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10 Best Earphones Under 1000 In India 2022 - Notionink

10 Best Earphones Under 1000 In India 2022

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Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

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If you love listening to good music most of your time, then a pair of earphones is a must buy in your gadget kitty. For them living without earphones is nearly impossible. Whether you are traveling alone to somewhere or feeling low, you always need your earphones for snooping into some music.

Due to our busy and hectic schedule, earphones have become an integral part of our lives. Headphones and earphones have now become one of the most vital tools to make the top use of the medium that you are planning to listen to. Earphones come in different budgets and sizes. Some offer good bass, some balance of the audio, and some deliver loud and neutral audio.

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There are lots of options for earphones to choose from, which can even make you more confused. Finding the best earphones is a daunting task and requires a lot of research work. Well, we have done all the research work and made a list of the finest 10 best earphones under 1000 INR. So, read further to know about the product in detail.

10 Best Earphones Under 1000 Reviews

1. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones

C100Sl from JBL is a tiny and super light earphone with the plastic housings. It is comfortable for three types of ear tips to give you the most satisfying and contended listening experience, even for a longer duration. The angular tips for the ear along, with round design, make this earphone totally unique.

The 1.2-meter cable of C100Sl is made up of rubberized material that prevents any tangling issues and can be easily rolled. The earphones have legendary bass due to 9mm powerful drivers and punchy superior sound with high tech chips.

Whatever you listen to, be it pop, symphony, ballad, or hip hop, this headset will always offer you clear, deep, and advanced sound quality. It also includes a universal mic with just one button facility that helps the user to manage and answer the calls.

Moreover, JBL C100SI In-Ear deep bass headphones include a 3.5 mm gold plated plug that can be connected with any 3.5 mm standard jack of a phone or tablet. The earphone is composed of high-quality plastic materials that make it durable and sturdy. Check below some of its best features along with the pros and cons.

Key Features:

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2.  Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

The design of CX 180 is subtle and royal. The sound of this headphone is perfect for bass-heavy and EDM songs. The earphone produce good lows and highs with crisp and clear vocals and great bass.

It comes with a 1.2-meter long cord and does not include the buttons for remote control and microphone. They are both present at the tail of the 3.5 mm aux plug. The design of the earphone is in such a way that it purifies the surrounding noise of the environment.

The headphones are covered and softly padded with memory foam to give you a soothing listening experience even for a longer duration. Sennheiser CX 180 is one of the best earphones under 1000 that offers the perfectly balanced sound to the users. It is sturdy, durable, and is extremely comfortable to wear.

There are three types of ear sizes for all types of users (small, medium, and large). It offers the right combination of bass and treble for your favorite music. Have a look at its below highlighted features.

Key Features:

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3. Sony MDR-EX150AP In-Ear Headphones with Mic

If you want an earphone with high clarity and extra bass, then this model from Sony is an ideal one for you. You can listen to this beauty even playing any sport or doing a workout as it has a very durable and sturdy design. EX150AP also comes with a built-in microphone that allows taking important calls almost anywhere.

The earphone owns a metallic finish design and offers six premium colors to the user to select from. A 3.5 mm audio jack in L shape is supplied with this earphone to use it with mobile phones and tablets.

There are three types of ear tips for the user with different ear sizes that make your journey of listening to music extremely comfortable even for longer hours. It produces punchy bass sound and pleasant and clear treble for any kind of music. The 9mm Neodymium driver helps to produce louder and crispier music.

This earphone under 1000 INR is also very lightweight to provide music mobility to the users. Securely fitted and comfortable silicone earbuds are designed along with EX150AP for long music hours.

Key Features:

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4. Realme Buds 2 with Mic for Android Smartphones

Buds 2 from Realme offers the right value for the money of the users with well-built earphones. The finish and fit of this headphone are outstanding, with special attention that is given to the small details. The cable keeps it refrains from tangling and thus offers durability.

The housing of this metallic earpiece is magnetic and sticks with each other without any problem. There is also a 3.5 mm jack with gold plating. The Buds 2 contains a single 11.2 mm driver to present the best output of the sound.

