5 Best cycles under 5000 in India (For Teenagers)

Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle

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We all are caught in the rat race of this fast-paced life. With no time to even take a breath and  taking time out for a workout is nearly impossible. But sometimes our health takes a toll and workout becomes mandatory. Cycling is one of the most efficient and eco greenways to remain fit and discover the world around you. Owing a cycle is a pleasant experience for adults, teenagers, and kids.

A cycle with a decent frame, simple wheels, and a drive train is ideal for a ride of a minimum of 30 minutes on the road. Cycling is low maintenance and healthy activity that can be enjoyed by any age, especially teenagers. Most youths prefer cycles in place of bikes and cars to avoid traffic and thus save the sustainable resources of the Earth. It is the best way to enjoy nature’s beauty and get some fresh air.

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There are lots of cycles that are created for a particular purpose, and choosing the perfect one among them can be a dizzying task. To make your buying decision more convenient and easier, we have curated a list of the best cycles under 5000. Without much delay, let’s jump into the significant section of the article below.

Advantages of cycling

best cycle under 5000

Regular cycling can improve both mental and physical health and decreases the chances of many health difficulties. Below are some advantages of cycling to control distinct health problems.

  • Controls Cardiovascular Diseases: Cycling can control various cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and many more. It also improves and stimulates blood circulation in the lungs and heart, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This habit also makes the heart muscles strong, lowers the resting pulse and fat levels in the blood vessels. According to research, it is seen that people who use a cycle for daily transportation have more improved lung function than car commuters.
  • Reduces Diabetes: Nowadays, diabetes has become a familiar and serious disease to be a concern. The absence of any physical activity is the primary cause of this. But it is found that people doing regular 30 minutes of cycling have almost 39% fewer chances of diabetes.
  • Mental Illness: Regular cycling can also reduce various mental conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression. This is because of the effects of the exercise because of cycling and enjoyment for it.
  • Weight control and obesity: Cycling enhances the body’s metabolic rate, burns the body fat, builds muscles, and thus reduces the weight. You can alter the intensity and timing of cycling to build it up slowly. A person can lose up to 1200 KJ of energy each hour through cycling.
  • Arthritis and Bone Injuries: Cycling enhances the coordination, strength, and balance of the body. It also assists in preventing fractures and falls. If you have Osteoarthritis, then cycling is a perfect exercise for your joints.

Best Cycles Under 5000 Reviews

1. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle

The tire of Fazer 24T is 24 inches wide, which is enough to get a good grip on the road. Also, the thickness will prevent a puncture while riding on your cycle. Any kid over 11 years of age can ride this cycle under 5000 skillfully due to 18 inches frame size. Any rider above four feet of height can ride this vehicle without difficulty.

The double brake will offer you a strong command on your cycle while riding on full speed. If anything suddenly comes in front of the cycle, then the brakes will efficiently stop without hurting the rider. The bike has got 18 settings for speed that will allow you to travel even long distances within a short time.

This cycle is also perfect for riding on bumpy and rough roads due to its double suspensions. The suspensions will keep you stuck to your seats, even riding on a rocky area. Now it also includes anti-skid pedals that will help you to get a good grip on the cycle without any slipperiness.

Key Features:

2. Cyclo India TATA Stryder Harris Cycle

This cycle from Cyclo India comes in a 75% installation facility. The rest needs to be installed with the help of the manual guide provided with the cycle. It is ideal for 7 to 9 years of kids with 4 to 5 feet of height. The tube-based tire of this vehicle is also thick enough to prevent any kind of puncture. It has 20 inches thick that will also help you get a good grip on the road while riding at full speed.

Moreover, the disc brake will allow you to suddenly stop the bike if anyone comes in front suddenly. A 14-inch steel frame makes the cycle extremely lightweight to carry and its single-speed setting will allow you to travel to a long-distance at a steady pace. Moreover, it does not contain any gear to change the speed settings.This vibrant two-wheeler is one of the best bicycles under 5000 with an elegant and classy design. The cycle is fitted with all the modern technologies. A plastic guard, chain wheelset, and steel crank can be considered the best masterpiece from Stryder.

Key Features:

3. Hero Blast 16T Single Speed Cycle

This single-speed cycle from Hero is ideal for kids from 5 to 8 years of age. This is the best-geared cycle for the children who are beginning their cycling lessons as it is fitted with training wheels. It also contains other security features like chain cover and mud flaps. To pull the attention of the children, it is also designed with exciting stickers and graphics.

The steel made frame is exceptionally lightweight, making it convenient for the kids to pedal without applying much pressure on them. The seat can be adjusted at different stages as your baby tends to grow with age. The stem connecting the mainframe to the tires is thick enough to absorb the road’s shocks and vibrations.

The wire brakes stop the cycle at a moderate speed so that there is not abrupt action that might let your kid fall out of disbalance. As this cycle is meant for the children, thus no gear set is present that can enhance the complications on the road. The wide tires offer sufficient stability and more surface area even in the rough terrains.

