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10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India (2022) - Notionink

10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 In India (2022)

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Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Best Features :

Not so long ago, all that watches could do was tell the time or if they were digital, show the day and date as well. But with gadgets becoming smarter with each passing day, there wasn’t any reason why the humble yet essential watch should get left behind. Thus, began the era of smartwatches, and today they are a common sight everywhere. People no longer need to whip out their phones every time there is a notification because they can be checked on the smartwatch. Neither do they need to go to the doctor for basic information like heart rate, pulse, etc because the watches monitor all that and much more.

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With several companies manufacturing smartwatches, the competition in the segment has picked up the pace, ultimately benefiting the consumer who now has a lot of options to choose from. Here we have compiled a list of best smartwatch under 5000 available in India. Read on to make an informed decision about investing in a new smartwatch that will serve you well!

10 Best Smartwatch Under 5000 Reviews

1. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch

Manufactured by Noise, an Indian firm that has made a name for itself for its line of pocket-friendly gadgets. The Colorfit Pro 2 is worth the sub-5000 price bracket it falls under. Apart from the Jet Black, the watch is available in Mist Grey and Teal Green colors. Its universal size, detachable silicone straps are soft and comfortable and come with an easy to operate, push-lock design. The watch weighs a mere 35gm and causes no discomfort even if it is worn for a long time.

A button on the right side lets users navigate through options on the menu, while the multi function home button is to be used to start and stop activities. The USB charger plugs in at the back of the dial, where the heart rate sensor is located as well. It has an extremely handy menstrual cycle tracker making it a good buy for women looking to invest in a smartwatch under Rs 5,000. While the function isn’t 100% accurate, the approximations are useful.

Key Features:

2. Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch

Made by yet another Indian brand, the Bip Lite is a toned-down version of Amazfit’s Bip model. It works well with the Amazfit and Mi Fit apps. Data transfers to the companion app can be done via Bluetooth and viewed on bigger screens in comprehensive, graph formats. Like all smartwatches, it shows heart rate, pulse, has an in-built pedometer, etc. It also comes with a sedentary reminder that sets off an alarm if you have been sitting down for too long.

The Bip Lite is waterproof to 3 ATM which means you can wear it while swimming. But what truly impressed us was the claimed battery backup of a whopping 45 days. The watch goes from 0 to 100% battery charge in just under 2 hours and despite continuous use, the battery lasts at least 35 days which is an absolute win-win for a smartwatch under Rs 5,000.

Key Features:

3. Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

This customized best smartwatch under 5000 comes with a stylish 1.65 inches AMOLED display. The square screen provides an enormous display space than a round-shaped smartwatch of the same width. The most important information comes in the center that helps you to focus on the things that are vital to you. 

Huami Amazfit comes with a long-lasting 14 days of battery life by keeping the body of the watch slim to avoid any regular charging of the device. It comes with 50 meters of water resistance that offers multiple strategies for swimming. With its active and fashionable design, this device can fit any outfit and occasion.

The gadget supports 12 sports and exercise modes like walking, outdoor and indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, trail run, swimming, running, treadmill, climb, and skiing. Huami has made a smooth transition to the metal body from the 2.5D curved glass to lower the thickness to 9.4 mm to make it delicate and slim. 

The Huami GTS smartwatch under 5000 can continuously monitor the heart rate of the user with the highest precision. It can also measure the heart rate interval of the user even during the workouts. If it goes above the average rate, it will start showing signals of warning. It also includes 341 PPI resolutions along with strong Gorilla glass for protection.

Key Features:

4. Noise NoiseFit Evolve Smart Watch

NoiseFit Evolve comes with 1.2 inches of round and touch screen AMOLED display. It also includes numerous faces that you can tap, swipe, read, get updates, and notifications with ease. The watch is composed of an Aluminum alloy case with interchangeable straps that will act as a style statement on the wrists of the user.

