you can add another option to your list on how to make money from home. Everything is online these days, and people need someone who can help manage their clients and other administrative work. If you have these skills, you can apply as a Virtual Assistant.

There are so many jobs available for this particular designation, and you can earn good money too. With the comfort of your home, you can just sit on your bed and handle all the work by just using your laptop. Often, your work might involve booking reservations for the clients or the boss, taking up calls, managing sheets, or anything. Also, if you are a newbie, there is no better way than to start here since there is a lot to learn through such experiences. As such companies do not necessarily look for experienced Virtual Assistants. 

All you need to have is good communications skills, time management, organizational skills, and much more that might come as an added advantage to you to get the job above anyone. For this, you can either apply for the job from the company’s website, create an account on freelancing sites, join Facebook groups, and, most importantly, create your social media presence.

Buying and Selling Domains:

This might be a little tricky if you do not have enough knowledge about how domains work. But don’t worry, you can always earn, we all have eventually. However, unlike other options to earn money online, this might require a small investment from you for buying domains.

Domain Marketplace is gigantic, and we only know a small part of it. Even if you have heard of buying domains, it could only be to create a blog or a portfolio website for yourself. But the biggest part comes when you can actually sell some valuable and brandable domains at a hefty price.

It all requires a little research on the market, psychological study on what people are looking for, and then picking out the right name. I personally have high hopes for this particular profession, I have had my share of experience as well simply to learn more about it. To cite an example of how profitable and valuable this particular option is, here it is. A domain name was sold for about $1,250,000 on 23rd June 2021. Similarly, earlier this year, was sold for around $3,150,000. Well, you see, these are some prominent high-quality single-word domain names that are higher in value.

If you feel you have done enough research, you can get over to some common domain registrars, such as Godaddy, Namecheap, etc., and get your domain name. Similarly, or selling, you can choose,, and others and earn good money.

how to make money online in India

Become an Influencer:

There are so many ways you can earn money online in India through social media platforms. If you have a talent that might be similar to others but also truly yours, you can give it a go. We are talking about having a skill set such as playing instruments, singing, acting, small skits, content creator in general, etc. You might have come across so many such influencers that create these small videos on any trending topic and gain millions of views.

Yet again, you need to post content consistently to gain more followers and reach more people. You can either reach more people based on your talent or simply for what message you are giving to people. 

For example, currently, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the best football players, holds the most Instagram followers and earns a whopping $40M only from Instagram annually, which is much more than what he earned as a player.

Apart from just writing content, I have recently started learning Guitar; in this course of time, I have been following many talented influencers who have been teaching and showcasing their talent of music through these social media platforms to gain recognition and earn money too.

After TikTok was banned in India, a lot of content creators have now shifted to Instagram and have gained millions of followers. As a result, multiple brands approach them to reach their audience, for which they are paid a hefty amount of money. Of course, you can become an influencer, too; it might take time and effort but surely worth trying.

Take your Business Online:

This method is especially for all those who already have a business offline and have this massive opportunity to take things up a notch. If you have a family business that has the scope to establish a store online, there is no better way to earn money online in India.

For example, if you have a Grocery store already operating on a large scale, you can simply start promoting it through online means and make your business bigger and better. You might have heard of Big Basket, which takes your order through its website or app and delivers it to your doorstep. You can do the same on a more personal level. All you need to do is simply create your own eCommerce store and list items. You can hire any developer for this and get started.

On a personal level, my father has recently started with an online grocery store in our city, and it has been going quite well. However, it might take time to get regular customers for you, too, and you can make it happen by spreading the word about your eCommerce store through social media or other local connections.

Once done, your business will run a lot better than you have had before. Similarly, if you have a company of readymade garments, you can choose to take it online and create your own store. If not, list them on Amazon, and they will do everything else for you, such as shipping and more. All these needs are proper planning and a start to take things forward.

earn money online India

Make money through Freelancing:

Apart from becoming a writer, you can also try out multiple other kinds of stuff when it comes to freelancing. It includes website designing, graphics design, social media marketing, creating videos, and much more. If you have a skill and are looking to get projects for it, you can make an account on multiple freelancing sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

Well, the most popular site that you should start with is Fiverr. It is easier to use and also operate. You can come across a lot of profiles with service for about $5 for multiple works. Some are graphic designers, writers, video editors, and similar other services. These sites are a great source to enhance your portfolio and bring in more reviews based on your work for future prospects.