Moreover, Realme Buds 2 with Mic for Android Smartphones also comes with inline features for remote control along with three buttons and a mic. The voice clarity of the microphone is also good and without distortion. The three buttons assist in the control of volume and answering or making voice calls. The buttons are a bit hard but run efficiently.

The black and golden color combination of this earpiece makes it the most stylish, attractive, and best earphones under 1000 with a mic in India. It comes with a cable organizer and a braided cable, which makes it easy to organize. Also, the bass sound is quite punchy and aggressive.

Key Features:

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5. Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones

This earphone from Xiaomi is remarkably well built. The precision of the machine cut is evident from the very first look. The design is very appealing and minimal to the eyes. The twin driver earpiece has a metallic chamber in the case design where the drivers for the speakers are placed. This creates a reverberating and amplified effect of the sound.

The sound quality of this headphone is quite pleasant to the ears due to pronounced bass and treble that well matches with the sound spectrum quite appropriately. This is one of the top 10 earphones under 1000 with a separate bass note drivers followed by the treble driver and normal vocal.

Mi Dual Driver in-Ear Earphones delivers the purest form of bass in combination with the clear vocals, which enhance the overall music experience tenfold. There is also an L shaped 90-degree gold plated connector that offers the minimum resistance to the signals. The remote controls and inbuilt microphones are also present in this earphone. There are two individual rockers for volume and answering or rejecting the voice calls. The braided and Kevlar coated cable gives a sturdy and durable longing to the headphones. Do check below its pros and cons.

Key Features:

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6. Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones

MDR-AS210 from Sony is an actively styled earphone who wants to have a sports-related earpiece during their workout or playing sessions. It is built to meet the expectation of fitness enthusiasts. The ear clip is adjustable and is very comfortable and extremely lightweight to wear.

It also provides a safe grip around the earphones that remains in exact position with intense movements like climbing or running. The sound flows in and out of the earpiece through the backside of the ear cups to deliver nothing and natural sound experience.

There is a 1.2-meter serrated long cord that helps you to keep the device in place without any difficulty and tangle. It also includes a 13.5 mm driver that lets out a clear and loud output of the sound without any disturbance even when at maximum volume.

Moreover, the frequency range of 17 to 22000 Hz delivers the low to high notes of the audio spectrum creating an immersive experience for the user. The bass is very rich in sound that offers beats with extra punch. The headphones are water resistance also, so that will make you tension free even when you are sweating during your activities.

Key Features:

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7. 1MORE Piston Fit Earphones with MIC-Pink

The earpiece is made up of a lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it one of the best earphones in India under 1000. The Piston Fit contains an aluminum casting with the textured surface of the CD lining that makes this masterpiece even more beautiful.

The headphone is designed in a slightly oblique angle so that it can fit naturally inside the ear. This also helps to create passive cancellation of noise effects for smooth music lessening sessions. Now coming to the sound quality, this headphone from 1MORE is nicely balanced between detail mids and clear highs.

The bass quality is well focused and delivers clear vocals and low-end punches. It also produces high-quality neat vocals and surrounds sound. The headphone jack is gold plated that is protected by the padding. Due to these padding, you can listen to your favorite music even for a long time.

Furthermore, the 1MORE headphones are auto-tuned in the factory to present to you the studio-quality experience. You can increase the volume up to 70%, and still, it will not hurt your eardrums. The in-built microphone operates to terminate the background noises while attending the voice calls. 

Key Features:

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8. House of Marley Smile Jamaica in-Ear Headphones

House of Marley is a renowned international brand that specializes in the budgeted earphones. Smile Jamaica is an in-ear style headphone that is composed of eco-friendly materials like wood.

The casing of the earpiece is composed of bamboo and is coated with an antifungal spray layer that makes this product durable and sturdy. The housing is made up of pure wood that has made it one of the best in-ear headphones under 1000.

The headphones have also received certification from the Forest Stewardship Council of the USA. The fabric-covered cord cable is of high quality and can withstand anything that comes to it. It includes 8 mm speaker drivers that also have a frequency range of 20 to 20000 Hz.

Smile Jamaica has a bass that delivers an extra oomph, which you can hear when listening to hip hop or EDM music. The high and mid are decently clean and crisp. But sometimes the bass is so powerful that it overpowers the high notes.

