5 Best Printer Under 5000 in 2022

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HP DeskJet 2135

Best Features :

You cannot always depend on the office printer or cyber cafe to get their prints done. The best printer under 5000 is one of the most vastly used peripherals around the globe. This product’s popularity has led to a vast range of brands producing it on a large scale. With digital technology development, everyone simply transfers any documents from any part of the world and scans and keeps a print of it for any future need. 

Printers have a vast range of operations in your daily life. At a go, you can print the project for your school or college, print invoices, print the admit cards for exams, or any emergency air tickets. You may also use a printer for a report submission at the office.

The versatile use of this device makes it a crucial and irreplaceable aid for one’s daily life. Investing in a good printer is an excellent way of saving money and also an easy and more straightforward option for regular use.

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But choosing an accurate printer can be a tiresome and challenging job. It’s difficult to choose the right brand among the several manufacturing printers and terming themselves best in the industry.

Here is the list of 5 best printers for home use under 5000. These printers are chosen after considering several parameters like multifunctional, connectivity, and printing quality. Some of these prints can provide both scanning and printing facilities in a single device. So if you are looking for a flawless performing printer under 5000, read this article to get the perfect one based on your needs.

The Best Printer Under 5000:

1. HP DeskJet 2135

Easy to set up all in one best printer for home use india under 5000 for printing, copying, and scanning is HP DeskJet 2135. This printer comes with a compact design to fit the shelf, desk, or small Conner of your house.  

This product supports a 60 sheet input tray and 25 sheet output tray in a single go. It comes with easy recyclable original HP toner and cartridge for free. This printer is an energy star certified that is efficiently designed to save energy for high-quality printing. This product also gives a one-year brand warranty.

Key Features:

2. Canon Pixma MG 2577

Canon Pixma MG 2577 is one of the best compact and all-in-one printers to buy for small space or for keeping at home. An inkjet printer with automatic on and off power detection becomes convenient. When it comes to connectivity, this printer comes with both USB and WiFi. It is an affordable and best all-in-one printer under 5000 with high-quality ink cartridge printing. 

The machine’s auto-power function makes it very easy to use and provides and provides good quality prints. The 3.5 kg printer is available in two color variants- blue and white.

Key Features:

3. HP Deskjet 1112

HP Deskjet 1112 is one of the most popular inkjet printers in the Indian market as it can fit well in a tight budget or space. It is a single function (print only) printer that is very easy to use right from installation. It has a USB type connectivity system.

This printer from HP has a compact design to fit in the shelves, racks, or small spaces, thus making it ideal for home or office use. The printer is exceptionally reliable and provides the finest quality of photos, laser, web, and lab prints.

Key Features:

4. Canon Pixma TS207

Canon Pixma TS207 is a single-function inkjet printer available in India. It is the best printer under 5000 price segment for providing colored output. It offers a Grid textured surface to avoid scratch and fingerprint. This printer offers a borderless photo printing experience for low-cost cartridges.

The best part is this printer comes with a one-year on-site warranty right from the day of purchasing. So, it is recommended to use only Conon’s ink as any other counterfeit ink can damage the device and cancel the warranty. This product from the canon brand is compatible with windows 7, windows 8, window vista, windows XP, and Mac OS X. 

Key Features:

5. Pantum P2200 Laser Printer

Pantum P2200 is a single-function laser printer for high-quality pictures, documents, etc. It offers a compact size and is built with metallic frames for long time durability. This printer provides a fast and high-quality printing experience up to 20 ppm(A4) in black and white colors. It also supports a wide range of media sizes and a maximum weight of up to 163gm/m2. 

This printer also comes with a one-year standard warranty right from the day of purchase. The laser type monochrome printer is capable of printing 20 pages per minute. 

Key Features:

Factors to consider before buying The Best Printer Under 5000:-

best printer under 5000

Are you looking for the perfect printer that is capable of providing quality service? Then, here are the five things that should be considered while choosing a printer.

The image size mainly depends on the size of the printer you choose. So for selecting the right printer, deciding the image size will be a great beginning. A printer with a greater width can hold longer and heavier painting canvas and translate into media saving. Another critical factor to be considered while purchasing a printer is the speed of the device.

If you desire to get a high output quantity in less time, you must choose a high processing speed printer. But it should always be identified that a high-speed printer generally reduces the image resolution. So wisely choose a printer that can provide a high-resolution image at a faster speed. Most printers have several resolution settings. Use them to check and select the printer that can provide the best results in quality and speed. Make sure you do not compromise in the speed for the quality or vice versa.

