10 Best Air Cooler Under 10000 In India – Ideal For Home & Office Use!

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Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler

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Summers are pathetic, aren’t they? And the increasing amount of global warming all over the country has hardly left any region unaffected by its variable cons. In recent years, we have noticed that the overall temperature of the entire country goes on increasing annually, leaving absolutely no chances of falling at a considerable rate. And this has made the necessity for air coolers and air conditioners quite reasonable for the entire population to live a comfortable life.

Today, air coolers and conditioners aren’t counted as commodities of comfort anymore. They have already made their entry into the world of necessities. Even if we do not consider air conditioners as a necessity for the lower-middle-class families, air coolers have definitely been an essential product for almost all the households and offices today. Thus, it becomes important to have a look at the best air coolers under 10000.

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There are innumerable models of air coolers that are prevailing in the market from various manufacturing companies. There is a high chance of you getting confused about which one is ideal according to your requirements. Well, this article has made this task simpler by compiling a list of the top 10 best air cooler under 10000 in India. Read on further below to know in detail about the products and their buying guide along with some FAQs.

Benefits of Air Coolers:

best air cooler under 10000

There are numerous advantages of air coolers, which must be taken into notice by interested buyers like you. Now, let us begin checking out all the benefits or pros of buying an air cooler. Air coolers are available at various price ranges. They can be moved from one place to another according to your requirements. These products do not require a stabilizer. 

Air coolers do not use any special kind of water for cooling. It just has to be normal water without any refrigerant. They cool down a larger area and are easier to use than any other air conditioning device. Air coolers are mostly environment friendly, and they produce fresh air. They consume comparatively less electricity and are available in various designs and appearances.

So, all these basic qualities of an air cooler make it an amazing product to buy. You can switch to cheaper as well as expensive models of these air coolers with portability features. Aren’t you impressed? Of course, you should be! Let us move ahead to have a look at the defined series of best air cooler 2021.

10 Best Air Coolers under 10000 Reviews

1. Crompton Ozone desert air cooler

This Ozone air cooler from Crompton is counted as one of the best cooler under 10000. It is fitted with ultra-modern technology with honeycomb cooling pads, which makes the entire cooling process effective. It has 88 liters of water capacity along with ice chambers for offering the ultimate cooking experience. 

Ozone air cooler is ideal for a room with up to 500 sq ft of size. There is a water level indicator and a water draining plug, which makes it easier for you to clean and refill the machine. This cooler has three-speed settings along with an auto-swing technology with an air throw up to 45 feet.

Moreover, the device has an air distance delivery of 4200-meter cube/ hour. Moreover, the cooler is portable with five castor wheels, which makes it efficient for you to move it wherever you want. 190 Watt of the powerful motor, along with protection from motor overload, makes it the most feasible device for regular use with comparatively less power consumption. Check its key features along with the pros and cons mentioned below.

Key Features:

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2.  Symphony diet 12T personal tower air cooler

Symphony diet is one of the slimmest cooling companions with a water capacity of 12 liters and low power consumption of 170 watts. It consists of a honeycomb cooling pad and a cool flow dispenser, which allows superior cooling to an area of almost 28 cubic meters. Apart from that, the modest design and the complete white color of the product can match any interior well.

This cooler also has multistage filters for air purification like allergy filter, bacteria filter, 2.5 PM wash filter, dust filter, and smell filter that deliver cool and fresh air. It is controlled by a dial knob control along with the swinging and cooling settings. The product is portable with a warranty period of a year, and it is the best cooler 2021.

The machine is fitted with a dura pump to offer longevity to the product. It also includes a water level indicator to inform you about the status of the tank. The caster wheels allow the machine to rotate for 360 degrees, making it extremely portable.

Key Features:

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3. Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler

One of the very reputed brands on electronic products, Bajaj continues to hold the charm in its products since long. The latest technology of Hexa-cool and the hexagonal design of this air cooler allow the free-flowing of the breeze to a larger area with low water consumption and make it stand out from the others as one of the best room cooler. This cooler has the technology for a typhoon blower, which ensures you faster cooling.

With a water storage capacity of 23 liters, the Bajaj Frio Personal Air Cooler also includes Ice chambers for an enhanced cooling atmosphere. This product is fitted with a commanding air throw and three-speed settings to control the flow according to your requirement.

