10 Best Badminton Racket Under 1000 in India 2021

YONEX GR 303 Badminton

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Each badminton player presents out there delivers an outstanding performance based on their skills, quality of the badminton court, and badminton racket. In India, the demand for badminton players is increasing with every passing day. Due to this, there is also an exceptional demand for the badminton racket. Badminton is a game of two or four players, and the racket to play is not at all expensive. 

This article will be beneficial for those students who are just beginning their journey of badminton or if the racket of a professional player is broken. If you need to replace or buy a new badminton racket on a tight budget of 1000 INR, continue reading on. There are varieties of affordable and high-quality rackets present in the market. You will have to do a lot of research and hard work to find out that one specific racket that will suit the gameplay. 

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To select the best badminton racket under 1000, you need to consider several parameters like shape, size, the weight of the racket, flexibility, balance point, etc. Whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or an expert, selecting the wrong racket will disturb your game. Many professional players tune and scale their gaming skills.

But if you want to avoid all the research work, then you can select any of the best badminton racquet under 1000 according to your preferences. Also, if your budget is little high, then I will suggest you to read our article of Best badminton racket under 5000. So, before making an ultimate decision, read the below review carefully. 

The Best Badminton Racket Under 1000 – Single Piece

1. YONEX GR 303 Badminton

Yonex GR 303 badminton comes with a weight of fewer than 95 grams that makes it exceptionally lightweight. This is ideal for those who are a fan of fast-hitting and is a beginner or intermediate in this game. It comes with a good grip, and a firm holds on the handle of the product. 

We would recommend going 17 to 18 lb string, but you can adjust it up to 20 lbs. 17 lbs string tension is perfect in the racket for beginners who are just learning new techniques and ways to play the game. The frame is composed of aluminium and offers enhanced durability to the user.

Yonex is one of the best brands that have been in the badminton racket business for years. Thus you trust this brand with no second thought to it. The racket’s low torsion steel shaft allows it to swing in each direction during the game that is one of the best features of this racket.

Key Features:

2. Li-Ning Badminton Racket

Are you in search of the best badminton racket under 500 If yes, then Li-Ning is the best product you can come across. This model is composed of high tension and is available in green and blue colors. It comes with a medium weight of 86 to 89 grams. The product is composed of carbon fiber that ensures endurance to the user.

With an S2 grip size, the product also offers an optimum frame for dynamic performance. The high tensile slimming shaft delivers easy and quick handling with a firm grip during the high intensified shots. The slim shaft creates an aerodynamic shaft so that the user can provide sturdy shots.

Moreover, it is a high technological racket that allows any player to play defensive or offensive. The resistance of air of this product is best when the user swung it at the highest speed. In other words, it is one of the best rackets for novice and intermediate players.

Key Features:

3. Yonex ZR 100 Badminton Racquet

Are you an intermediate or an amateur player in the game of badminton and are looking for the best badminton racket under 1000? If the answer is positive, then Yonex ZR100 is the solution for you. This badminton racket is composed of an aluminum frame, thus making the product lightweight and easy to play.

It also comes with a low torsion steel shaft that increases the strength of the racket. It weighs only 95 to 99.9 grams that will enable you to play for an extended period with no feeling of exhaustion. The product also features an attractive logo on the strings that gives the racket an excellent appearance.

The aluminum frame and body can resist dust and any wear and tear even if you are regularly playing on the badminton court for a long time. The company also provides a headcover for the safe storage of the racket. The G4 grip with 3.5 inches size will not allow slipping the product suddenly from your hand when you are profusely sweating while playing the game.

Key Features:

4. Li-Ning XP 901-PV Badminton Racquet

It is a limited edition series from Li-Ning Company. This series is named after the ace badminton player PV Sindhu. The racket is composed of medium flexing material to create enhanced repulsion power with no loss of control. The entire product is made with carbon graphite material that is one of the best materials for manufacturing rackets.

The carbon graphite also provides better elasticity and high strength that is perfect for smashing. The product is 7 mm in diameter and comes in a slim design. The exclusive craftwork and the elastic material effectively balance out your performance. It also helps the user to deliver an anti-torsion and rebounding performance.

Besides, the isometric shape of this badminton racket assists in improving the intensity and the torque capacity of the product. It also enhances the stability and the striking power during any gameplay. The torque angle enables the user to deliver powerful smashes during an intensive play.

Key Features:

5. Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racquet

This best badminton racquet under 1000 is exceptionally light in weight, and the user can swing it with full control and accuracy. It is composed of aluminium material that holds the entire racket framework in place. The low torsion steel shaft allows every level of players to play with flexibility and ease.

The intermediate and beginner players mainly use it and enable them to swing with full force in the game. The product comes along with a headcover that protects it from wear and tear and dust when you are not using it. The isometric head shape allows the user to deliver a smash with full power.

This product gives an edge to the players who are yet to master the game’s ways, techniques, and rules. With 3.5 inches of G3 grip size and 95 to 99.9 grams of weight, this racket will firmly remain in your hand, even if you are playing for long hours and sweating profusely.

Key Features:

The Best Badminton Racket Under 1000 – Two Piece

6. Feroc Badminton Racket Set

Are you desperately searching for the best badminton racket under 500 for the age group above four years of age? If the answer is affirmative, then the Feroc badminton set is the answer to your search. This racket is perfect for the juniors and above four years of age. Beginners can peacefully use this product to learn the basics of the game.

Though not suitable for professional users, it is exceptionally durable. The entire shaft is composed of steel that is the secret behind its long-lasting endurance. The package comes in a set of two badminton rackets, one shuttle box containing three shuttles, and one badminton cover.

