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6 Best Antivirus for PC in 2022 [Updated List] - Notionink

6 Best Antivirus for PC in 2022 [Updated List]

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Computers have made data storage and data processing extremely easy. But with this ease also comes the risk of losing data. Information like birth dates, bank account information, social security numbers, and credit or debit card details are at stake. The data once entered by you always remains saved on the web and can bring enormous financial losses to you. The cost of hiring a cyberattack company can be high. Now, you might wonder if there is any in-budget solution for the same?

To save your personal or business statistics, installing the right antivirus software is the solution. An antivirus will protect your PC from viruses, malware and provide other essential attack protections. There are many options available, and choosing the appropriate one is a hectic job. We have made your job easy by reviewing the best antivirus for PC.

Top Antivirus For PC:

Here are our top picks:

  • McAfee:

McAfee subscription includes many services at an affordable price. The developers of this antivirus have recognized the fact that one household can have many devices. So you can use a single subscription on four or more operating systems. The basic pack will support up to 10 devices. You can avail yourself of services like a password manager, encrypted storage, identity theft protection, and complete protection for a home network. 

You can purchase the one-year basic pack at $24.99 for the first year. After that, you will have to pay around $80 each subsequent year for the renewal subscription. The MTP 10 Family Plan price is $ 34.99 for the first year, followed by $ 119.99 per year. To get an unlimited device protection plan, you will have to pay $ 69 for the first year and $ 159.99 per year. Each plan contains one to five VPN licenses, and you also get a 30-days money-back offer. 


  • Good malware detector.
  • Offer a good firewall
  • Supports up to ten devices in a single subscription
  • Offer many bonus features at an affordable price.
  • Protects all devices, including Android and iOS


  • Offer few features for Apple products.
  • Protection for all devices is not as good as for Windows and Android. 
  • Norton:

Norton 360 is one of the best antiviruses for laptops and windows. Developers work dedicatedly to improve on their history and provide the users with more maintenance features. It has a history of protecting Windows machines because of which Norton 360 with.

LifeLock won the award of the best antivirus for Windows. The identity theft protection gives this product an edge over others. It has different versions, each delivering various features, and users can choose a version that provides all the required functionalities at an affordable rate. 

Even the lowest version provides PC maintenance utilities, 2GB cloud space for backup, web monitoring, and a VPN. Cloud space increases with advanced versions and can go as high as 100GB. A middle-range Norton package costs around $149.99 per year with supportability extended to five devices, including Mac, and Norton Antivirus Plus costs around $ 84.99 per year with one license. Additional features that you can avail of are parental controls, webcam protection, and remote learning control. 


  • Offer PC protection along with firewall and backup.
  • An excellent malware detector.
  • Provide password management.
  • Offer LifeLock identity theft protection. 
  • Developers work continuously to keep improving this software. 


  • Full scans using Norton can slow down the PC
  • Its ransomware protection is not up to the mark.
  • Bitdefender:

The paid version of Bitdefender offers the most well-rounded protection. It was founded in 2001 in Bucharest, but now the company has its offices all over the world. Users who do not have technical skills can trust the Bitdefender Plus subscription for defense against threats. Apart from protection against viruses, various other security features that Bitdefender offers are ransomware protection, web-based protection, password management, and monitoring online purchases. An easy-to-use and well-integrated dashboard allow users to create unique passwords for advanced protection from data loss. You can use Bitdefender Plus on Windows, Mac, Android, as well as iOS. The cost of a subscription is $39.99 for one device per year. The company also provides a 30-days free trial. 

The free version of Bitdefender is the best free antivirus for Windows 10 that offers real-time detection, web attack protection, anti-fraud protection, and advanced threat defense. 


  • An excellent ransomware detector.
  • Users can activate the “Do Not Track” option for better data privacy.
  • Offer password management.
  • All subscriptions provide frequent updates.
  • Frequent updates protect the PC from all new virus attacks.