The power consumption is also low as 140 watts. Make sure you don’t miss out on looking for the excellent features of this product. The device is ideal for a room size of up to 150 sq feet and can withstand the coastal climates as well.

Key Features:

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4. Crompton Optimus desert cooler

This cooler fulfills your basic demands like a very good air throw, automatic swinging for 4-way air deflection, and the presence of an ice chamber for cooler air experience. The device has also got an auto drain switch and rust-free protection, which makes it easier for cleaning.

There are five castor wheels attached to the base of the machine for easy movement. The throwing distance of air from this cooler is nearly around 55 feet. It is ideal for a room of up to 650 sq feet with air delivery of 5500-meter cube/hour. The device has a water storage capacity of 65 liters with an auto-fill technology. 

This Crompton Optimus cooler is compatible with inverters due to its less energy consumption of only 230 watts. The aerodynamic fan design and humidity controller are the other important considerable features for you apart from the higher range of air throw. The thermoplastic body has a large opening on the top, which enables you to clean the trays and blockages easily if any. Do check its pros and cons here. 

Key Features:

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5. Symphony Ice cube 27 personal room air cooler

Now we bring you one of the most viewed coolers of recent times, which have a capacity of 27 liters. This Symphony Ice cube personal room cooler provides efficient cooling with the help of cooling pads of honeycomb and dispenser for the cool flow of the air. You can buy this cooling device if you have a room size of 46 cubic meters.

You may get impressed with the multistage i-pure technology along with air purification filters to protect from bacteria, allergy, smell, and also dust present in this cooler, which ensures the delivery of fresh air. It comes in a white body suitable for any interior design.

Moreover, the pump connected is the dura-pump, which helps in the longevity of the pump. Besides, the panel has a dial knob for your easy controlling of the fan speed, swing, and cooling. With four castor wheels for easy portability, it consumes only 105 watts of energy. This air cooler has stood up to the list of the best cooler under 10000.

Key Features:

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6. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque air cooler

With basic features like mobility with castor wheels and four-way deflection of air, there’s more to this. This air cooler consumes 100 watts of power and thus is highly compatible with the inverter.

There are these honeycomb pads on three sides of the machine to provide you with an enhanced cooling effect. Along with the 36 liters of a water storage tank, the airflow of Bajaj Platini is amazing with the Hexa cool technology and hexagonal design that helps to consume minimum water and deliver maximum cooling, making it one of the best water cooler in India.

The speed control of Bajaj Platini is found to be in three ways along with 4-way deflection. It is ideal for those rooms which are up to 150 square feet. Platini includes a powerful throw of the air up to 70 feet due to the technology of Turbo Fan from every corner of the room.

Key Features:

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7. Crompton Aura Woodwool desert air cooler

With 45 feet of air throwing distance and air delivery of up to 4200 Meter cube/ hour, this Aura Woodwool is one of the best air cooler in 2021 with amazing attributes. The castor wheel makes it very easy to move the device from one room to another. Aura from Crompton is perfect for a room size of up to 500 sq ft.

The fiber body of this Crompton Aura desert air cooler machine helps to keep it rust-free without any watermarks presence. It has a water level indicator along with auto-fill technology and a plug for water drain for effortless cleaning. There are three-speed modes included in it which are high, low, and medium.

The water tank capacity is 55 liters with an ice chamber for additional cooling settings. There’s also an option of auto swing louvers with 4-way deflection of air. This cooler consumes less energy of only 190 watts and thus goes well with the inverter. The unique point about this product is the Wood wool type of cooling pad. Here are a few of its pros and cons along with some important features. 

Key Features:

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8. Bajaj PCF 25DLX Personal Air Cooler

Here comes once again, the royal of electronic brands – Bajaj. This personal air cooler has a storage capacity of 24 liters and is ideal for the room size of up to 150 sq feet. The air cooler is designed with the hexagonal technology and hexagonal design that produces maximum cooling benefits.

It takes in minimum water and produces maximum output with fantastic airflow and delivery to each corner of a medium-sized room. The device also includes the turbofan which ensures the perfect circulation of air around the room. The castor wheels let you conveniently move the cooler wherever you want.

Moreover, it also consists of the three side honeycomb cooling pads for efficient cooling. With a consumption of 80 watts of power, the product allows super air delivery. There is a three-speed control for a fan that assists the inflow of air according to the requirements of the user.  That’s why this is one of the best air cooler under 10000.

