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10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 in India (Top List 2022) - Notionink

10 Best Trimmer Under 1000 in India (Top List 2022)

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Mi Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Best Features :

In everyday life, men need to groom themselves to take care of their looks, messy beard, and hair. Whether the beard should remain short, long, or patchy, every man has their own style and choices. Thus for adjusting the length of your hair and beard, you will need a device so that you do not have to visit a salon every time. The need for personal grooming gadgets has suddenly seen meteoric demand rise in the past decade due to this reason. 

One such gadget is a trimmer that helps the user to adjust or trim the beard or hair as per your requirement. You have to charge the device, adjust the settings, and you are good to go. Trimmers have become one of the most sought after and used grooming gadgets that are used regularly by most men in India. 

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However, these trimmers come in different models with specific features manufactured by innumerable brands. Thus finding a perfect trimmer that will suit your needs can be a bit tedious task. So to save you from this messy affair, we have decided to provide you with the proper review, buying guide, and all the information related to the best trimmer under 1000. Continue to read below to know about them in detail.

The Best Trimmer Under 1000:

1. Philips BT1212/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer

This is one of the best cordless trimmers from Phillips that lasts four times longer than the other devices. Powered by DuraPower technology, these trimmers lower the friction of the blades. This technology also essentially protects the motor and the battery. This best trimmer under 1000 gains its power through USB charging technology. This feature allows the device to charge it conveniently through your computer or any USB adapter. 

This best trimmer for men under 1000 comes with an indicator light and can perform for continuous 30 minutes with a full charge. The blades are skin-friendly and are equipped with rounded tips to prevent any irritation on the skin. The self-sharpening technology allows the blades to stay extra sharp and cut neatly and effectively. The package comes with 1, 5, 7 mm combs that provide customizable trimming. 

Besides, all the accessories and the detachable head are easy to clean under tap water for maintenance. With a cutter width of 32 mm, BT1212/15 comes with two years warranty on the product. The stainless steel blades provide smooth and clear trim to the user with every use.

Key Features:

2. Mi Corded & Cordless Beard Trimmer

Featured with an ultra-powerful battery and superior features, this best trimmer under 1000 provides the perfect trim for both cordless and corded use. The powerful battery provides 90 minutes of cordless use with just 2 hours of charging. The user can also use it for 10 minutes, instantly with 5 minutes of charging. The advanced self-sharpening blades with rounded tips provide clean and efficient trimming. 

Moreover, the unique quad edged design reaches the tough spots effortlessly for perfect grooming. The blades are coated with a lubricant to offer a frictionless trimming to the user. This trimmer under 1000 contains two combs when coupled with the 40 length setting, delivers a 0.5 mm precision cutting. With these combs, you can conquer any style you want within no time at all! 

The device contains an IPX7 waterproof body so that you can wash it for easy cleaning. It also includes a travel lock feature that prevents the trimmer from accidentally starting while it is inside a suitcase. The product also contains a one-year pan-India warranty for all manufacturing defects. This Mi trimmer comes in a power cord package, two-unit trimming combs, a cleaning brush, and a traveling pouch.

Key Features:

3. Nova NHT-1071 Trimmer for Men

Nova NHT trimmer can also be considered as one of the best trimmers for men under 1000. It comes in two vibrant colors of blue and black with a premium and stylish look. The titanium coating steel blades include dura power that helps to achieve any style with no problem. You can cut through thick and long beards or hair with much tugging or pulling. 

With 8 hours of charging via computer, laptop, power bank, or any other USB adapter devices, you can use this trimmer cordlessly for 45 minutes in a loop. The best trimmer under 1000 comes with multiple attachments like combs to trim your beard or hair as you want. The blade is skin-friendly and causes no irritation or cut. 

The ergonomic design trimmer comes with a regulating trimming range of 2 to 18 mm. The user can wash the detachable head in the water for easy cleaning. With 0.5 mm precision and nine length settings, you can even use this to cut your kid’s hair. The different length settings also assist in getting a full beard, a zero trim, or a 3-day shadow look. 

Key Features:

4. Philips BT1210 Cordless Beard Trimmer

If you want to acquire a perfect yet cautious trim, then this best trimmer under 1000 from Phillips is ideal for you. With just 8 hours of charging, the user can have a non-stop operation for nearly 30 minutes. It comes with a flexible USB cable for charging through your computer, laptop, or an adapter. 

The equipment has a battery charging indicator that lets you know that the device is charging with a green light. The batteries also come with a Dura Power Technology that gives four times longer life when compared to others. This is one of the best trimmers under 1000 that also consists of accessories like a 5mm beard comb and 1 mm stubble comb with precision by 1 mm. 