This best smartwatch under 5000 includes 24*7 constant automatic or manual monitoring of the heart rate at 10 minutes of the time interval. You can also analyze the heart rate trends for the past year by saving the statistics on your smartphone by connecting the device through the Noisefit Application. It comes in 9 dedicated sports modes like running, yoga, walking, and mountain climbing.

Moreover, you can also push your limits by heading out for rigorous exercises with no worry about rain or sweat that can cause damage to the watch due to its IP68 waterproofing properties. You can also remotely control the music or the camera through the music control and Bluetooth camera, respectively.

Now it is easy to connect to the entire world via message, call notifications and calls on your wrists. You can also track all the detailed information regarding your achievements and progress on the Noisefit app. The sleep monitoring feature of this smartwatch under 5000 tracks and reviews your active sleeping hours like deep, REM, and light hours.

Key Features:

5. Mi Smart Band 4

Mi is indeed the best brand that is hugely budget-friendly. It has launched Mi Smart Band 4, which is quite similar to the Mi Smart Band 3 in terms of design. It is a wonderful and efficient band that can surely win the hearts of people in no time. The display and touchscreen of this band are quite remarkable. It has features that will astonish you with their efficiency level. It monitors your day-to-day activities, like running, walking, swimming, etc. This is the best watch under 5000

Feature music and volume control will allow you to carry out workouts by playing songs of your choice without touching your phone. Volume can be controlled on the wrist itself. It includes 50-meter water resistance and a 6-axis accelerometer. It also has this feature of revamped UI, which seems more attractive and efficient in the Mi Smart Band 4.

Key Features:

6. Noise NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

Are you looking for the best smartwatch in India under 5000 1.28 inches of TFT display that you can visibly see even under bright sunlight? With more than 100 cloud-dependent watch faces, you can select a new style every day according to your mood and outfit.

The bezel of the device is composed of stainless steel, making it strong enough for the outdoors while being exceptionally lightweight. The SPO2 monitors the oxygen level in the body and warns the user if there is any problem with the readings. The long-enduring battery can last for up to continuous 20 days on a full charge and 30 days on standby mode.

It is one of the best smartwatches under 5000 that comes with nine modes for sports like pedaling, walking, running, skipping, yoga and cycling. Since it also includes a stopwatch and a timer, the user can also keep count on their reps and measure your stamina. The machine can track the distance covered, total sleeping hours, breathing activities, and total steps are taken.

It has an IP68 rating that means you can wear this gadget while hiking on the dusty slopes or rainy roads. You can also receive notifications for your call and weather forecasts on your wrists. You can also control the camera and music player of the smartphone through the watch.

Key Features:

7. Muzili Smart Watch IP68

Muzili smartwatch is the brand that comes under the trending section of Amazon. This unisex smartwatch boasts a 1.3’’ large color touch display. This smartwatch is designed especially for men/women to empower a healthy and active lifestyle. Due to the advanced heart rate sensor, it detects the functioning of your heart rate every 4-5 minutes.

Muzili smartwatch features 4 clock faces with Auto Sleep Tracker Find Phone Feature. With an IP68 waterproof rating, you’ll be able to wear it while swimming and surfing. At last, with super-long battery life, this smartwatch can standby 30 days after 2.5 hours of charging. 

Key Features:

8. Lenovo Carme HW25P Smartwatch Black

Lenovo has always been the prominent player for providing the best smartwatch under 5000. The Lenovo Carme is a full-fledged smartwatch priced at a competitive rate. This is the highly competitive segment of smartwatches for every brand. This smartwatch features a 1.3 inch IPS LCD with color accuracy and adjustable brightness.

The construction of this premium smartwatch is rugged and durable. However, this smartwatch doesn’t feature a microphone and speaker. You’ll be still able to receive calls and text notifications. The heart rate monitor of this Lenovo smartwatch is entirely accurate. Above all, fitness-based services such as calorie counter, sleep tracker, etc also work well. Lenovo Carme boasts a 250mAh battery that lasts for more than 2 days.

