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Windows XP ISO : Free Download 2021 [32 Bit & 64 Bit] - Notionink

Windows XP ISO : Free Download 2021 [32 Bit & 64 Bit]

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Every computer user is well aware of the word Windows. Originally released back on November 10, 1983, this operating system has become one of the most extensive operating systems of the modern-day. But did you know that all the Microsoft users used the MS-DOS operating system before introducing the Windows operating system? Microsoft wanted a different name for its next Graphical Operating System, so they came up with Windows. The reason behind naming it Windows was that a common name like windows could not be trademarked. Additionally, this new operating system was able to perform several tasks and run different applications simultaneously, and this was also a part of the reason behind calling it Windows OS. Now, its official name is Microsoft Windows.

Over the years, there have been various versions of Windows OS. It started with Microsoft Windows version 1.0, which costs $100.00. So it was pretty expensive in the beginning. Now we are using Windows 10 that is the latest offering from the company. Windows operating system most commonly gets divided into two types –

  • Windows Home
  • Windows Professional

Windows XP was introduced back in 2001, almost 20 years from now. The successor to both Windows 2000 and Windows Me. Windows XP provided user-friendly elements, broadened multimedia capabilities, a more intriguing user interface, and enriched hardware support.

Users appreciated the new visual appearance of the Windows XP ISO as the styles and drop shadows provided it with a cleaner look. The new two-column layout of the start menu was a significant modification that landed with the ability to display, list, and pin frequently used applications.

Windows XP quelled, receiving the security updates after Microsoft ended its extended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Since then, Microsoft is encouraging users to upgrade their Windows operating systems to the latest versions. But, almost 28% of all the computers connected to the Internet are still utilizing the Windows XP ISO, which is a significant number. It implies that users still find Windows XP more user-friendly. So if you are someone who wants to turn back the wheel of time to get the nostalgic feeling of using Windows XP ISO, you are at the right place.

Systems Requirements:

Windows XP ISO

To install Windows XP ISO, you need to fulfill these minimum system requirements:

  • Processor: Itanium microprocessor with 733 MHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Hard disk space requirement: 6 GB
  • Video Adapter and Monitor: Super VGA 800×600 or higher
  • Media requirement: CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • Inputs devices: Mouse, Keyboard

So these are the minimum requirements that your system needs to fulfill. It isn’t a big task to meet these requirements as they all are fundamental. Any typical computers or laptops are essentially better than all these minimum requirements to install Windows XP ISO.

Download Links of Windows XP:

Download links are given below. Click on the link, and it will automatically start downloading the Windows XP ISO file. These links are safe, and you can use them without worrying about viruses or malware.

You must be wondering why two separate links are there? As discussed earlier, Windows XP ISO originally had only two major versions, namely, Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional.

Windows XP Home supports 32-bit OS (x86), and Windows XP Professional supports 64-bit OS (x64). But what is the difference between the two?

The main difference between a 32-bit XP and a 64-bit XP is that the 32-bit XP can’t use more than 4GB RAM, whereas the 64-bit XP can use more than 4GB RAM. And it is the reason why the Windows XP Professional, the 64-bit XP, became more popular.

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Steps for Downloading and Installing Windows XP ISO

1) First, click on the links given above and download the required Windows XP ISO file. Choose the 32-bit or 64-bit file accordingly.

2) It will start downloading the file. Let it download successfully.

3) Locate the file. Then Right-click on the executable file. Next, select the option saying “7-Zip”. Then choose “Open Archive.”.

4) There should be three new options on your screen. From the three, choose “sources.” Selecting it will give you three more options (files). Now, select the xpm file to open the Windows XP mode virtual hard drive folder.

5) Here, you need to exact the files which are present in the folder. To do so, select the “Extract” option present in the toolbar.

6) This extraction process will create a new folder where all the extracted files for windows are stored. Now select “OK” to begin the extraction.

7) Once the extraction process is complete, head to this new folder to extract all these files. First, search for a file named “VirtualXPVHD” and rename this file to “VIRTUALXP.VHD.” This process will convert this file into a virtual hard disk.

8) To run this new virtual copy of Windows XP, you will need a separate virtualization program. There are various virtualization programs available in the market, such as VMware Workstation Player, VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop, QEMU, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc. We would suggest downloading VirtualBox for this process.

9) After successful installation of VirtualBox, open it and select “New.” Then, name the virtual machine and select the expert mode.

10) Now, you will have to allocate a specific amount of RAM to this newly created virtual machine. You can choose any value between 512 MB and 2048 MB. Assign this value keeping in mind that your system will need RAM for other tasks to work correctly.

11) Allocate the virtual hard disk that you created earlier for the virtual machine.

12) Select the “Create” option.

13) You will have to change specific settings before moving forward with the virtual machine. To do so, select the “System” option and then select the “Boot Order” option.

14) After you have completed the above step, Choose “Display.” From here, choose an option that says “Video Memory” and set it to 128MB.

15) Coming back to the VirtualBox, select the network setting and confirm it. Then, make sure all the settings are applied appropriately to the virtual machine.

16) Boot the newly installed OS. Restart the virtual machine when you encounter a black screen. Dismiss all the installation prompt and look for an option that reads “Devices.”

17) After selecting the devices option, search for an option called “Install Guest Additions CD image.” Then, choose the default installation location carefully.

18) After completing all the steps mentioned earlier, reboot the system once. Now you should be able to experience and enjoy Windows XP.

If you have followed these steps, that means you have all been a huge fan of Windows XP just like me, and now you get to enjoy the good old Windows XP that we all fell in love with once.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Yes, but download if you don’t have doubts in your mind; otherwise, you can download the Windows XP ISO file from your preferred source.

First of all, Windows XP came with a newer version of GDI (Graphics Device Interface) called GDI+. Thanks to this GDI+, images, and text on the computer display looked much more straightforward and had higher clarity. In addition, there were many visual enhancements, infrastructural changes, and new networking features added to the Windows XP.

Microsoft stopped providing security or technical updates to Windows XP ISO on April 8, 2014. That makes it highly vulnerable to external threats. It also had poor security compared to today’s standards, making it more defenceless against malware attacks. So, privacy and security are something that you should consider before using Windows XP ISO.

Thinking it that way, it’s not logical or practical to use Windows XP in 2021. All tech enthusiasts try to use the latest software and hardware possible and also suggest doing the same. I would not recommend you to use Windows XP as your day-to-day driver, as you will start noticing its flaws right away, but you can use it to remind yourself of that classic Windows XP experience. So, please don’t use it for your business or official work.


Windows XP started a whole new chapter of success for Microsoft. Today, we have a much refined, polished, and upgraded version of Windows XP in the form of Windows 10. Still, some of us want to experience that same old nostalgic feeling, and for those, this Windows XP ISO is like a blessing. I hope you have fun using Windows XP.



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