  • VPN is available in a separate subscription. 
  • Since VPN needs to be purchased separately, it makes this software a bit costlier than others.  
  • Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity:

There is a misbelief prevalent amongst users that Mac computers do not need cybersecurity, and Webroot is designed especially for Mac computers. While Windows computers are prone to attack by most viruses, a Mac is vulnerable to malware and ransomware attacks, phishing, and Apple-targeted viruses. They launched their first product in the year 2006 and have been continuously improving afterward. It is the best protection against phishing to which Mac computers are most vulnerable. 

While installing this software on your PC, you will get an email address to warn you against new threats. Even after boasting a small footprint on a computer operating system, it offers fast security scans. If you have a Windows and a Mac device, Webroot’s interface is similar across all the devices. The price of a one-year pack for one device is around $39.99. You can avail yourself of services like internet security and backup storage for mobile devices and PCs. The company guarantees a 70-day money-back policy. 


  • An excellent phishing detector.
  • Offer fast virus scanning.
  • While you surf the internet, it labels malicious links so that you do not follow those links. 
  • Occupy a small footprint on your computer.
  • Provide one of the best antivirus protection for Mac computers. 


  • Include limited testing data.
  • It does not include a Firewall.
  • Malwarebytes:

Another pick from the top 10 best antiviruses is Malwarebytes. It was founded in California in the year 2008 and has secured computers and mobile devices. It is a simple software that detects and removes malware. It does not offer many advanced functionalities, but it does an excellent job of capturing and removing malware that might rupture your system. You can make your PC undergo a quick full scan, and a swift report will be generated. You can buy a one-year paid subscription at $29.99. The services you get in the paid version include 24 by 7 monitoring, ransomware blocking, shielding against infected websites, and protection against potent vulnerabilities. You can use the premium version as antivirus software on your PC.

The company provides a 14-day free trial but once installed, the free version can get used for on-demand scans on your computer. Although the free version offers fewer features, it acts as a powerful real-time malware detector. 


  • Remove malware.
  • Blocks ransomware.
  • Provide real-time virus detection. 
  • Captures and quarantines malware that create havoc on your system.
  • Acts as a shield against infected websites. 


  • Do not have many advanced features to offer.
  • The free version of Malwarebytes provides extremely few features.
  • Trend Micro:

Trend Micro started in 1988 in the US, but today it has partnerships in the tech field worldwide. It is affordable antivirus software that offers extensive security tools like layered ransomware protection and a firewall booster. It acts as an excellent protector for online banking and purchases through Pay Guard Browser. Pay Guard is the safest known browser for monitoring online financial transactions. The company provides an advanced AI learning feature in every version. The AI tools can detect new strains of ransomware and other emerging threats even before they start damaging your computer network. If you do not want to indulge yourself in the micromanagement of security, Trend Micro software is what you need to install on your PC. 

Purchase a one-year subscription at $29.95. The basic pack has many features to offer. However, password management gets offered only in the highest-tier plan, supporting the mobile operating system. You will also get a guaranteed 30-day money-back policy. 


  • The paid packages are affordable.
  • Include an easy-to-use dashboard and interface.
  • Protects the financial transactions made online.
  • Offer an array of cybersecurity tools.
  • Users get many bonus features. 


  • It is resource-intensive software.
  • Most versions of Trend Micro work only on Windows.

How To Download Antivirus On Pc?

Now that you know about some of the top 10 antiviruses for PC let us look at the installation process. The Windows Defender is the default protection on all computers that will get disabled automatically on the installation of antivirus software. Follow the below-mentioned steps to install an antivirus on your PC.

  • Download the software that you have decided to install from the maker’s website. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and double-click on the downloaded folder.
  • A windowpane will appear on the screen stating that the software wants to change your system. Click on the Accept and Install option, as this is an ordinary step of the process.
  • Check if there are any tick boxes that you need to click on. Generally, the free software versions require you to install additional extensions like secure web browsers or software from a partner.
  • When the installation process is finished, you have to update other related products on your system. It is not a mandatory step, and you can choose to do it later.
  • Let the newly installed software scan your PC to detect the presence of any problematic programs. 