Key Features:

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9. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto CO-109

This air cooler from Maharaja Whiteline has a storage capacity of 45 liters and is apt for a hall or a large room of up to 600 sq feet. It is known for the heavy air delivery of 3100-meter cube/hour with up to 45 feet air throw distance to the considerable area and corners of the room. There are castor wheels for the easy mobility of the cooler.

You will definitely be surprised by the fact that it consists of an antibacterial tank along with a basic ice chamber. It has low noise operation and provides a chilled flow of air by consuming 165 watts of power. Besides, it has wood wool cooling pads for efficient cooling purposes.

The device from Maharaja Whiteline is fitted with Wood Wool cooling pads with a decent amount of water absorption. This Maharaja Atlanta is made up of a shock resistance body by preventing any type of current leakage.

Key Features:

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10. Kenstar Cyclone – 12

The cooler from Kenstar has a good air throw of up to 45 feet distance for a small or medium-sized room. It also has a four-way air deflection and a vertically motorized movement of the louver to support it.

Now what’s different in this cooler is the special wine wood wool evaporative pad which is rarely found in best cooler under 10000. Besides, this cooler consumes very little power and is quite economical. It has an air delivery of 2550 meter cube/hour that is ideal for 75 square meters of cooling area.

Moreover, the cooler cools the room uniformly fast and easily with a 50-liter water tank. The white colored frame and body only enhance simplicity. It includes three settings of controlling the air according to your needs.

Key Features:

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Factors to consider before buying an Air Cooler

best air cooler under 10000

Air coolers are a basic home appliance, but certain factors are important and need to be checked upon before making up your mind to buy an air cooler. The factors are mentioned below.

This is an important feature that every customer should consider in the first place. There are various cooling technologies like Hexa cooling and many other similar ones which can ensure the quality of cooling by an air cooler. Make sure you do not skip considering this factor while buying an air cooler.

This factor goes considerably for 90% of the customers. It’s quite obvious that they don’t want to waste too much electricity on a single electronic product at their home or office. Power consumption plays an important role not only for the customer but also for the environment. Saving energy should be the goal of every individual today. Any cooler between 160 to 220 watt is good.

It is the cooling pad that decides how the cooling quality is going to be. They soak in the water and allow the air to flow through them to cool the room. There are many types of cooling pads such as honeycomb, aspen, wood wool, etc. which ensure good quality cooling. They are even one-sided, two-sided, or three-sided. Aspen pads are composed of wood shavings and honeycombs of cellulose materials. Aspen pads require to be changed often than the other pads.

Some people need a large storage water tank, while others just prefer a smaller tank. For a small family of say, 3-4 members, tanks up to 30 liters would do fine but for bigger families, larger ones of 30-60 liters would be helpful. Using smaller tanks for heavy use in joint families adds pressure to the cooler as well as to you. Do not miss out on looking for this factor as various brands have tanks of various sizes.

This is one common factor to look after that can directly affect the cooling effect in the room. If you purchase an air cooler, which is smaller compared to your room, then it will underperform. Similarly, a big device in a small room will create more noise and will consume more electricity. Now you may wonder how to know the perfect air delivery or air throw distance of the air cooler as per your room. The answer is calculated with the formula below.

The length of the room/2 = the required air delivery distance of the cooler

If your house is in such an area where there are frequent power cuts, then you should always choose an air cooler that is fully compatible with the inverter. They also consume more than 50% less energy for the operation than the standard models.

High, low, and medium are the three types of speed control settings to control the power of the fan. These three modes will increase or reduce the air intensity according to your requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

As the air cooler sucks air and then cools it, it is suggested that you place the air cooler near a window or ventilation for better productivity and performance. 

Parts of the air coolers require very few cleaning, like the cooling pads and the outer body of the machine.

Multistage air purification is a set of three or four purification filters in the cooler. They are mostly bacteria filter, allergy filter, smell filter, etc. which enrich the freshness in the air and ensure quality air delivery. 

Yes, they work well in the air coolers, and you can directly feel the difference.

Final Verdict

Air coolers are an economical as well as a cost-effective way of living comfortably not only in the summer but also in any humid or dry climate you live in. They’re just the best alternatives for air conditioners. They come in varieties to match the best with your surroundings. All you need to do is to choose the best air cooler under 10000 that fits you and your home the most. Hopefully, our article has helped you in making the right decision and now you can wait for our next review while enjoying the cool breeze of the cooler.

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