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Microsoft Office suite is the most extensively used software in almost every sector of the industry. It has different versions with varied features and facilities to offer to the users. It has both successors as well as the predecessors but Microsoft Office 2010 product key is known to be superior among them all.

You might be familiar with the name called product key. A product key or commonly known as an activation key is a 25 digit code available in a series of numbers or letters. The key role of a product key is to help in the activation of Microsoft office professional plus 2010 product key to permit the users to get access to all the newly added features and the recent updates.

The users find it difficult to get valid product keys. The product keys can either be purchased from the store or can be searched online for free. Many people who cannot afford the premium version of the office 2010 product key use the crack version instead. Microsoft office 2010 product key generator has so much to offer to the user but can only be experienced after activating the product.

The product key looks like this- XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. The unknown quantity here can be numbers as well as letters. Let us now discuss the various aspects of the Microsoft office 2010 product key in detail.

List of Free Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key in 2021:

Microsoft Office 2010 product key is what you need. To make it easier for you, here’s the list of product keys for different versions.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys (32-bit):


    • YQMQM-9KV3J-97G7V-8CK38-346GW
    • 6V9J9-4D3D8-X7KKK-MG4WP-QD9X3
    • 4983Y-W3D73-QY6TX-K7FQD-V7Y8Q

  • PTD4T-F6MTH-B7G7Q-2QCX2-6Y828

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key 2021:

    • 3aEggc2eXvXDtSobR3GUmJ1ynbXg7GJz

  • K8l1L3OqSmDd18uivqjXmyikFC4NlBzq
  • qoYU0fGDU0lpTjqfLSyPB0Q3ebSlmYDa
  • Nkc77LM3CS60q3Ik27m598pz3RUYO3li
  • 8fiQFSe8M5CjlYHgnBHeBznOsnYl9mCd
  • cdtjTtgpQsEtDK8F4wUZU0TlyXxk58lD
  • 7u6c7P7lo7DIqeDdkS7EfySL9bcAZhn7
  • ZpdIyI7TKZe5OJ24ZVoQ6zgtsZvRW7UK

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key:


    • 828CH-G4FPY-HMH4R-32GCK-6D9BH
    • DX4MW-PB7F4-YR4WT-BV3MM-4YV79

  • 72D2Y-R2D7F-HG6TM-H8W4M-CHCB4

Important Features of Microsoft Office Product:

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

There’s a lot to know about MS office 2010 as it is a kind of role-based program along with some of the key features associated. Let us start discussing them in detail.

  • It allows the user to perform various tasks on their file such as edit, view and create easily.

  • All your files can be accessed quickly from anywhere, anytime but strong internet connectivity can make this more rapid.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 product key includes an in-built pdf reader to avoid the usage of a separate pdf viewer thus reducing the workload of the user.
  • The interface of the office 2010 product key is modern yet easy to access. Therefore, all the popular tools can be used simply with the help of a ribbon tool that comes along with Office 2010 keys.
  • One-note feature lets you create your personal notes where you can draw, write or swipe them accordingly. The handwritten notes can also be share using One-note.
  • Syncing of the documents is now fun using the Microsoft office 2010 product key generator.

  • Your presentations can quickly be converted into videos that can be shared or can be uploaded on any platform.
  • Office 2010 product key has now been developed with an in-built screen capture that permits you to capture any particular section of your screen.
  • It has now become possible to share your live presentations across the web to broadcast your presentations globally. With this, everyone can have access to their files through a web browser.

Why Do You Need Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Product Key?

Microsoft Office 2010 product key is a paid software that allows the user to access and avail its features only after activating the Microsoft office professional plus 2010 product key 32 bit. To activate this, one needs the genuine product keys only as the setup wizard first verifies the key and then activates your product. Microsoft Office professional plus 2010 product key has certain benefits to be achieved. They are as follows:

  • Using the Office 2101 product keys adds higher security to your product. With this, the developer gets an idea about the users who actually purchased and are using the legal yet licensed software and in return helps the users by providing them the developer support.
  • Office 2010 key lets the user take advantage of getting all the latest updates and newly added features. When the product gets upgraded, the user is asked to enter the product key to avail the upgraded software. And if you do not enter the product key, you will no longer be able to have your hands on the upgraded version.
  • The genuine product key helps you to ensure that you are not using the cracked version of the Microsoft office 2010 product key and is free from any kind of virus or malware. If you use a free Microsoft office product key, then there is a risk of having keygen programs in it that may contain malware thus can corrupt or can harm your device.

With the genuine office 2010 product key, you can get the advantage to unlock new features as well which may not be included under the cracker or unlicensed version of MS Office 2010 product keys. This is of great importance under the professional sector, as the Microsoft Office professional plus 2010 product key includes several features that are essential to perform various operations.

How to Activate the Latest Version of the Microsoft Office 2010?

If you have pre-installed Microsoft Office 2010 free download full version with key, then the only thing to be done is to activate Microsoft Office 2010. To do so, when the user opens the wizard for the first time, they are asked to enter the Microsoft Office professional plus 2010 product key 32 bit to make sure that the user gets the licensed software only to have a better experience. Please make sure to enter the product key correctly and then select the way through which you want to activate MS Office 2010 as per your comfort or choice. Practically, there are two ways through which you can activate Microsoft Office 2010.

Method 1: Through the Internet

Method 2: Through Phone

After choosing the appropriate method for activation, you can now proceed further. Below is the stepwise procedure to be followed in proper order.