It operates at a voltage of 100 to 240 volts with no hitch. The trimmer brush blades against one another to remain sharp and provide efficient and extra sharp cleaning just like day 1. The device also includes a 2-year warranty on the product that can be claimed anywhere in the world. To clean the device, detach the head from the machine, wash it under running water, dry it completely, and put it back.

Key Features:

5. Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Beard Trimmer

The lifelong trimmer is one of the best trimmers for men under 1000 because of its unbelievable battery. The device allows the user to trim for 50 minutes with no interruptions. It is possible with just 8 hours of full charging. It also comes with 20 adjustable comb settings from with a precision of 0.4 mm to 10 mm. 

It also comes with a 1-year brand warranty from lifelong from the date of purchase. You can wash the stainless steel blades in water to maintain hygiene. The best trimmer under 1000 offers a high performing cutting due to the presence of the powerful motor. You can detach the head and comb and brush off the excess hair for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Moreover, it also comes with a USB charging cable for connectivity. The best part about this product is that you will get a full refund of your money from the company if you have any problem with the product. In other words, this is one of the excellent gadgets that offers ultimate control and precision for your styling.

Key Features:

6. Nova NHT 1091 20 Length Settings Trimmer for Men

Nova can also be very well considered as the best trimmer under 1000 that comes with a 13,400 RPM motor for high-speed performance. It includes rechargeable AA batteries that get fully charged in 10 hours via USB. With a full charge, the user can trim for continuous 45 minutes in cordless mode. The machine includes high precision blades with a 0.5 mm setting and adjustable range for trimming between 2 to 18 mm. 

Moreover, this best trimmer for men under 1000 shall cut your beard and hair with perfection without applying any pressure on the skin. It requires 220 to 240 volt of power consumption to operate. The user can wash the detachable head under running water for cleaning it after trimming. It also comes with 20 lock settings that can offer different beard styles starting from zero trimmings to a day shadow look. 

The stainless steel blades come with a self-sharpening feature that remains sharp like day one even after years of regular use. The rounded tip blades make sure they are smoother on the skin leaving, no cut on your face. Composed of eco-friendly materials, the machine is ideal for trimming any user’s length, beard and hair. 

Key Features:

7. Lifelong LLPCM07 Beard Trimmer for Men

This new trimmer under 1000 allows 60 minutes of non-stop operation with just 2-hour quick charging. It has an inbuilt charge indicator to give an idea of when to charge the battery or when to switch off. According to your desire, the adjustable comb can trim the beard or mustache from the range of 0.4 to 10 mm precision. 

The quick charging trimmer has a soundproof motor. This LLPCM07 trimmer also comes with a brand warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase. You will also get a full refund if there is any defect in the product. The stainless steel blades can enhance their sharpness by moving against each other. It is the only model that is safe to use, even when it is charging. 

This easy to carry the best trimmer under 1000 comes with fully water-resistant attachments. The user can detach the accessories like comb and head from the main machine. You can also wash them under tap water for easy cleaning and maintenance. Remember to dry them up properly before putting all the parts back together. The effortless and user-friendly trimmer is perfect for everyday grooming and peaceful shaving experience. 

Key Features:

8. Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer for Men

This best trimmer under 1000 comes with 40 length settings for efficient cutting and trimming of your hair and beard. The product can be charged through USB charging for 90 minutes to get a cordless usage time of another 90 minutes. The trimmer from Kubra comes with a one-year warranty to ensure reliability to the customers. 

Moreover, the power-on switch of the device offers safe cutting and cleaning of the head and face. It also guarantees to trim the beard and hair with no damage and cuts to the skin. This all-in-one product offers salon-like styling at home to boost your confidence. 

The self-sharpening blades are exceptionally spot on to reach hard to cut areas. The regulating trimming range offers you varied and exclusive trimming styles within a short time. In other words, it is an excellent trimmer with low maintenance and features to fulfill all your trimming demands.  

Key Features:

9. Perfect Nova PNHT-9046 Beard Trimmer for Men

Nova PNHT-9046 beard trimmer is one of the best trimmers under 1000 that the user should charge for continuous 8 hours before starting to use. The product comes with rechargeable batteries that can be powered only through the charging cable. All the attachments are washable with plain water making it easy to clean.

High-quality stainless steel blades include rounded tips to provide smooth trimming to the user. It also prevents any skin rash or irritation during shaving. This best trimmer for men under 1000 comes with One year of warranty from the company in case of any damages.

You can use the trimmer for 30 minutes in a cordless mode when it is in full charge. It comes with a variable cutting length with a setting ranging from 0.8 mm to 2 mm. The push-type button makes this device easy to perform and use. 