This lightweight racket comes with a firm grip that absorbs sweat and offers a strong grasp to the user while concentrating on learning the game rules. It comes in an attractive design and multicolor option of bright yellow, orange, blue, and red.

Key Features:

7. Silver’s Sb-414 Badminton Rackets

This SB 414 badminton racket offers the user to deliver swift and fast movements due to decreased resistance of the wind. You will get a sturdy and robust grip when you will hold this product. The easy to handle and ultra-light product makes it perfect for novice and intermediate players to use.

The entire frame is composed of steel that makes it durable. The rackets come with a cover that makes storage easier for the players. This practice set consists of the two most beautiful and best badminton racket under 500, with a beautiful combination of multicolor.

It is perfect for players under ten years of age and comes in a package of two. It is one of the most lightweight rackets with outstanding grip and no hassle of slippage. The professional level players can also use this product for their games. 

Key Features:

8. SUNLEY Phantom Badminton Racket

Roxon is one of the most renowned and trusted brands that are famous for providing the best badminton racket under 1000 to its customers. Innumerable sports persons implement their rackets in their tournament that reflects their brand name and reputation. This badminton racket is perfect for those matches to give you an edge over your competitor.

Lightweight and durable, this badminton racket will make sure minimum resistance of air and maximum repulsion for an unbelievable performance on the badminton court. It comes in a set of two badminton rackets with a six-piece nylon shuttle. The entire product is composed of steel that makes it exceptionally durable.

Moreover, the bright yellow color and Roxon’s logo imprinted on the string makes it one of the most attractive rackets in the lot present in the market. The product also includes a firm grip, isometric head shape and a good balance point to deliver optimal performance to the user.

Key Features:

9. Li-Ning XP Series Aluminum Badminton Racquet

This superlight best badminton racquet under 1000 helps the user in maintaining the resistance of the airflow and improving the speed of swinging the racket. This product is perfect for those players who like to execute intense gameplay. The racket comes with medium flexibility that remains sturdy.

The aluminium head of the Li-Ning XP series offers more resilience and elasticity to the user. It can also absorb sudden shock that is quite common in this game. The wide stringing space enhances the strength of the bounce of the shuttle. The durable aluminium shaft aids in manoeuvrability and is exceptionally lightweight.

The aluminum shaft also efficiently decreases the sports amplitude and helps the user avoid any injuries. Ideal for intermediate and novice players also features a low torsion steel component that improves its strength and endurance. With a weight of only 90 grams, this product helps the users to play for a long time with no exhaustion feeling.

Key Features:

10. Yonex Super Value Badminton Racquets

It is one of the best badminton racket under 1000, with a grip size of 4 ½ inches. If you mostly participate in the double player tournaments, then this combo of two rackets and two pieces of shuttlecock is perfect for you. Any intermediate and beginner level player can use this racket with no difficulty.

The set comes with a half cover that allows for easy storage and protection against dust and dirt when it is not in use. The entire body is composed of aluminum with only 95 to 100 grams of weight. Such a lightweight and grip size of G4 allows firm grip to the user, even while playing for hours.

The racket will be the right fit for both women and men to use in the court and will match your playing capacity. The product’s alpha blue color gives it an attractive appearance that will stand out from the other rackets in the badminton court. In other words, it delivers a controlling function at the molecular level with a robust and thinner structure.

Key Features:

Factors to look before purchasing the best badminton racket under 1000:

best badminton racquet under 1000

Now, after this detailed review of some of the best badminton racquet under 1000, now let us consider some of the below most vital factors before making a final decision. 

All the rackets are classified based on weight or balance. There are light, heavy, or evenly balanced rackets present in the market. Advanced and professional players who primarily play at the backside of the court need to apply enhanced power on the smashes.

Thus they need heavy products to play. Light members are mainly for those members who participate in a double game. They are quick to move in the defensive positions and offer immense flexibility to the user. Even balanced rackets are for those players who are just beginning to learn the game and require maneuverability in their game. 

Professional players need heavy rackets for full power and grip. On the other hand, intermediate or novice players can select lightweight rackets for more control. There are a total of four categories of products, but the most popular one is 3U with 85 gm weight and 4U with 80 to 95 gm of weight. Expert singles prefer 3U while double players go for 4U products. 

If you are already a professional player who invests hours of playing, then a towel grip is perfect for you. It absorbs the sweat quickly and is softer. However, towel grips need to be replaced often due to bacteria and germs accumulation. Another type is a synthetic grip that is less messy and slick.

But they are ideal for the beginners and intermediates as it includes bad ability to absorb sweat. There are four sizes of grips available. Larger grips are perfect for those players who want to create more power by a tighter grasp. On the contrary, the players who play defensive prefer small grips for enhanced flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A lightweight racket with high flexibility and a perfect hand grip is ideal for an amateur. But at first, you will be required to identify your playing style and, according to that, select the racket. You can also choose something with medium stiffness and even balance if you are starting to play the game.

Usually, a player selects a racket with a power of 27 lbs spring with good physical strength. On the other hand, for the average player, 22 lbs should be perfect. Loosely fitted strings will make the racket even more bouncy.

A racket that comes with an enormous head and generates enough power to smash is perfect while playing smashing. If a player uses 89 grams with lbs of tension, then it will deliver the best outcome possible.

Final Verdict

With the help of our extensive analysis and research, we have enlisted the above best badminton racket under 1000. But remember nobody can refer you to the exact product that will suit you while playing this outstanding sport. Everyone has different parameters and preferences for grading a perfect badminton racket.

You need to invest a high amount of time while selecting this product as it will affect your performance. Thus before entering the world of badminton, keep in mind the above reviews and buying guide to choose your best possible racket. Do not waste money on unnecessary products or other features. So that is all for today. Happy Playing!

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