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10 Best Printer Under 10000 In India (2021) - Notionink

10 Best Printer Under 10000 For Home & Office Use In India 2022

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Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient WiFi Printer

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Are you looking for a printer for professional use? Or for personal use?  With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to select the ideal printer. And that too if your budget is less than 10000. If you are buying a printer for the first time, then it becomes even more difficult to select the best printer. You might not be aware of all the features you want in your printer, or the specifications you should look for.

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There are so many different options to choose from. For example, if you work with heavy printing such as wedding photographs or images, you can go for inkjet printers or ink tank printers. They do a great job of blending in the colors. On your other hand, laser printers are more efficient than ink tank printers.  

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. All you have to do is read this article where we have compiled a list of 10 best printers under 10000. We will discuss their specifications and benefits in detail so that you can choose the perfect printer for yourself.

What are the different types of printers?

In the corporate world, printers play an essential role. For these purposes, printers are classified into two broad categories: Impact printers and Non-impact printers

Impact printers are the type of printers that produce a page or a line for a character at a time. on the other hand non-impact printers can produce both text and graphics. In this case, non-impact printers are more popular because of their multi-purpose uses. 

Talking about non-impact printers, there are several different kinds of printers. These include inkjet printers, laser printers, LED printers, solid ink printers, thermal wax transfer printers, and dye-sublimation printers. The highlight of these printers is that print without using a ribbon on the paper. 

The most commonly used printers include inkjet printers and laser printers. Inkjet printers use droplets of ink to print. Laser printers, on the other hand, use laser beams for printing. Inkjet printers are comparatively cheaper than laser printers. The print quality for photos by Inkjet printers is impressive too. However, the quality of the print by laser printers is better than inkjet printers. Laser printers are ideal for printing texts. We also have Ink tank printers which are revolutionary for printing and do not require a lot of maintenance. 

Let us have a look at these different types of printers. Who knows? You might find your dream printer here!   

10 Best Printer Under 10000 In India

1. Canon Pixma G2012 All-in-One 600x1200dpi Colour Printer 

Canon Pixma G2012 one of the best printer under 10000 in the Indian market. It is packed with amazing features and is available at a cheap price. It is an ideal product for the home. 

This printer lets you print, scan, and copy easily. This multi-purpose printer is perfect for you if you are looking for a printer for a small office or your home. 

Canon printers come with a convenient Hybrid ink system. This allows you to check the ink levels and refill effortlessly when needed. You can print for as cheap as 0.8 paise for black and white prints and 0.21 paise for color print. 

This cost-efficient product comes with 4 spill-free ink bottles and an extra bottle of black ink. It can print up to 6000 monochrome and 7000 color prints per refill. This printer is compact sized and can be placed on your desk or in the corner of a room. Even though it does not support wireless printing, it gives crisp and quality prints. 

All in all, the sprinter is a budget-friendly choice packed with outstanding features. You can use it at home or for a small business. The quality of the print is also amazing. 

Key Features:

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2.  HP DeskJet 2135 All-in-One Ink Advantage Colour Printer

The HP Deskjet 2135 All-in-one Ink Advantage color printer is a compact and versatile printer. It doesn’t only allow you to print but also lets you photocopy and scan. This highly efficient printer gives you an unmatched quality of prints, with 4800*1200 color resolution. 

This product comes with Thermal Ink Technology. This technology uses thermal energy to heat ink, which makes it cost-efficient. It has a flatbed type scanner that can scan documents at a resolution of nearly 1200 DPI. Now print more, full of value, and that too for less cash! 

As discussed before, this product is not only cost-efficient but is also energy efficient. It comes with an Energy Star Certificate. The ink and toner cartridges that accompany this printer are easily recyclable. 

This product is also highly compatible. It has a USB 2.0 that enables it to be connected to different kinds of systems, laptops, and pen drives. It can work with all kinds of operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS, Windows 8, and many more. 

Key Features:

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3. Canon E4270 All-in-One Ink Efficient WiFi Printer with FAX/ADF/Duplex Printing

Here is one of the best printers under 10000 in the market, Canon E4270 All-in-One. This product lets you fax, print, scan, and copies your document. And to that, this wireless printer has amazing compatibility and can connect various clouds. It gives black and white and color prints at low costs.  

This duplex printer allows you to be connected to different operating systems. These operating systems include Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, Mac OS version 10.12 ~ version 10.13, Mac OS X 10.10.5 ~ OS X 10.11. With its small size, it can be used at homes and can also be used for small offices. It can print up to an impressive 100 to 300 pages per month. 