The wood housing in and around the speaker drivers reduces the reverberation effect when it is playing heavy bass music. There is an inline remote that includes a single button to answer and reject the voice calls. This button also performs as a control for the music players that can play or pause the recent track that you are listening to while using an Android phone. Here are its pros and cons mentioned below.

Key Features:

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9. Sony MDR-EX15AP In-Ear Stereo Headphones

Sony EX15AP consists of an inline Microphone that helps the people to switch from music to call in one go without any difficulty. You can feel the thump of the bass with 9 mm Neodymium drivers for a balanced and powerful sound. It also offers clarity of midrange and treble.

This headphone is the only best budget earphones in India that comes with a Smart Key application to simplify the life of the user. You can personalize the earphone by configuring the mic button. The user can select from volume or track control functions. Just download the app from the Play Store and follow the simple guidelines to set the functions from the mic button.

The Sony MDR-EX15AP In-Ear Stereo Headphone is extremely lightweight to listen for long hours without any problem and offers the ultimate music mobility. The package with 3 soft silicone earpieces to enjoy stable and comfortable music for different ear sizes. There is a wire manager to prevent the cord from getting tangled.

With more than 4 color options to choose from, you can choose the one that will perfectly suit you. The frequency range of 8 to 22000 Hz assists in hearing every detail of the track.

Key Features:

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10. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK in-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technical is a Japanese company that has been manufacturing the best bass earphones under 1000 years. The length of the cable of this earphone is nearly about 1.2 meters. The 3.5 mm gold plated audio jack boosts the quality of the sound. The earphone is bent at a right angle, which makes this device easy to use with tablets and mobile phones.

There is no inbuilt microphone in this earphone, still, its features are commendable in this price range. It includes a frequency of 20 to 25000 Hz for better output of the sound. It delivers quite clear vocals and sound clarity.

The earphone comes with 8.5 mm speakers that ensure a good quality sound experience. It is equipped with acoustic resolution so that the audio quality that reaches the user is detailed, powerful, and enriched with depth.

Key Features:

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How to Choose the Best Earphones Under 1000

best earphones under 1000

Now in this section, we are going to tell you in detail about the factors that should be considered before buying the best earphones with mic under 1000. Let us begin.

With this technology present in an earphone, you will be able to hear only the soothing music from the earpieces. All the disturbing and unwanted sounds will be terminated through a special circuit in the device. 

People now use the earphones more during workout or jogging. Here sweat can enter the device and damage them. Thus it is better to choose water and sweatproof headphones if you are an athlete, sportsperson, or fitness freak.

Always go for that model of highly portable earphones. As the music device is lightweight, you can take it with you almost anywhere. But, remember that the earpieces should comfortably fit in your ears. They should not make you feel irritated in any situation.

Opt for the best sound quality headphones that deliver pleasant music without any distortions. Look for the bass and treble quality before buying the model. Check if you can hear the music by keeping the music at or below 85 dB.

The earphone you choose should be compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones. Connectivity options should always be checked before finalizing the earpieces.

It is one of the most important factors to consider before making a final decision for buying. The impedance of the earphones that you are buying should match the impedance of the equipment from which you will be playing your music. This will deliver the best outcome of the sound. 

The frequency response of an earphone is the maximum range where the device can produce a sound. The wider the frequency response range, the better it will be to experience various layers of the sound. 

The unit of earphone sensitivity is expressed in decibels in dB. The sensitivity level specifies how effectively the earpiece can convert an electrical signal into a perceptible and clear sound. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Most of the earphones come with an inbuilt microphone for responding to the calls. It assists in communicating with the people on the other side of the call without any disturbances from the noise.

The longevity of the earphones depends on the usage. It is also dependent on the material and internal circuits. Generally, with proper care and usage, it can last up to 1 to 2 years.

No, earphones do not hurt hearing. As they are placed near the eardrums, they can cause a temporary hearing loss when played on high volume. But if you use them in moderate volume settings, then it will not cause any problem in hearing.

Final Verdict

Now that you are at the end of this article, we hope that you can pick up the best earphones under 1000 in India. We have prepared the above list keeping the necessity of every music lover in mind. Just order the most suitable one according to your requirements, update your playlist and enjoy your favorite music at best.

Do not forget to comment below if you have any queries or suggestions!

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