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6 Best Free Screen Recorder for Pc [2022 Updated] - Notionink

6 Best Free Screen Recorder for Pc [2022 Updated]

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Whether you wish to make a video tutorial for your YouTube channel or record a Let’s Play video or a video call, you will need the best free screen recorder for your PC to do all these things. Using a screen recorder can help you in many ways. 

You will find multiple free screen recorders for windows 10 and other windows versions on the internet. These impressive tools can capture everything that is occurring on your pc without any limitations. Besides, you will locate recorders that will capture everything and take footage from your webcam. You can utilize it for picture-in-picture video and can even record audio from a microphone. It also enables you to save the recordings in whatever format you need and preference.

So, you can see that these free screen recorders for PC can be your ideal friend if you wish to capture everything that is happening on your desktop. Most importantly, you do not need to struggle with recording and do not bother about system requirements to download and use these recorders. You have to make sure that you have enough storage to keep the recording files stored. 

So, enough of the introduction, let us know some details about the best free screen recorders so that you can use them wisely. 

How do I choose a Screen Recorder For Pc?

Do many people have only one question in mind, like how to select the best screen recorder? It is natural as many of them are out there, and people get confused about picking the best one suiting their interests. You also have this question, right? Well, though you can download and use any free screen recorder for your Windows 10 and other versions, there are several discrepancies between various screen recorders. These might impact your requirements, and as a result, you cannot utilize them adequately to fulfill your purpose. But not to worry, as we have listed down the ways to select the best screen recorder to help you with the findings. 

User experience

Whether you are a veteran in the video production field or a newcomer, a user-friendly screen recorder for windows 10 and others can make a lot of difference. After all, if you get a better user experience, you can utilize the software more adequately. It will enable you to set up the recording type as per your need and preferences. Besides, you can do it easily by saving your valuable time. Therefore, always pick one that offers you a user-friendly experience. 

Versatility in exporting formats

When selecting the best best free screen recorder for windows 10, you need to make sure it has versatility in its exporting formats. Different recorders export videos in varying formats. Hence, if you want to export your recordings in a particular format, your chosen screen recording software must allow you this.  

Recording parameters

You will find two types of screen recorders. One will give you much control over the recording parameters, and the other one will offer you a little. Though it is your decision how much control you think you want, some recorders will provide you with the option of adjusting the resolution, volume levels, frame rate, and audio sources. Therefore, these recorders undoubtedly come in handy for you as you can do whatever you want to do with them.

Editing capabilities 

There is a lot of difference in editing capabilities. You will get several screen recorders that are devoid of any editing tools and features. As a result, you can never get your desired output by using them. On the contrary, many recorders can allow you to trim out unnecessary recording parts, crop its frame, and also enable you to make some primary modifications. Therefore, you can do everything and get your desired result from them. Hence, when selecting it, consider its editing features always.

Automatic recording facility 

Having an automatic recorder is beneficial as you can set the start and stop the timer. The software can begin the capturing and end the recording at a specific time. It will help you in many ways. Sometimes you might forget to turn it on. But as it turns on automatically, you can get your recordings at the end. So, before settling for one, look at this factor and take the decision wisely.

Best Free Screen Recorder For Pc:

Below we have listed down some of the best screen recorders for PCs.

  • FlashBack Express

People face watermark-related difficulty in several screen recorders. But FlashBack Express comes in handy as it never puts any watermark on the recordings, and you can also use it without any time limit. Though the interface is not appealing, it has multiple unique features and tools different from its rivals. By using it, you can record a specific area, window, a full screen, and a webcam. After you complete the recording, it will automatically appear in an editor, where you can trim it as per your requirement. After that, you can easily export it to your PC, FTP server, or YouTube.

The designed settings of this screen recorder will make your recordings look professional. Besides, FlashBack Express can automatically hide passwords inscribed on the screen, change your wallpaper with a plain one, cover messy icons, and highlight the mouse pointer so that you can easily control it over your recordings. You will also get a dedicated gaming mode that will help you to define the number of frames recorded per second. The advantage of this screen recorder is that you can break long recordings into chunks as well. 


  • No watermark and time restriction
  • Recordings will automatically appear in an editor
  • Offer a dedicated gaming mode
  • Can export formats like WMV, AVI, and MP4
  • Do not need any separate video converter


  • Might have to pay for some tools
  • The interface is not attractive
  • OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free and open-source screen recording software for windows 10. It streams and records videos in high definition. Unlike other similar software, you do not have to worry about the record length as you can use it for any length of time without any limitations. You can stream live videos, save your projects, encode the footage in FLV format and save it locally by this screen recorder. The developers have created it by keeping in mind the flexibility of the gamers. With the help of a graphics card, this software can directly capture games in full-screen mode. You will not get such features in other recorders as they will only enable you to capture the footage in window mode. The fascinating fact is that OBS Studio can record at more than 60FPS and utilizes the multi-core CPU to offer better performance. Though it needs some time and effort to set it up, you will never get such a powerful screen recorder especially, if you are a gamer. 