This has wireless connectivity. It can also be connected to your Wi-Fi. Its USB 2.0 port lets you connect USB products be connected to the printer. It can also be connected to the Canon SelphyApp, Apple AirPrint, and Google Cloud Print. 

Greet your family in a new and creative way by using the Canon Selphy app. You can create secret animated greetings or videos and weblinks and share it with your family. Download the app on your phone and have this feature at your fingertips. And you will be able to unlock these features once you have the app.

Key Features:

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4. Epson EcoTank L3110 All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Epson EcoTank L3110 is a budget-friendly and compact choice when talking about printers under 10000. It gives a high page yield and can fit anywhere with its compact design. The prints are also high speed. It lets you print borderless printing too. It consumes very little energy and can print on any size of paper. The resolution is also amazing. 

This cost-efficient product lets you print 4500 pages in black and white and 7500 uninterrupted. It is a great way of saving paper and ink. It is a highly cost-efficient product. 

Get more done with this printer. It uses a Micro Piezo print head. This lets it print at 33 ppm. Fast right? 

It is not only cost-efficient but also an environment family. It consumes barely 12 W of power. Its compact size ensures that it can be set up on a desk or in a small space. It gives you photo lab-quality images. 

Key Features:

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5. HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer

This compact, fresh, and friendly printer is one of the best Inkjet printer under 10000. This amazing design comes with accent colors and the fastest print speed. Set it up on your desk and have high-yield printing. It is that easy! 

This model is certified by Energy Star and is very environment friendly. You can print twice as much with original HP high-yield ink cartridges at home

The print quality is also great. It can print up to the maximum resolution of 4800*1200 DPI. The sprint speed is also great with 7.5 ppm black and white prints and 5.5 ppm color prints. 

Printing becomes hassle-free with this printer. It also lets you scan and copy documents. It can be easily installed almost anywhere. This printer is an ideal choice if you’re looking for speed and quality in one packet. 

Key Features:

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6. Canon Pixma G3000 All-in-One Wireless Colour Printer

This excellent multifunction printer is one of the best printers under 10000. The fact that it belongs to Canon makes it even more trustworthy. This printer comes with outstanding features and ease of access. 

This inkjet printer has an ink tank the promises a large number of prints. The integrated ink tanks can print up to 6,000 black and white documents or 7000 colored documents. Since it has an ink tank, you don’t have to worry about refilling it regularly. Although, refilling is also an easy process. 

This model comes with amazing LED indicators. You can turn on the printer with these indicators. You can also stop copying, select if you want to have a monochrome print or a colored print, and connect it to your Wi-Fi. All with the help of these LED indicators.  

The connectivity offered by this printer is amazing. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi or USB or your smartphone with the Canon Selphy app. Have colored printing at home with a print resolution of 4800*1200 DPI. The printing is relatively fast as well. Get yours today!

Key Features:

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7. HP 115 Color Single Function Ink Tank Printer

This HP ink tank printer is made for heavy-duty color printing. Although it only offers one function, you can print good quality pictures with it. It also supports various page sizes. 

 This printer comes with a black ink bottle, a cyan ink bottle, a magenta ink bottle, and a yellow ink bottle. It takes colored printing to the next level. Customers have also reviewed the print quality to be amazing. 

 It gives a print speed of 7.5 ppm for black and white prints and 4.5 ppm for colored prints. Even the cost of each print is 10 paise for each black and white print and 18 paise for the color print. Which is comparatively less than the other printers in this list. 

 Where it lacks in speed and cost efficiency, it makes up for printing quality. It can print up to 1000 pages per month. Which is very impressive. It supports wired connectivity

Key Features:

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8. Epson L130 Single-Function Ink Tank Colour Printer

This single purpose ink tank printer lets you print at an amazing quality. It is one of the most sold printers in the market. This product comes with free installation. With high yield and unbelievable print rate, this is one of the best printer under 1000. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax. 

This amazing product comes with 4 different ink bottles. Unlike with other models with a price that low, you don’t have to compromise with the quality of your prints. The Micro Piezo technology ensures that every droplet of ink is highlighted on a print.

Epson promises impressive connectivity with this printer. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Not only that, it comes with a USB 2.0 port. It is also compatible with different paper sizes. Epson also offers the best-in-class support team accompanied with this printer. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty.

This product offers an unmatched speed of 27 ppm. You have to make almost zero effort while working with this product. The print rate is also extremely cheap with 7 paise per black and white print and 18 paise per colour print.