Key Features:

10. Syska HT800 Cordless Trimmer for Men

The user can groom without any unwanted cuts or irritations through the use of this Syska HT 800 stainless steel beard trimmer. It is one of the best trimmers under 1000 that includes 45-degree angular blades to get precise and sharp lines. It provides a plethora of 20 length setting modes with its 0.5 mm high precision. The long-lasting battery of this trimmer, when fully charged, can work for 30 minutes in a loop. 

It has a flexible USB charging option to charge anywhere as you want. The length settings allow you to shape any beard style like chevron, goatee, stubble, and short you want. The self-sharpening blades come with a trimming range of 0.5 to 10 mm to cut out the hair even from the tricky areas with no hitch. The compact and lightweight design of the trimmer does not require any oil for lubrication. 

The 0.5 mm precision allows zero deviations with each use. The blades are also corrosion resistant and sharp themselves by grinding against each other. This feature keeps the user with no tension about its maintenance. The head of the machine can be detached, washed underwater, and assembled again for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

Factors to Look before Purchasing the best trimmer under 1000:

best trimmer under 1000

Selecting a trimmer is not at all rocket science. But not considering a few factors before purchasing it might waste your money. Thus we have mentioned below some of the most crucial factors that you should never ignore or overlook before making a final decision.

The most important aspect of the best trimmers under 1000 is its blades. The blades are the ones that deliver most of the work while shaving your beard; they should be of the best quality. The better quality blades often cause a trimmer to be more expensive. Various types of blades are available in the market, but the self-sharpening stainless steel ones are the most common.

Apart from these, you may find ceramic or titanium blades as well. A trimmer with good quality blades provides a clean trim and does not rust easily, thus making it durable.

Another factor to consider while buying a trimmer is whether it is corded or cordless. Corded trimmers offer uninterrupted services, provided the power does not cause any problems. However, cordless trimmers give more convenience, allowing you to shave away from a power outlet with more safety.

However, in the case of cordless trimmers, the motor and the batteries are significant. You should always select a trimmer that provides longer battery life while fully charged.

The combs that come with the trimmer should be another thing to the lookout. Combs help you to trim, shave, and style as per your desire. It also allows cutting the hair at various lengths. Most of the clippers cut the hair between 4 to 5 mm of length while some models might cut up to 43 mm. A high-quality comb should attach to the device smoothly and with no hitches.

Apart from combs, there are also cleaning brushes, pouches, and lubricating oil that comes in a trimmer package.

Safety is one of the most notable aspects of a trimmer. When you are working on something as delicate and important as your face, you should always consider a trimmer that provides the highest amount of safety.

Moreover, using a trimmer that does not offer ample safety might result in cuts, irritations, and bruises on your previous face and head. Rounded blades and safety cones deliver safe cutting of the hair and bear with no single scratch. A trimmer that trims efficiently while providing the most comfort should be one to look.

A trimmer may get stuck due to the hair and might damage the motor when it is used. So, you should select a trimmer that is easy and simple to clean. Many trimmers are waterproof and detachable. This feature allows you to remove the head and the combs with hair and wash them under running water. After drying the parts and putting them together, it is good to use again. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

You can wash your trimmer only if it is waterproof. You can check if a trimmer is waterproof or not and clean it by looking at the features or the package. 

You can buy both cordless or a corded trimmer according to your choices. If you are okay with using a trimmer near a power outlet, then you should go for the corded one. But if you want to take it on your travel tours or use it anywhere you want, then a cordless one is best for you.

Most of the trimmers come with a USB charging facility. Through this feature, you can charge it via computer, laptop, or any adapter.

To keep the blades of your trimmer sharp, they need to be changed from time to time. Though most of them come with a self-sharpening option, yet they might get dull with years of use. If you buy a Panasonic trimmer under 1000, then the blades need to be changed once or twice a year for efficient trimming. 

You should never overcharge your trimmer as it can shorten the battery life. To know the exact charging time of the device, refer to the packaging. 

Yes, disinfecting your trimmer is something that you should do regularly. Spray or put a few drops of disinfectant on the blades and use a brush to spread it all over them. Some brands also come with the oil and disinfect cleaner as well for this purpose.

Final Verdict

A trimmer can be one of the most important things that help in maintaining your appearance. Therefore, buying this device should not be taken lightly at all. A botched appearance due to a trimmer may cause a lot of undesirable problems. As such, while it may be easy to look for the features and buy a trimmer, your preferences should be on the top of your priority list. 

We hope that our guide has successfully provided you with the best knowledge for the ten best trimmers under 1000 budget. Do come back later for more reviews like this.

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