Key Features:

4. Omobikes 1.0 Light weight Hybrid Cycle

Stand out in the crowd with this stylish gear cycle that has a price below 5000. The trendy and colorful cycle is lightweight, with only 12.9 kg of weight. The hybrid cycle is ideal for 12 to 35 age group people. The adjustable seat makes it convenient to ride with a height of 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet.

The high tensile frame consists of steel and is tested with 95 kgs weight. The cycle is also well-protected with an anti-rust coating and double alloy rims that make it suitable to use even in the rainy seasons. The company is now offering two years of guarantee on the frame.

This hybrid bike is ideal for comfortable riding, even in the rough terrains. The front and rear cantilever brakes will never miss out on any chance to stop the vehicle at one chance if anything comes suddenly in front of you. With a steel frame and a carbon steel body, it is one of the sturdiest models of bikes on this list.

Key Features:

5. Hero Fashion 26T Single Speed Cycle

This is one of the best bicycles in India under 5000, which is made up of steel frames to provide rigidity to the entire cycle. It is an ideal bike for the ladies as the dual pipe is U shaped for easy seat accessibility without any difficulty. A carrying basket is also present in the front to store any goods of their bags.

The whistles and bells are also included in this model, along with the light reflectors. The saddle seat is spring-loaded, making it comfortable to hop on even when riding on a bumpy road. The bike is made up of rigid rear and front suspensions. There are V rear and front brakes that will stop the cycle at one go from low to medium speed.

It has a single chain for speed setting and sprocket setup without any gear. For extra safety, a chain guard is also fitted to prevent the clothes from being tangled in the chain. The cycle contains 25 inches wheels made up of alloy rims. A rider with a minimum height of 5 feet 4 inches can ride this bike, which makes it ideal for girls of 12 and above years of age.

Key Features:

Factors to consider before buying The Best Cycles under 5000

best cycle under 5000

Buying a cycle for your kid can be a tough decision. But if you consider the below factors before making a final decision for purchasing the cycle, then you will find nothing but the best for them.

The requirement of a cyclist is one of the main criteria for choosing a cycle. If you are thinking about casual rides for exercise near your home’s vicinity, then hybrid cycles are ideal for you. Hybrid cycles are also perfect for commuting to school, work, or college. They are comparatively lighter than the MTBs and are more comfortable than the Road cycles. For long-distance rides or racing, you will need an endurance bike like a road one. But if you are a more mountainous person and like riding off on the trails, then mountain bikes will be perfect for you.

Cycles are classified into three types. They are described as below:

  • MTB or Mountain Bikes: MTBs are composed of thick tires and are built for mountain trails, rough surfaces, off-road paths, and many more. They include a flat handlebar and front suspension to handle the rough terrain. These are the first preference of any teen over the hybrid ones due to a better grip.
  • Road Cycles: These bicycles are made of super-slick tires and drop handlebars which are meant for well paved and smooth roads. The frame is intended for efficiency and speed that is aerodynamically perfect. They are extremely lightweight in design.
  • Hybrid Cycles: Hybrid cycles are the cross over road and mountain bikes. They include comfortable padded saddles, straight handlebars, and thinner tires. They also come in a model with raised handlebars and help to remain in an upright position while you are riding it. Hybrid cycles are perfect for beginners and can be used in various terrains.

The inseam length and height of the rider will assist you in deciding the best cycle under 5000. The correct frame size will decrease the injury chances and assists you in riding efficiently.

  • Riding Conditions: Get a closer look at the rods on which you are going to go cycling regularly. Look out for any type of decline or steep climb. Do you live in a hilly or mountain area? Or do your localities have too many bridges to commute on? If yes, then you should go for a gear cycle price below 5000. If there are too many patch roads or potholes are present on your way home, then it is best to purchase a bicycle with a front suspension.
  • Other Additional Features: Other additional features to look for before buying a cycle are:
    • Brakes: Disc brakes do not mean they include better braking. Many cycles do not implement disc brakes but perform according to the discs.
    • Frame: Lighter frames offer better performance to the rider. The frames are made with carbon fiber, and aluminum alloy is usually lighter than the other frames.
    • Tires: Higher quality tires provide better grip and rolling resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The cycle for the teen should include high-quality brakes. The caliber and the V brakes are the best options for the cycles.

If your kid is just a beginner and does not know how to balance the cycle, they might have a hard time controlling the vehicle without training wheels. Thus it is better to train them first with these types of wheels in the cycle.

Yes, you need to oil your cycle chain regularly so that you won’t get stuck while riding on full force on your cycle. This will also keep it rustproof.

Final Verdict

We hope this write up of ours has helped you to select the right kind of bikes according to your needs. So which cycle have you bought for your teenager? Do share the review of the cycle and your opinion in the section below. We will be right back with another review next week. Till then, stay tuned for this space.

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