Key Features:

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9.  HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 1112 is an inkjet printer that comes with a single functionality of print only. It can give you black and white and coloured prints. It is ideal for your home and small offices. This is an extremely cheap option when looking for printers. 

Print your documents in a snap. This printer is a high-speed product that gives 7.5 ppm per black and white page and 5.5 ppm for a colored page. This budget-friendly and eco-friendly product is highly beneficial for nature. It conserves reservoirs while giving a great performance. 

It is an option that doesn’t bruise your wallet, though it compromises a little on the other aspects. It is not as cost-efficient as the other printers mentioned in this list. However, it is Energy Star certified.

Key Features:

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10. Canon LBP6030W Image Class Laser Printer

Canon LBP6030W Image Class laser is a printer is a perfect choice if you are looking for low maintenance and minimal energy-consuming products. It is one of the best laser printer under 10000. It is backed with some amazing features, including mobile printing. 

This product does not allow you to color print. To compensate for that, it can give you 18 black and white pages for a minute. It gives you the first print in 7.8 seconds at amazing quality. This laser printer gives you speed and quality together. The on-demand fixing technology helps the printer in delivering a small footprint on the environment. 

The Canon cartridge cleans this device regularly. And voila! You don’t have to worry about maintaining the product regularly. This also saves you the effort and money for maintaining the printer. This printer also accepts different paper sizes. Enable mobile printing by downloading the Canon mobile printing app to your phone! 

Key Features:

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Factors to consider before buying the Best Printer Under 10000-

best printer under 10000

First things first, you have to make sure why you’re looking for a printer. Do you want a printer because you regularly print documents, or do you want it because you print colored documents every day, or do you want it for home use? There are many questions. But don’t worry we have got you covered. With this list that we have compiled for the best printers under 10000, we also give you a buying guide. Have a look at these points and buy a printer without any hassles:

You must make sure you know where you will be using your printer. If you will be using it at home or at an office. You should aim for a printer that gives good quality prints and is cost-efficient for office-use. If you plan to get a printer for home, you want a long-lasting and environment-friendly printer.

You should also keep in mind if you will be printing more texts rather than images. laser printers are the ideal choice for printing texts as it delivers long-lasting prints. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, are perfect for printing images and texts at good quality. Laser printers are comparatively more expensive than Inkjet printers.

Connectivity plays an important role in the selection of a printer. If you have multiple systems relying on one single printer, you would want to look for a wireless connection for your printer. If you plan to use the printer it’s just one system, a wired connection is preferred. USB ports always come in handy whenever any device is involved.

The print rate is the cost of each print by a printer. The cost of black and white prints is usually less than that of color prints. The lesser the print rate the better. But as the cost lessons, so does the quality. So, you would want to look for a printer that does not compromise on the quality but has a decent print rate.

For every product the brand matters. And printers are no different. You’ll find many brands that sell cheap printers with a promise of long life and good quality. But you don’t want to fall for that trick. Our research shows that brands such as Canon give great connectivity. While HP, on the other hand, builds long-lasting printers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

A monochrome printer uses only black ink to print. Hence, they can only produce black and white prints. But they give an excellent print rate and good quality prints. These are ideal for office and school use.

Inkjet printers are comparatively cheap and are best for photos and texts. Laser printers, on the other hand, do not use ink and use toners instead. The prints from Laser printers last longer. 

If you wish to print text more, then choose Laser printers. If you will also print colored photos regularly, then you can go for Inkjet printers.

You can choose Laser printers if you will be printing more texts than images If it is the other way around, you can go for Inkjet printers. HP is one of the best brands to get such a printer as it produces long-lasting printers.

Ink tank printers are amazing for printing at home. It saves you the trouble of loading and reloading the ink cartridges. If you are working from home and want versatility, ink tank printers are your best options.

The life expectancy of a printer really depends upon the maintenance and care it is given. It also is dependent on how much you use it. Inkjet printers usually last for three years while laser printers last for five years. 

Final Verdict

We have presented you with ten of the best printers under 10000 in the market. These printers have defeated the others in the race of performance, budget, and efficiency. 

You can have a look at them on Amazon. You will find some of them have amazing ratings and great reviews from the customers.  

In the end, it depends on your need and requirements. You can look for a laser printer if you plan to print texts more than pictures. You can opt for an inkjet printer if you are looking for printing photos and texts at a cheap cost. Then there is the ink tank printer that does not require a lot of maintenance and gives an amazing quality of prints.

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