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Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage Error (Solved)

Windows Modules Installer Worker High CPU Usage Error (Solved)

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Windows modules Installer Worker is a type of very common issue that we face in our computer system, but the good thing is that it can be fixed very easily. When sometimes the task manager is not responsive, then we can face this type of error. High CPU consumption causes this error.

But using some methods and steps, we can resolve this type of error and these methods are completely secure and works user efficiently because these methods are completely tested in terms of resolving this type of issue in the system.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker?

Windows Modules Installer Worker is a kind of process in a computer system that is responsible for the windows updates and for installing new windows modules features along with updates. Windows Modules Installer Worker was started by the service named trusted Installer.

Inside the window, some system components are also updated for which windows modules Installer worker is also responsible for some high-performance system components updating along with windows modules features. It is also used to check windows for update time-to-time and update the features of windows.

How to fix windows modules installer worker high CPU?

To fix Windows modules Installer worker, there are different methods and steps we can choose to fix the errors in the computer system. We will try all of these methods and steps to resolve this issue from computer windows.

  • Always refresh windows update and remove Software distribution folder –

Suppose, we have new updates available in windows and after that computer system will start to download that updates and keep it in the software distribution folder then we can download or extract those files for installing updates.

During the installation of these files, if there is one file that is corrupted or consists any virus then we cannot install that updates properly and always stuck during installation and the cause is high CPU utilization.

To overcome this problem, we need to remove the software distribution folder and always refresh windows update by pressing ctrl+R shortcut. After removing the distribution folder, this will help to clean up all downloaded files.

We also need to stop extra running services to remove the software distribution package and after that reboot the computer system to check the system windows updates again. So, this is one step to fix windows modules installer worker high disk.

  • Windows Update Services Restarting –

Sometime, we can fix this type of irritating issue by just restarting the system and also pressing shortcut key windows + R to run the open dialogue box. There are several steps to follow for proper restarting of system.

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First, we need to find windows update and right-click on it and then press ‘restart’ option from the context switch menu to restart the computer and the services that are going on in background so that windows can be updated properly.

After that, we will also provide the user account validation control properties to support the services and messages for local clients. Suppose, if we restart the services after that control properties validation, it will reduce the high CPU consumption and windows modular installer worker problems and issues can be reduced rapidly.

It also provides the 3 party protocol support to the system so that no harmful error or virus like windows modules installer worker high CPU can attack on different useful files stored in hard drive of computer. So, we should apply this method to fix this issue continuously by restarting the services of windows update.

  • Always use windows update troubleshooter –

To troubleshoot and diagnose all the problems related to windows updating, some experts always recommend to use the windows update troubleshooter, troubleshooting is the very handy and easy to get remove this type of issues easily.

We have some paths to reach at trouble shooting option. First open control panel then click on option troubleshooting, then view all and lastly windows update. Finally, after opening the window update troubleshooter, click on next button to diagnose and resolve the technical issues to fix these issues for windows update properly.

  • By using the system file checker tool

The benefit of system file checker tool is that it start to search the virus, corrupted, and missing files from the computer system and then repair that files or replace the files by using some troubleshooting or security tools. But, it takes some time to complete the process until the rebooting is done for the entire system files.

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We should not uninterrupt the system while it is updating and repairing the files such as shutdown or reboot, as it could cause more damage than good. If it is interrupted then, it can overload the CPU at high performance and afterwards the windows modular installer worker for high disk issue can be generated again.

The computer system then repair the files or replace the files whichever is needed by using some troubleshooting or security tools. But, it takes some time to complete the process. We use command prompt for using system file checker tool with high resources usage problems to resolve or fix this type of issue.

To start this, there is shortcut key on keyboard like windows + X then go to context menu to start the option of system file checker tool.


We have concluded that the issue of windows modules installer worker high CPU is very serious for a computer system especially when windows is updating and background activities are starting. In this case, the various tools are checked and windows also updates automatically through windows modules installer worker.

But, it takes more memory and CPU utilization- up to 50% approximately of total memory so that computer’s speed is gradually slow which also affects the overall performance of computer system software and hardware services that are running background to manage the installation and updating activities.

So this issue can be fixed by applying all steps in this article and you can reduce the high CPU utilization.



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