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10 Best Guitar Under 5000 In India 2022 - Notionink

10 Best Guitar Under 5000 In India 2022

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Juarez Acoustic Guitar

Best Features :

There is no particular age for learning and playing guitar. Any age people can go for it. However, selecting the right guitar with unique features can be a bit intimidating, especially when there are multiple choices. No matter if you are just a beginner or experienced, with dedication and a perfect guitar model, you will develop the skills slowly and become a great player. 

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Thus if you are a musician and are interested in making good music, then the only talent will not work; you will also need a high-quality musical instrument for that. Guitar with high durability, quality, and easiness is usually famous among users. There are various types of guitars, like Bass, Electric, and Acoustic. The guitars are also easy to carry around with no problem at all.

Guitars can produce sound by vibration transmission of the strings in the air. Thus the quality of the guitar is equally significant as it resonates with the sound wave through them. So if you are starting the journey of a guitar professional, we would recommend going for an instrument under the 5000 INR budget. With our expert guide’s knowledge, we have enlisted the ten best guitar under 5000 for you. So with no further delay, continue to read the review to know more about them in detail.

10 Best Guitar Under 5000:

1. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

This guitar from Kadence is ideal for the amateurs that combine affordability along with great design and features to deliver the package to the users. Made from Sprucewood material, this acoustic guitar offers superior sound effects compared to other guitar models present in this sector.

The strings are made with stainless steel so that the users can compose beautiful music in it with many more years to come. You can also carry this beautiful and small cutaway design with ease. With 39 inches of length, any age group, or gender, people can use this instrument. 

No matter whether you are strumming or fingerpicking, this medium size guitar is perfect for any playing. The main advantage of this frontier series from Kadence is that the model comes with a digital tuner to adjust the instrument according to your preference. 

Moreover, the company also provides straps, cases, foldable stands, picks, and strings too. The model’s cutaway shape allows the user to perform higher frets if you like to do a lot of fingerwork with it. The spruce wood allows the guitar to vibrate along with the strings. It delivers an outstanding tone, bases, and trebles that are full and low but goes more towards the middle range. That’s why this comes first in our list of best acoustic guitar in india under 5000.

Key Features:

2. Juarez Acoustic Guitar

Juarez is a 38-inch guitar with superior quality, impeccable style, and added features. The neck of the instrument is composed of linden wood that gives it a glossy appearance. There are a total of 18 frets that come with even space to play your music flawlessly. The lower portion of India’s best acoustic guitar under 5000 consists of enough space to play the high notes smoothly.

The bridge of the guitar consists of plastic. The instrument allows the user to adjust the string height due to its lift mechanism. The fingerboard is composed of a combination of Linden and Ebony wood. The entire body includes linden wood that is the most preferred material for the guitars.

The nylon strings allow the user to play the music quicker, particularly for the children or beginners. There is no need to buy the accessories separately as it comes with strap, strings, pick, and a bag to carry it anywhere you like. The actionable strings decrease the hand fatigue without putting any strain on the fingers. All the tuning pegs of this guitar under 5000 budget provide easy and smooth adjustments to set the instrument’s tune. 

Key Features:

3. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar with Truss Rod

This best guitar under 5000 from Kadence includes a truss rod, a guitar, strap, picks, and an extra set of strings. It offers superb sound quality along with mind-blowing features. This instrument is ideal for both beginners and professionals. The 39-inch guitar is also easy to carry and play anywhere you want.

The linden wood of the guitar allows high fidelity resonance due to the hollow chamber. The rosewood fretboard gives outstanding sound capabilities to cover the melodic fronts of the user. This Kadence series comes with an option of 6 colors to choose from. The finger wood and the bridge are composed of Rosewood.

The top or neck of the instrument consists of spruce wood. This wood is also famous for making the body of the guitar. It comes with 23 frets to offer any sound with ease. The equipment comes with only 2.5 kg of weight so that you can carry it on your shoulder from one place to another.

Key Features:

4. JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

The JRZ38C is one of the most innovative products from Juarez crafted with the top quality materials. It includes a comfortable height of the strings along with the tuning pegs. The cutaway shape of the instrument offers visual perception. The shape also assists in handling and holding the device with ease. 

The solid wood design offers rich and smooth sound effects for any genre of music. To give your fingers a soothing effect, the low action strings are ideal for building the hand strength. The instrument also comes with an additional pair of strings for tension-free practicing time.

A good quality tuning peg is vital for the guitar’s performance. The pegs are easy and smooth to tune the guitar. This best guitar for beginners india offers an excellent musical experience to all its users. The neck section, fingerboard, and back section are composed of the linden wood and the plastic bridge portion.