It is all you need to do. Select a software from our list of the best antivirus in India and then explore the various features it offers. Check if you need to take out time for regular scans of your PC or does the software scans your computer automatically regularly. 

Is It Good To Have An Antivirus Installed On The Pc?

Do you ever leave the door of your house open? Then why leave your computer without the protection of an antivirus? A virus attack can slow down your computer, damage or delete files, crash your PC, and reformat the hard disk. Antivirus protects your system against all these odds. Some advantages of antivirus software are as follows. 

  • Protection from virus transmission 

An antivirus identifies a potential virus and works to remove it. A protection software starts to work even before the virus gets to harm the system. It will combat many viruses without even your knowledge. An infected file can also damage your friends’ or employees’ computers via data share. So an antivirus also reduces virus transmission. 

  • Block spams 

An antivirus detects and blocks spamming websites. Viruses make their way into our systems by pop-up ads and spam websites. An antivirus works by blocking such malicious ads. It will also warn you about malicious links that you might click unknowingly. 

  • Protection from hackers and data thieves 

Hackers steal information by installing malware on a system without the owner’s knowledge. Then they access the desired files and steal valuable data. An antivirus will put an anti-hacking lock on your PC and perform regular scans to find any mischievous activities. 

  • Defense against removable devices  

Data transfer through removable devices like USB is common. These removable devices can also act as a gateway of virus transfer. An antivirus will scan all such devices to reduce the risk of a virus attack. 

  • Offers data protection

A virus attack either damages some of your files or can also lead to a complete data loss. All the files on your PC undergo regular scans to detect any peculiarity, and antivirus will make all your files and information safe. 

Best antivirus software offers several other advantages like supercharging your PC, firewall protection from spyware, web protection, protection against phishing, password protection, and parental lock. 


Let us check out some commonly asked questions related to the best antivirus for PC.

  • Does a computer slow down on the installation of an antivirus? 

Just like the execution of any other program, an antivirus slows down a computer. A thorough scan will use CPU cycles for getting the job done, and using multiple programs in between this cycle will affect the speed. Fortunately, the slow down due to antivirus is negligible, especially in modern computers. 

  • What happens after an antivirus detects a malicious activity?

Antivirus software will move the malicious files into a quarantine area, and it will reduce the risk of infection spreading. After that, it will delete all such files together. 

  • Is an antivirus necessary on my PC?

Antivirus on your PC is as significant as a lock on your house. While surfing the internet, thousands of viruses can corrupt your computer and steal data, and antivirus will protect your computer from all malicious activities. 

  • Should I purchase a paid subscription to an antivirus?

Hackers are developing new tricks and techniques to steal data and make people victims of online fraud. A free version can do basic tasks like scanning your system and provide a defense mechanism against viruses. The paid version of the best antivirus in India is modified regularly to protect against all new types of viruses. Additional features that you will get are a VPN, password management, web security, and parental control.

  • How to choose the perfect antivirus?

All antivirus software provides almost the same basic functionalities, and versions differ at additional features that come at an increased cost. Choose an antivirus that is affordable to you and fulfills all your requirements. Most companies provide a free trial that you can use before deciding. 

  • Does my Mac need an antivirus?

Many people are in disbelief that Mac computers do not need protection. Although they are less vulnerable to malware attacks compared to Windows, they are prone to ransomware attacks, phishing, and Apple-specific viruses. Mac-based operating systems can get infected, and you must install an antivirus to protect them. 

  • Should I uninstall my old antivirus if I have installed a new one?

Yes, two antiviruses should never get installed on a single PC or laptop, and they may detect each other’s virus database as a threat. Windows Defender is the default protection that gets disabled automatically on installing an antivirus, but the same does not happen with other software. So, delete your old antivirus before installing the new one.

Final Words:

There is numerous protection software available, but we have penned down the top ten antiviruses to your table. These choices are based on ease of use, cybersecurity, affordability, and user-friendly interface. All these software provide features beyond virus protection like malware, ransomware, and multi-device protection. You must surely invest in antivirus software, or else your crucial information is at stake. 



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