  • Ad-free operation
  • Open-source software
  • High definition streaming and recording
  • Devoid of any length limitation
  • Can capture in full-screen mode


  • Installing takes time and effort
  • Requires high-quality graphics card for its operation
  • Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture is a brand new free screen recording software. According to some users, it is powerful software that can capture what is happening on your desktop screen and do more than that. It also has no time limits or watermarks-related issues and can record footage from external devices. So, you can capture it through security or CCTV cameras and webcams with ease. Besides, it can record daily schedules and indicates that Debut Video Capture can become the primary heart of a residence security system.

Unlike other screen recorders, it has no post-production editing equipment or tools. But you can add filters and captions before starting your recordings. Besides, there is no facility for exporting recordings to Youtube and social platforms. You only save them in MP4, AVI, or MOV format.


  • It is a free software
  • You can record from IP cams and webcams
  • Offers scheduled recordings feature
  • Enables you to add your captions before recording
  • Ideal for home security purposes


  • Appearance is outdated
  • Limited video exporting format
  • Apowersoft 

Apowersoft is one of the best screen recorders for windows 10 to record a tutorial and presentation with ease. It is an online and browser-based screen recording software. But you cannot use it for gaming purposes. Besides, the installation requires a small launcher application. You can capture it from your PC or webcam and record audio from your desktop and microphone. You can record the entire screen or a selected area. 

Apowersoft screen recorder also provides customizable keyboard shortcuts for your convenience. You can select whether or not to incorporate the cursor in the recording. It also has a wide range of exporting formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and more. Besides, Apowersoft allows you to include annotations during the recording. After you finish the recording or capturing, you can save it as a GIF or video file and upload it directly to GoogleDrive, YouTube, or Vimeo. Not only this, but you can also edit the clip as per your wish.


  • Multiple export options
  • Offers customizable keyboard
  • Devoid of watermark and time limit
  • Can add annotations
  • Edit the clip post upload


  • Cannot use it without the internet and launcher
  • Do not fit for gaming purposes
  • Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is another online and browser-based screen recorder. Though you can use it without any cost, you can record your stuff for just 15 minutes. But despite that, you can capture as many clips as you want. This screen recording software also allows you to zoom in during recording, add captions, trim the clips, save them to your PC, upload them in the Cloud or YouTube. Besides, you can also share the video links and include music tracks by using this software. 

Like Apowersoft, you need to download a launcher application to use Screencast-O-Matic. After that, you can record with this. It allows you to fix your screen size and adjust the window as per your requirement. This recording tool can capture your entire screen or just a selected area by hitting the red button. As you might know, it is free, but you can purchase the Deluxe version to get added features like scripted recordings, a video editor, drawing and annotations, text-to-speech options, and others. But remember that it puts a watermark over your recorded clips unless you upgrade it to the Deluxe version. 


  • Allow you to zoom while recording
  • Can trim the video and add captions
  • Record the whole screen from a webcam


  • You can only record the clips for 15 minutes in length
  • The videos will have watermarked
  • ShareX

It is a free and open-source screen recording tool that can capture screen grabs and record videos. If you want to share your recordings online, then it will be your true friend. Unlike several recorders, it has no time limit and no watermark-related issues. Though the interface is not appealing, you can use your keyboard for it. You can begin your recording by pressing the Shift + Print Screen button and stop it by applying Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen button. ShareX allows you to save your captures in a GIF format instead of a video file. This feature helps share content on social media and forums. Not only this, ShareX can capture an entire webpage and identify text via OCR. You can also schedule your capturing time through it. But if you want to use it for gaming purposes, you cannot do that. ShareX does not support recordings from games, especially if it is running in full-screen mode.


  • Save recordings as a video file and GIF
  • Get multiple export options
  • Suitable for static screen grabs
  • Allows you to capture an entire scrolling website page
  • Best for sharing content on social platforms


  • Not usable for game screen recordings
  • The interface is not alluring

Frequently Asked Questions:

Let us now take time to look at the FAQ for the best free screen recorders for PC.

  • What is the highest duration of any recording? 

It depends on which screen recorder you are using for your recordings. Some might offer you unlimited length, while others have limited time for recording.

  • How many recordings can I do in a day?

There are no limitations to this. But some recorders have restrictions in doing so. Therefore, before using, always look at this matter.

  • What if my video recording is lengthy, and I do not want to download the entire recording?

It is not a problem at all, as you can trim the screen recording as per your need before downloading it.

  • Do I need to download other applications to use the screen recorder tool?

It depends on the tool you use. If you utilize Apowersoft or Screencast-O-Matic, you need to download a web launcher application for using them.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are all you need to know about screen recorders for your pc. A screen recorder is a versatile genius, and if you utilize it adequately, you will want to use it more. But before settling for any, you must choose the best one to suit your purpose. The above selection tips will help you in this regard. Besides, the top 6 screen recorders listed above might prove to be beneficial for you if you use them wisely. Remember that you need to pick a recording tool that offers maximum features without spending any. So, select one now, and reap the benefits in recording your stuff.  



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