Moreover, the nylon strings offer durability even with hours of playing. It comes with 18 frets to deliver superb looks with innovative design and good quality audio. The guitar comes in a strings package, a bag, a strap, and a pick along with the main unit.  

Key Features:

5. Jixing JXNG-BLK-C Acoustic Guitar

If you want to have a crisp audio quality and jinxing experience with music, then it is time that you should go for this guitar under 5000 budget from Jixing. With only 1.5 kg of weight, you can carry it wherever you like. The fingerboard is composed of linden wood, while on the other hand, the fretboard is composed of maple wood.

This guitar consists of 18 frets that are perfect for those who are beginning to take lessons or for the professionals also. The different types of woods have an impact on the overall production of the tone in this instrument. The linden wood in the fingerboard creates a soothing resonating tone.

The bridge is another significant component from both sound and functionality perspective. It also delivers a plastic bridge that is extremely durable and will sustain the test of time. It is one of the best guitars in india that comes in a package of a bag, additional strings, three picks, and a strap.

The belt and the case allow portability, while the pick assists in delivering a precise and accurate sound. The maple wood also produces a well-defined sound that is mostly absent in the other guitars.

Key Features:

6. Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

Juarez is undoubtedly one of the best guitar for beginners India that offers exclusive style and outstanding durability and sound quality. The attractive design comes with high-quality material to deliver mind-blowing music. Both amateurs and professionals can use this guitar for learning their lessons.

The guitar includes a comfortable height of the strings, a solid wooden body, and top and smooth pegs for tuning. The smooth glossy finished body comes with 18 frets and strings of stainless steel. The top comes with smooth curves that promote comfort to the user while they are playing.

This 38 inches guitar is a must buy from the Juarez house that is highly attractive to look at. You do not need to purchase any extra accessories from outside as it already comes in a package of 2 picks, a bag, strap, and additional strings. 

Further, the neck, back, fingerboard, and sides are composed of linden wood to deliver crisp sound to the user. The plastic bridge and the nylon strings offer exceptional durability even after years of playing. With 18 frets, you can create music of any genre with no difficulty.

Key Features:

7. Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar

The Yamaha F280 is one of India’s best acoustic guitar in india under 5000 that offers perfect tone and quality at a reasonable price. The product has passed through several layers of checking procedures and strict inspections for quality. Thus Yamaha guitars always deliver durability and stability to music lovers.

It comes with a short scale length to offer comfort to the fingertips of the user. The slick neck also makes it easier for you to operate the device with no compromise in the quality. This beauty is composed of the rosewood fingerboard and spruce top. Both are blended to form a thick lacquer finish.

As a result, the guitar offers a warm, refined, and responsive sound while you are playing melodious music in it. This stainless steel guitar is ideal for the novices for their first playing experience with the professional’s knowledge. It will help to discover a quality and clear tone.

Key Features:

8. Ibanez MD39C-NT Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez has quite a name in the electric guitar section. But now the brand has also come up with their perfect MD39C-NT guitar under 5000 INR with unique features like dreadnought style and renewable tonewoods. This guitar is exceptionally spontaneous and consists of high-quality materials.

Tonewoods are much lighter than the Mahogany, which ultimately makes the entire product lightweight and portable. The added benefit of buying Ibanez guitars is that it comes with bridge pins that can help you to change the damaged strings easily and quickly.

The pin bulb is easy to hold. Also, the pin is tapered towards the end that makes it stronger to carry it in an ideal position. The Ibanez is a medium-range guitar with a combination of Okoumne to deliver articulate and a bright tone. The matte-finished sleek design with a nato neck is perfect for chords, songs, and notes.

The compressed body with mahogany coating on the side and back delivers a stunning mellow tone that will complement any guitarist style. With 20 frets and six strings, it can be one of your best musical instrument purchases to date.

Key Features:

9. Kadence Acoustica Series, Semi Acoustic Guitar

It is one of the best guitar under 5000 that has high durability and outstanding sound quality. It is ideal to use for both professional and novice guitarists. The guitar structure makes it easy to carry and handle with no compromise on the resonance quality.

It is composed of walnut wood in the sides and back, and the top with the ash wood. The guitar is painted through the enable method to make sure the wood-like feeling is preserved with time and age. It also assists in preserving the wood tone quality with no alteration in the enamel.

This Kadence guitar under 5000 comes with a three-band equalizer and a rosewood fretboard to swiftly and smoothly move your fingers. The bridge is another vital element of the guitar that consists of Rosewood. The guitar head is composed of mahogany wood with well-grooved cast chrome keys.