Key Features:

9. Huawei ERS-B19 Band

Huawei has always been the prominent competitor of Mi smartwatch. This Huawei Band 2 houses all the necessary and fitness-based services for fitness enthusiasts. Now, you can be stylish with the ergonomic design of this smartwatch. 

This Huawei Band 2 features a heart rate monitor that gives you all the relevant information about your heart’s functioning. Apart from all the fitness-based services, you also get VO2Max that provides guidance related to physical activities. There is a built-in GPS that gives you precise information related to your daily activities. In simpler words, you can consider this device as the best smartwatch in india under 5000.

Key Features:

10. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity tracker

If you want a smartwatch that can keep up your active lifestyle, as you go about your day, the Reflex 2.0 by Fastrack is the one you should go for. This smartwatch is jam-packed with various features. It keeps track of not only the number of steps you’ve taken and calories burnt but also of your sleeping habits.

It also has unique traits such as phone tracking, which allows you to locate your phone, and camera controls, through which you can remotely take pictures. But that’s not all. It’s splash resistant and had a battery life of up to 10 days! 

Key Features:

Factors to consider before buying Smart Watch:

best smart watches under 5000

A smartwatch is an expensive purchase and an important one too. It’s definitely not something that is easy to change very often either. So before you take the leap, make sure that you properly examine the item and look for the following features. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a considerable amount of money for a smartwatch that either doesn’t suit your needs or isn’t long-lasting.

The first feature that you need to look for before buying a smartwatch is its compatibility with your smartphone. Needless to say that if your watch cannot function in tandem with your mobile device, it’ll be useless. Make sure that you go through the product specifications carefully as several times the title of the product may mention that it’s compatible with a certain operating system, but in fact, it can function only with certain versions of the OS. 

The second most important feature that you need to look for is water resistance. Even if you’re not a swimmer or sportsman, there are still several through which your device may come in contact with water or liquids. For instance, in case you forget to take it off before you shower or if you spill something on it. However, even the water resistance has categories where some watches can handle only some amount, whereas others can remain underwater for long periods of time. So make sure to choose one that suits your lifestyle. 

Good battery life is also important. You’ll be wearing and using your smartwatch all day, and you need a model that can keep up with you. However, everyone’s battery life requirements are subjective, since this feature will depend on your lifestyle, working hours and more, so make sure that you factor in such considerations while making your purchase. If you’d like to get in-depth details about how long power lasts, a good solution is to go through customer reviews and see what other buyers have to say

Even though the functionality aspect of a smartwatch is important, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well. A sleek and modern design, with a bright display, is perhaps the most appealing look. However, if subtlety isn’t your style, several companies allow buyers the opportunity to customize their smartwatches and add personalized artwork to their devices. You can also buy wristbands separately if variety is what you’re looking for.

Last but not least, make sure that the smartwatch you’re going for is within your budget. It’s important to be conscious about this because oftentimes, especially in the case of consumer devices as such, companies offer average features at an exorbitant price. Features that you can find in other moderately priced products. So make sure that you compare various models and weigh the features that it offers with the price. There’s no need to overpay, but at the same time, don’t opt for something that is extremely cheap as it’ll end up getting damaged easily and quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The answer is definitely yes! Although it was initially introduced as a product for those who lead an exercise and sport-oriented lifestyle, it’s a great item for everyone. It helps you monitor your health and wellbeing, and is also a convenient tool to have as it provides other features like remote camera controls and more. 

Although water resistance is a common feature and can be found on almost all smartwatches, the extent of it differs. Specially developed watches can remain immersed underwater for long periods of time, whereas others which are “splash resistant” can withstand a certain amount of water but not much. 

Yes. Smartwatches function by being connected to your phone and behaving like a mini mobile device, that remains attached to your wrist. Other than doing the basic functions like recording the number of steps taken, they also display notifications received on your phone, which won’t be possible if it’s not connected to your mobile.

Final Verdict

We really hope that after reading the above-given details about the best smartwatch under 5000 will help you in choosing the right one for you. Just keep in mind your expectations from a smartwatch and then purchase it.

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