Similarly, you can take things up a notch and get more high-end clients on Upwork, Freelancer, ProBlogger, etc. It all depends on your work profile, or even if you are starting, creating a good profile is the key to attracting more clients. Similarly, you need to learn to write a good cover letter based on the project description.

Become a Translator:

If you are a person who knows loads of different languages, this might be just the work for you. There are multiple sites on the web that are looking for people who can translate their documents for them. The translation can be for any language you might know, such as English to Hindi, Hindi to English, Tamil, Arabic, French, Spanish, etc. You do not need to be only fluent in speaking these languages but also writing them.

Also, you can get translation work directly from freelancing sites as well. There are tons of projects you can apply for and earn a good amount of money. In fact, if you have any degree or major for the language you are fluent in, this might help even more and help you stand out from others.

Also, when you apply for any translation work, there are multiple sites that might ask you for a test before you can actually be hired for the job or the project. I have myself landed on multiple such projects, and it was worth spending time on, especially when it comes to working on something you are good at.

how to make money from home

Use your Gaming Skills:

We might have already mentioned the part about how to earn money online in India through YouTube. But here, if you are a gamer, there are multiple platforms that can help you earn money from the comfort of your home. It does not matter whether you are a PC player, enjoy mobile gaming, or any other console. You can bring in more audience to your gameplay and also get famous with it.

One of the major platforms you can start with for free is YouTube. Some of the famous Gamers on YouTube are Dynamo, Hydra club, Mortal, etc. These Youtubers/Gamers have millions of followers on different platforms by just showing their gaming skills and putting up the video on the internet. Once people recognize you, you can start asking them for donations as a source and earn directly from YouTube.

I came across another brilliant platform: Twitch, where you stream your gaming skills and earn money through people who donate to you. There are loads of sponsors too that promote their product through these YouTube channels and pay a good amount to gamers. As a Gamer, if you have collected a good number of followers, you can easily earn above 50,000 INR per month as an average.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can I make money fast in India?

If you are really looking for ways to earn money fast in India, you can try out different sites that pay for solving Captcha, taking surveys, and other similar jobs that are pretty easy. You only need good typing skills so that you can solve captchas faster and make yourself a decent sum of money in a day.

2. How can I earn through Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links allow you to earn a commission anytime someone purchases the product from your links. There are multiple ways to do so. You can choose to start a blog and add the links in between your content.

Also, you can directly do it through Facebook ads and even Instagram ads. Furthermore, you can also try it by sending the links to your family and asking them to make any purchases on Amazon through your affiliate link.

3. How can I make $1000 a month blogging?

It is not difficult to earn a huge sum of money each month through Blogging, but also not that easy. It requires dedication and also patience to reach that level where you can earn $1000 per month. The points you need to take care of include:

  • A well-researched niche to get started with.
  • Prepare a list of keywords that you will target.
  • Create your website for free on WordPress and get a theme.
  • Set up basic plugins.
  • Write content consistently for a few months before you can start seeing actual results.

4. How can I earn money online without paying in India?

If you are looking to earn money online with minimal or zero investment, I would personally recommend starting your service on freelancing sites and getting projects from there. Also, as I had mentioned, you can try out data entry jobs, filling out surveys, virtual assistants, start a blog on for free, solve the captcha, and much more. 

All of these are the best ways you can make money online and do not need to spend a single penny. You just need an internet connection, a laptop, and time.

how to make money


Here are all the methods you can try on how to earn money online in India and make good use of it. You can escape your job and use your skills to earn a good amount of money. We are surely in the digital era, and there is no better way to go forward than setting up your business online or reaching more customers.

To add more to this, if you are in to earn money on long-term prospects, you can start investing as well into options such as Crypto and Stocks. It does require a good amount of research before you can understand the market and invest your money into it. For this, you can just download an app such as Zerodha and learn more from the lessons and classes provided on it. Other than that, if you have any further questions regarding any app, software, website, etc., that you are looking at to learn money, let us know in the comment section, and we might help you learn more about it.



My name is Sean and I started this project in 2019. It has been growing ever since. I am serial tech entrepreneur and a tech geek . My experience in blogging and technology helps me understand what type of content people are looking for and I intend to provide the information in the best possible way. I want to grow our online community in such a way that whenever someone thinks of technology, the first thing that comes to their mind, is Notion Ink.

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