Key Features:

10. Givson Ketostics Venus Special VS-BLK, Acoustic Guitar

From the house of the Givson comes the best Ketostics VS-BLK acoustic guitar under 5000. It comes with an innovative design to produce the best quality sound. It also includes six strings that provide durability and enhance ease of use for both the amateurs and professionals.

The 41-inch guitar is exceptionally portable and easy to carry around without any compromise in the quality of the sound. The wooden body allows a high  fidelity hollow chamber for the resonance. The fretboard is composed of Rosewood that makes it durable with great sound carrying capacities.

Givson always promises to deliver quality guitar, keeping in mind the safety of the customer. The body depth of the guitar assists in handling the instrument comfortably. The Middle range scale length is appreciated by most of the young guitarists.

Another advantage of this guitar is precise and effortless tuning due to the perfect machine tuning head. It comes in a cover bag package, belt, Five picks, and an extra pair of string sets. This is one of the best guitars in India.

Key Features:

Factors to consider before buying the best Guitar Under 5000:

best guitar under 5000

Buying a guitar can be exciting – be it the first one you are buying or not. When you have successfully purchased a guitar that suits your taste in music, it helps to define who you are. However, like all other vital purchases, you should always consider a few things before purchasing the best guitar under 5000.

First and foremost, you should decide on a price range for your purchase. Guitars come in various shapes and sizes, and their prices also vary wildly. If you cannot decide on a price range before your browsing, you could get bemused by the enormous alternatives available to you.

When you have a particular range set for your guitar that you can adhere to, it will be easier to shop for the features and the accessories you want to buy with it.

Another notable thing to consider before buying a guitar is the type of guitar you want – acoustic or electric. The two types of guitars produce different kinds of music. Think about what kind of music you want to play on your guitar. Based on that, you should select whether you want an electric guitar or the best acoustic guitar in India under 5000.

The brand of the guitar plays a vital role in purchasing a guitar. The brand can influence several things like the sound produced, the material included, and many more. Many people believe that they need to go for the top brands if they want to buy and have a satisfying experience playing the guitar.

However, if you are buying your first guitar, you should not focus on brands too much and go for a guitar that you like and comfortable playing.

Playing comfort is another significant thing for a guitar. Many aspects of a guitar may not be too comfortable for you to play on. The neck can be too thick or too thin, and that would create problems while playing. You should also see how much the guitar weighs. You may feel more relaxed playing a heavier or a lighter guitar. Thus buy the guitar accordingly.

Some other things to consider are the accessories you want to buy along with the best guitar under 5000. Depending on your purchase, you may need to buy a new set of strings, a guitar strap, a guitar case, picks, and more. Those accessories aid in your guitar playing experience, and some, like the guitar bag, help to carry the musical instrument anywhere you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

If you are still uncertain or have doubts about the guitars, then the below commonly asked questions with answers might solve all your problems. We hope that this guide has helped you in your quest of searching the

You will have to choose between acoustic or electric guitar as per your preference. If you are a beginner, then acoustic is preferable for you, as it will help you with finger stability and endurance. When you reach the advanced or pro level, the electric will be the best one for you at that time. But electric ones are a bit more expensive than the acoustics.

You can buy both solid wood or laminated guitars according to your choices. If you want to begin with a budget-friendly, best guitar under 5000, then the laminated body can be a cordial choice. But the solid wood would mature over several years and will sound good with time.

The wood material of your guitar is something that you should look at. It has a symbolic impact on the balance and clarity of a guitar’s sound. Most of the guitar comes with spruce as it provides good clarity and balance. Mahogany and Cedar top guitars are also a good option for its complex and melancholy tone.

Depending on the tone and comfort, a medium to heavy gauge conventional shape guitar is the best. The shorter guitars are an ideal option for the children as they find it more comfortable. To retain the bass response and balance sound, a large size guitar is perfect. 

If you want to play with your peers, then it is not necessary. But if you have a plan to play it outdoors, then a pickup is needed.

Proper maintenance is essential to increase your guitar’s longevity. You need to clean it regularly after playing for functioning. Linseed oil is the most efficient cleaner to clean your best acoustic guitar in India under 5000 budget.

Final Verdict

No matter what reason you might be buying a guitar, we would suggest considering the above reviews and factors before purchasing anything. We hope that this review of the best guitar under 5000 has helped you decide which one to buy. You can also comment on us in the below section and let us know about your suggestions and question. Hope to see you back on more reviews like this.

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