Often while purchasing printers, we choose quality over the ease of use. Having an easy to use printer can save you from troubleshooting or frustration. The printer will be used by the little children at home or elderly parents, so make sure the printer you choose is easy to use. For determining the ease of use of printers, you should always check these features:

  • The loading and unloading of media should be easy or efficient. 
  • The printer should be able to save the customized settings for future use. 
  • The printer must allow you to hit the “print” button and complete the process without any worry. The printer driver must be comfortable and straightforward to set up and use.
  • The printer must be easy to easy and straightforward to navigate and understand. 
  • It should give complete control to the user. 
  • The profiles and media settings should be easily customized.

The requirement of image quality may vary depending upon your needs. Here are a few things to be considered while choosing a printer.

  • Density- The richness, depth, and vibrancy of colors depending upon the ink density of the printer. With a change in the ink, the images’ densities can be changed, always comparing the samples of pictures of printed samples to decide the right one. Also, try to get a black and white photo and use the delta reading of black color density by any densitometer. This is a unique way to get the ink set that yields the highest density images.
  • Resolution- Most of the printer under 5000 comes with many resolution modes, be sure you choose the printer that provides a wide range of print resolution. To print regular documents or photography documents, a minimum resolution of 120dpi is sufficient to do the work. 
  • Color spectrum- The latest printers have upgraded ink sets, which can expand the printable spectrum. Some printers come with information brochures that give a gamut comparison. The color spectrum can also be achieved by downloading the manufacturer’s ICC profile of the chosen printer. While soft proofing on the screens, you can see what colors are accurately printed without shifting. 
  • Ink droplet dimension- Droplet size is generally measured in picoliters. Select a printer that has a droplet size of about 4-12 picoliters. For getting a sharper image, choose a smaller droplet printer. The best printer under 5000 offers both smaller and larger dimensions of the droplet to determine the resolution and sharpness considering samples of images. The ideal rule for droplets is it should not be seen be naked eyes. It must be visible only if viewed at s distance.
  • Ink profiles- Generally, printers come with a variety of ink configuration of 4 color and 6,8,12 color machines. To achieve a greater color spectrum, the range of colors of a printer should be high. The brightly colored inks like green and orange come up with a more comprehensive and attainable spectrum. Light colors like cyan or magenta contribute to leveling the gradations and enhancing black and white printing.

Customer support is one of the most overlooked factors while purchasing a printer. Scuffling to get the product working efficiently can be very frustrating. Before choosing printers, check if the brand supports these customer services: 

  • The time required to complete backup if the printer goes down. 
  • The company should support service via email or phone. 
  • They should currently provide solutions if any issues persist. 
  • The product must come with instructions, pamphlets, or tutorials video for better understanding.
  • The parts should be readily available and replaceable by any technician.

It is recommended to make a list of everything you need to print and then add media to start using the index. The latest and best printer for home use in India under 5000 is capable of third party media, so choose a printer that can handle any media you give. Some of the printers are suited for photography, while others are best for small period graphics.

Another vital thing that is to be considered while selecting a printer is the media thickness. Check the printer’s specification of how much paper thickness it can allow. Also, make a note of the performance of the printers with loaded media. It must allow easy loading of the media and simple manual trays and sheetfed media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

GSM is heard often while discussing the media thickness. It stands for grams per square meter.

In most of the cases, you get a USB cable with your printer. In case it is missing, contact the customer care they will provide you one or you may simply buy from any nearby electronics market.

Yes, it possible to print an A4 page depending upon the manufacturer or model of your A3 machine. You can simply do it by understanding the instructions provided on the user manual.

The best printers under 5000 support the facility of WiFi connectivity. With this facility, you can simply connect your phone to the machine to print images directly.

All-in-one printers provide the facility of printing, copying, and scanning in a single device. The category of the best all-in-one printer under 5000 generally offers good service and is always recommend.

It is a common occurrence of almost all the best printers for home use in India under 5000. In that case, avoid using thick or cheap quality papers that are likely to get stuck.

Final Verdict

If you have a PC at home or don’t want to go out often, it is recommended to an excellent printer to get flawless prints. You can choose a printer from the above listed best printer under 5000, or you may also select a printer based on the factors requirement guide provided. All of these printers under 5000 are ideal for home use, so choose the perfect one for you and enjoy your endless printing job.

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