How to Check RAM On Windows 10 [2022 Updated]

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RAM is a short-term memory in your computer, which governs the speed and performance of your system. The more RAM you have, the more efficiently you will be able to run applications and open files on your PC. Most of us are unaware about the specification of RAM or how to check RAM on windows 10. In this post, we’re going to talk about how to check RAM type in windows 10. 

What is RAM?

how to check ram on windows 10

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a type of physical memory that has access to programs running in your computer. All your information like open applications, files and other data are stored in RAM for quick access. 

There are two types of RAM namely, DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory) and SRAM (Static Random-Access Memory). New version of computers has faster RAM than older computers. 

In simple words, the more RAM your computer has, the faster and smoother it will run. RAM with smaller capacity impacts your systems efficiency and it starts working like a snail. If you perform heavy functions like PC games, running virtual machines, editing videos and running applications, then you’ll need more RAM. For RAM to store data, the computer should be on. Once the computer is shut down, all the previous stored data will be lost. 

What RAM Do I Have in My PC?

Before learning how to check ram windows 10, do you know what type of RAM is installed in your PC? Along with the amount of memory, the generation and type of the RAM chip also plays an important part in hampering the performance of PC. The type of RAM speaks about itself when you use Windows, supporting the hardware in installing applications. 

Computers and laptops these days have DDR4 SDRAM modules. Older motherboards dating back to 3-4 years old have the DDR3 RAM type. Bigger RAM modules are supported by DDR4 RAM slots. To check the type of RAM in your computer, follow these steps: 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 1 – On your Windows 10 open Command Prompt 

Step 2 – type the command 

wmic MemoryChip get /format:list

Step 3 – You will be able to see the details of RAM in a list form under the command prompt 

Command Prompts to Find out Windows 10 RAM Details

The following enlisted commands will let you see the RAM and details on Windows 10: 

   1. To know the memory manufacture, type the following command. 

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, manufacturer

   2.To find out the memory part number, run the following command. 

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, partnumber

   3.To detect memory module capacity, enter the following command. 

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, capacity

   4.To determine the total available memory (installed) on Windows 10 PC, give the following command. 

systeminfo | findstr /C: “Total Physical Memory”

   5.To look at the complete memory details, enter in the command 

wmic memorychip list full


 6.Give the following command to check the memory form factor

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, formfactor

   7.To monitor the memory speed, follow the command 

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, speed

   8.To confirm the memory type, push the following command 

wmic memorychip get devicelocator, type

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

The previous versions of Windows Operating System launched by Microsoft allowed users to procure limited information only. A user could acquire hardware and software specifications of his computer system. However, with so many advancements, we know how Windows 10 OS telling us the exact amount of memory we have in our PCs. To check, go follow the below steps: 

Check Windows RAM on Windows 10 Settings 

The Settings option in the PC has made it all easy on how to check how much RAM you have windows 10. 

how to check ram on windows 10       

Step 1 – On Windows 10, go to Settings 

Step 2 – Select General option 

Step 3 – From the dropdown list on the left, click About. The Window will display the available memory. 

Check RAM Using Task Manager 

To check ram windows 10, the task manager lets you know the standard being used, the speed, its form factor and number of system’s physical memory slots under use. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 1 – Press a shortcut on your keyboard Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open Task Manager. 

Step 2 – Select the ‘Performance’ option. 

Step 3 – Click on Memory and there you go! The amount of installed Physical Memory and available VRAM will be displayed on the system.

Use System Information for Windows RAM 

In your Windows Operating System, you can gather information regarding your PC. From I/O to the CPU threads, you can view all information through the Microsoft System Information in-built (msinfo32.exe) tool. 

Step 1 – Press Windows logo key and R together on your keyboard. It will prompt a Run box. 

Step 2 – Type “msinfo32” and enter ‘OK’ 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 3 – From the window displayed, RAM details will be shown in the System Summary group. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Check RAM from Control Panel 

Control Panel is a dynamic feature to check system and RAM information. Follow the below steps: 

Step 1 – On the Start menu, enter Control Panel in the search bar. Click on ‘Control Panel’ to open it. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 2 – Further, you will list of options, click on ‘System and Security’ to select. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 3 – Choose ‘System’ and click ‘View amount of RAM and processor speed.’ 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 4 – RAM information would be visible in ‘Installed memory’ 

how to check ram on windows 10

How to Check RAM Speed

Many people don’t know how to check ram speed windows 10. The RAM speed is vital to enhance your computer’s performance and the speed actually depends on the motherboard. The speed of RAM is generally measured in megahertz (MHz), varying from 1333MHz to 2133MHz. Below steps will guide you on how to check my ram speed windows 10. 

Step 1 – Right click on the Taskbar and click ‘Task Manager.’ 

Step 2 – Under the ‘Performance’ tab, select ‘Memory.’ 

Step 3 – There you can see ‘Speed’ listed along with many other things. 

how to check ram on windows 10   

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Check RAM Speed via Command Prompt 

Windows Operating Systems has a feature called Command Prompt or CMD, a command-line interpreter. Using commands, a user can solve various Windows issues. Checking RAM via Command Prompt is unknown to many users. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 1 – In the Windows 10 Cortana search box, type CMD. Click on ‘Command Prompt’ and choose ‘Enter.’

Step 2 – To determine the speed of RAM chip, type the following command into the Command Prompt window. 

wmic memorychip get speed

Step 3 – Test results, that is, RAM speed will be visible on the screen. 

Besides these two methods, if you want to look into more information regarding your RAM chip. Then download third-party applications like CPU-Z. It will show the real-time performance and clock speed of your hardware devices including RAM. 

How To Check RAM Usage on Windows 10

Out of the many functions you perform on your system, some of the apps and functions tend to eat lot of physical space from the memory. Thus, impacting the system and making it run slow. The Adobe products and Google Chrome browser are two top-most RAM eater apps. 

Working on these apps on your system means allowing them to feed on the physical memory and performance of your computer. A user should know the amount of memory consumed by each app and prevent using unnecessary tools accordingly. Let us find out how to check ram usage in Windows 10. 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 1 – On Task Bar, make a right click and select ‘Task Manager.’ 

Step 2 – On further window, select ‘Memory.’ It will sort out the list according to memory usage. 

Step 3 – Each app would display total percentage of memory used adjacent to it. 

Step 4 – To force any of them, select the particular application and click on ‘End Task’ button at the bottom. 

From the Resource Monitor tool, you could also obtain additional RAM usage information. See below steps: 

how to check ram on windows 10

Step 1 – Go to Task Manager, select ‘Performance.’ 

Step 2 – Select the option ‘Memory.’

Step 3 – Click on Open Resource Monitor 

Step 4 – Under the Memory tab, you would see detailed information of your system’s RAM usage. 

Third-Party Tools to Check RAM on Windows 10 

We hope the above method and steps on how to check how much ram you have is useful. Besides these, we have several third-party tools that checks the RAM and memory usage of your Windows system. 

Some of the tools are: 

  • CPU-Z
  • RAMMap 
  • Wise System Monitor 
  • Rain meter 


That was all! To conclude, by now we all are well aware of the fact that the amount of RAM is directly proportional to the performance of the PC. So, if you’re planning to buy a new compute or laptop, do not forget to check the RAM specifications. For those who already has a system and came across this information, make use of it and check your RAM. If it is any lesser, then you could guess about the sluggishness of your PC. Upgrade to better available version if you can. 



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