Using The Internet For The Activation Of Microsoft Office 2010:

This method can only be used when you have a reliable and strong internet connection with high speed. When using this, you will be directed to the Microsoft licensing setup wizard. This is done to ensure the authentication of the product key. Here, using a genuine key is mandatory because without this you cannot proceed further in the activation process and the wizard will warn you by generating an error in the process. To fix this issue, you need to follow the steps below.

  • When this error occurs, the wizard will ask you to either start the process from the beginning or to enter the product key again. You can try it out by disconnecting your device and then start it again.
  • If this does not work then enter the Microsoft office 2010 product key again with calm. You can use the ones mentioned above.

  • Now wait for a while till the wizard verifies the copy of your Microsoft Office 2010 product key generator edition.

  • If it gets verified, then you are all set to use the licensed version of your product.

Even after this, you find issues activating Office 2010 keys, go for the second method to get better results.

Using Telephone For The Activation Of Microsoft Office 2010:

This is the alternative to the first method. So just in any case you are unable to activate the Microsoft office 2010 full version with key, this method can help you to get your way out. In this method, you need to contact the Microsoft activation center.

  • When you buy any Microsoft Office product, it comes with the Microsoft product activation number that lets you have a talk with the representatives of the regional Microsoft support system.
  • Make a call on the number where they will provide you with the confirmation ID required to move ahead in the process.
  • Now, open the MS office product on your PC and then the installation wizard.

  • Select the telephonic method as the preferred choice there.

  • Then enter the confirmation ID provided from the system to activate Microsoft Office 2010 product key generator. Click on “Next”.

Here you are done with activating the product.

What Happens If You Don’t Activate Your Office?

If you fail or do not activate Microsoft Office 2010, then you will see a title bar of Unlicensed product on all of your Office apps with all the advanced features being disabled. Moreover, it reduces the functionality of MS office 2010 as the functions associated with every application are truly based on the version used. This disables the editing or creating feature thus, you will no longer be able to create or edit any of your documents. 

For your ease, the software developer offers a 30-days free trial to let you learn and explore everything about MS office 2010 and to be comfortable with its latest attributes. But this does not last forever, once the free trial finishes, the software works with limited functions thus degrading its superiority. Through this, you can print the documents but will not be able to save them. When using Office 2010, you will be distracted by numerous messages displayed on the screen asking you to activate it. You may see the following things on your display screen.

  • Product deactivated alert
  • Office Unlicensed product
  • We are sorry
  • Product expiring alert
  • Disabled features
  • Enter the product key dialog and many more.

Therefore, to avoid such trouble, all you need to do is to activate Microsoft Office 2010 to use the genuine product keys through which you will get access to all the recent updates of the Microsoft office 2010 product key generator which automatically will enhance your working experience with the software.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting too much information at a time is quite confusing and may cause certain queries in the minds of the users. So, it’s time to discuss some of the most commonly asked queries of the users.

  • Where to get free Microsoft Office product keys?

You can search for the free Microsoft Office product keys across the internet. But there always remains an uncertainty of the product key to be trusted or valid. Multiple websites offer free Microsoft office product keys but it is not easy to rely on them as they may fraud you by providing a wrong product key containing malware with a risk of harming your device and may also leak your personal data. However, keeping in mind the safety and security of our visitors, we have enlisted some of the well-tested yet reliable product keys that can be used for the activation of Microsoft office professional plus 2010 product key.

  • How to download Microsoft Office 2010 with a product key?

First of all, you need to locate your Microsoft office 2010 product key which can be on your DVD/CD if purchased from the store or can be the one mentioned above.

Then –

  • Open a page “get the backup of office 2010” and then click on the download button mentioned.
  • Then a wizard will ask you to enter your product key. After entering there will be two choices to either download the program or to get a copy in the form of a DVD.
  • After the downloading process is over, click twice on the downloaded file and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  • What happens if I do not activate Microsoft Office 2010 or use an unlicensed version?

It is essential to provide a valid product key to activate the software, and if you do not activate it you will not be able to use the software with ease. Every time, the software will prompt you to use the product key and will show multiple errors and messages which indirectly will create hindrance in its use. Hence, it is important to activate Microsoft Office 2010 to use it properly.

  • Is MS Office 2010 compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, MS office 2010 is compatible with Windows 10. Apart from this the successor as well as the predecessor of Microsoft office 2010 product key is also compatible with Windows 10 and works smoothly on it.

  • What are the benefits associated with using the genuine product keys?

There are various benefits acquired by using the genuine office 2010 product key. The genuine product key allows you to activate the software through which you can access all the latest features to make your tasks much easier. Without using the genuine key, you will be unable to use the software apart from the basic features.


Microsoft office 2010 free download full version with key is all that we have discussed in this article. After all this, if you still believe that Microsoft Office 2010 will remain the same with or without activation, then you have been misguided. Activating your Office will double the fun and will make your tasks easier when used. But for whatever reason, if you cannot afford the premium subscription for Microsoft Office professional plus 2010 product key or any other version, try to find other alternatives instead of using the unlicensed product. Hopefully, both the methods highlighted above have enabled you to activate Microsoft Office 2010 effortlessly. To avail all the exciting features, make sure to use the genuine product keys. Regardless of it, you are free to drop out your queries or reviews in the comment section below.



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